Marseille Weather

Marseille Weather


Marseille Weather

Marseille Weather – Located in the Prunes region of France, Marseille enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers, mild winters, and plenty of sunshine and low rainfall. Marseille is a long, hot, and dry summer with an average temperature of 20 degrees from May to October. The warmest months are July and August, with temperatures averaging 29 ° C. In the afternoon, the weather is around 20 degrees, which can create a pleasant atmosphere for you. This air has led to local celebrations in open spaces and cafes and restaurants with outdoor halls. It should be noted that July and June are the driest months with a lot of sunshine. Rainfall in Marseille is unpredictable and short. Spring and autumn are good seasons for those travelers who are fleeing from the summer heat. In early February, 6 hours of sunshine can be expected, as in November, it reaches 5 hours. Also, the average temperature in March will be 15 degrees Celsius and in May it will reach pleasant weather with a temperature of 22 degrees. It should be noted that spring is drier than autumn and you also see an average temperature of 20 degrees in October and 15 degrees in November. Spring and autumn can have fast nights that decrease as we go into summer. Temperatures in Marseille winters rarely fall below 10 ° C. The coldest months of the year are January and February when the temperature reaches 2 degrees at night. It is very rare for temperatures to drop below zero, except in a special case such as January 2009, which shocked locals with a cold.

Even in the coldest time, you see an average of 4 hours of sunshine in Marseille. Marseille’s climate Marseille’s exceptional climate is due to its location on the southeastern coast of France and its protective hills. The sea and the hills help to moderate the weather in summer and winter. Although Marseille is not immune to Mister winds, these winds blow mostly in spring and winter. In the summer months, winds from the desert rarely bring dust to the city. Kaliko is very similar to F Juro in Norway. Which has made it a unique and famous place for people eager to climb. Its strengths include fishing and its dry climate compared to similar areas. In winter, this region has a heavy cold and strong Mistral winds, and on the contrary, in summer, hot weather, in addition to lack of water, makes the environment unbearable. The beaches of Marseille have four famous islands due to their special species of flowers, which have become a place for the protection of seabirds and aquaculture. Toulon, east of Marseille, is not immune to strong winds, as the winds blow through the city 115 days a year.

Marseille Weather

Marseille has located 170 km from Paris. The geographical location of the port of Marseille has not allowed the city to rest, especially after the construction of the Suez Canal in 1869, which made Marseille more and more the focus of traders. It has always been a haven for conquerors, immigrants, and locals. The liveliness of music, art, and sports is always evident in this city or port so there are more than fifteen strong street music groups. The majority of the people of Marseilles are immigrants who have come to this port. A population originally from Africa and other European countries. What stands out most in Marseille, France’s second-largest city, is the plethora of bicycles, boats, and small and large ships. If you want to understand the life of the local people of Marseille, do not miss the opportunity to walk on Julien Street. You can see the sights of France and Paris.

Marseille Weather
Before traveling to France and especially the city of Marseille, it is necessary to first know enough about the type of climate to choose the best time for your trip. The climate of Marseille is favorable and Mediterranean and its temperature in winter is from 8 And 9 degrees Celsius does not get colder and in summer the temperature reaches 24 or 25 degrees Celsius. Marseille is known as the city of cold and hot winds and these winds may not be tolerable for everyone. The best season to visit Marseille is spring and summer The summers of Marseilles are hot and dry and the winters are mild and humid. The coldest months of the year in Marseille are January and February with an average temperature of 7 to 9 degrees below zero and warm and the months of July and August are very hot and dry.

Marseille Weather

Marseille Sights – Notre Dame Cathedral in Notre Dame
One of the most important sights of Marseille is the Notre Dame Cathedral in Notre Dame. It depicts the old and dreamy city and port of Marseille, this church is very famous and you will go there on a tour of Marseille, this church is the place where the archbishop’s meetings are held, always going to old religious places and antiquities The past gives a special peace to human beings.
One of the sights of Marseille that you visit in Marseille is the Notre Dame Cathedral in Notre Dame, which is located in the highest part of the city people call it a good mother because they believe that a good mother is, it protects them from trouble. Slowly

Dola Major Cathedral
The sights of Marseille include the cathedral, which is 141 meters long and is the largest building of the Christian church, built in the 19th century, the high height of the church, and its beautiful view are made of white and green stones. Is one of the tourist attractions of Marseille.

Marseille shopping

St. Victor Church – Marseille Weather
The sights of Marseilles are diverse and varied, the Church of St. Victor is more like a castle-like church, has medieval-like architecture, and dates back to early Christianity, which you will visit on your tour of Marseille. Two monasteries were built in 415 AD, one of which was named after St. Victor. This church is located in the center of the city and is very easy to access.

Clinique Marseille National Park
Among the sights of Marseille we can mention the Clans National Park, Clanc means small bay, because in this park several bays fall into the sea. The reason for naming it is because of these bays. It is located in Marseille and has unique views that combine the views of the Mediterranean Sea and its beautiful and pristine beach. Enjoy the views of this dream park on the Masi tour

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