Marseille Tourism

Marseille Tourism


Marseille Tourism

Marseille Tourism – Marseille is a city on the Mediterranean coast of France that has not been properly considered and visited, as it was even selected as the European Capital of Culture in 2013. The same choice led to the city receiving a € 650 million grant for construction and renovation. Marseille is a city with magnificent beaches, a pleasant climate, excellent food, and a multicultural population. Great attractions, new cultural centers, beautiful restaurants, luxury, new hotels, and proximity to Paris (3 hours by express train) make the second-largest city in France a great tourist attraction.

Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations
The building was designed by Rudy Ricciotti and is known as the jewel of this cultural city. Its black and white view looks bright compared to the bay facing it and shows an interesting contrast. In this place, tourists can have a great view of the sea and use the building’s bookstore, restaurants, and exhibitions. These exhibitions combine art, archeology, and history and focus on contemporary aspects of the Mediterranean.

Our Lady of Peace Church – Marseille Tourism
This church is located on a high hill and is considered the most prominent and important building in this city that can be seen even from a distance. In ancient times, this building was used for observation purposes, and in the Middle Ages, it was a place of pilgrimage. Construction of the church began in 1853 and was completed in 1864. Its magnificent design will surround you. After visiting the interior, tourists can spend time on the church terrace and watch the red roofs of houses in Marseille and the blue sea.

St. Victor Church
This holy house belonged to a church in the 5th century and is dedicated to Saint-Victor. Its exterior has the feel of a magnificent medieval castle. The church dates back to early Christianity and the Carolingian era, but its towers date back to the 11th and 14th centuries. The Basilique Saint-Victor Church is one of the oldest buildings in Marseille, France, which attracts many visitors.

Marseille Tourism

Vieux Port
Another attraction of Marseille is the port of Vieux. This port is the birthplace of the city of Marseille and is the first point from where the city was formed and expanded. About 600 years before the advent of Christ, this city was just a Greek port. Surrounded by its blue sea, the port is located west of the new city of Marseille. Walking around this ancient port completes the good feeling of Marseille’s Mediterranean climate for visitors. The waterfront is a major tourist attraction, and many believe that the best place to find Marseille seafood is by the waterfront. In the eastern part, the fish market starts every morning. This port, once of great commercial importance, is now full of fishing, recreational, and sport boats.

Château d’If – Marseille Tourism
The Château d’If is of special importance because of its natural history and location. Just a short boat ride from the port of Marseille to reach the Château d’If. This building is generally located in the Friul archipelago. The archipelago also includes the islands of Pomègues, Ratonneau, and Tiboulen. The view of this area is wonderful because of its rivers, turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and sandy beaches. The glow of the Mediterranean sun in the azure waters of this region, which makes the rare flowers in the sea shine, is one of its other attractions. In the 16th century, the Château d’If was built as a military fortress by King François. Even in the 17th century, when Protestants were imprisoned en masse, it was a safe place for them. Alexandre Dumas used this area for his novel Conte Monte Cristo, and the events of his story take place in this area.

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Marseille Cathedral
Marseille Cathedral is one of the most impressive buildings in the city. The construction of this church lasted from 1852 to 1893, and a combination of white and green limestone was used to build it, and it was built in Romanesque and Byzantine styles. Its interior is beautifully decorated with marble and mosaics. The tombs of some of the bishops of Marseilles are also located in this building.

Travel to Marseille
Marseille is the second-largest tourist city in France, with many tourists from all over the world. To travel to this city, you must have general information about the cost of travel to Marseille, so we recommend reading this article, which is dedicated to the cost of travel to Marseille.
The cost of traveling to Marseille is a set of accommodation, food, and transportation costs in this city, which we will examine in the following.

Cost of accommodation in Marseille
In the port city of Marseille, there are several accommodations such as hostels and hotels, but the cost of accommodation in each of them is different.
Tourists touring Marseille should know that the cost of one night’s stay in the hostels of this city is about 25 euros and this amount is about 50 euros for mid-range hotels in Marseille.
It should also be noted that there are apartments in the city of Marseille that tourists can rent for around 75 euros per night.

Marseille Tourism

Cost of food in Marseille
Part of the cost of traveling to Marseille is the cost of food in the city. To eat in the good restaurants in this city, you have to spend about 30 Euros per meal. Also, the price of fast food in this city is between 5 and 7 Euros.
It is good to know that food costs in Marseille are slightly higher than in other French cities.

Shipping costs in Marseille
Most Marseille tourists use public transportation when traveling to the city. The transportation system of this city includes taxis, metro, and buses. It is good to know that you have to pay between 22 and 45 Euros to use the taxis in this city.
It should also be noted that to use the metro and buses of this city, tourists touring Marseille can buy two-way, ten-day, and daily tickets, each of which costs 3, 13, and 5 euros, respectively.

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