Master Scholarship in China

Master Scholarship in China

Master Scholarship in China

Master Scholarship in China – Today, the Chinese Academy of Sciences University accepts applications for a master’s degree scholarship in China and awards it to applicants in accordance with the terms of the scholarship. China Scholarships are available to support young talent around the world so that these students can pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies and participate in educational or research courses at the Chinese Academy of Sciences faculties and institutions. The purpose of the China Scholarship is to attract motivated staff to the country. The University (UCAS) is a higher education institution established after the approval of the Ministry of Education and the focus of this university is on postgraduate studies. This article was prepared by Soroush Saadat Ambassadors Law Firm.

The cost of a master’s scholarship in China in 2022
From 2022 to 2023, the government will award scholarships to domestic and foreign students, and the Chinese government scholarship is available for full-time or part-time study. It attracts students from all over the world. International students can study for free in this country for various reasons. Obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degree in China requires 2 to 3 years of careful study, completion of written and oral exams, a dissertation, and the possibility of a research project. China Masters Scholarships are for international students to support the skills of young people around the world so that students can pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies and participate in faculty training or research courses.

Obtaining a Master’s Scholarship in China
Obtaining a scholarship in China has the following characteristics:

The purpose of this scholarship is to support talented international students
Required qualifications and qualifications: Have a bachelor’s degree in related fields, excellent English language skills, minimum IELTS score of 6.5, resume, qualifications and transcripts, motivation letter, academic recommendation letter
Duration of scholarship coverage: Total duration of the study

The conditions for a master’s degree scholarship in China include the following:

The application is evaluated based on the applicant’s academic merit and personal resume
The student must have an excellent resume to be able to use the scholarship
The graduate student should not be more than 30 years old
The doctoral student should not be more than 35 years old
There is no age limit for students majoring in common disciplines
Courses and courses taught in Chinese must have at least 180 points before enrollment
Courses and courses taught in English You must have sufficient and good command of English

Master Scholarship in China

How to apply for a master’s degree in China
A tutor should help the student. Eligible applicants must submit the above documents for application and must send a copy and scan copy of the documents. With the help of the tutor, a telephone or video interview should be conducted with the invited applicant and a written test is required. The approval of the universities is reviewed by the faculty or institution and they decide whether to accept or reject the application.

Types of scholarships in China – Master Scholarship in China
1. China CSC State Scholarship
At the China State Scholarship CSC, the university and the supervisor evaluate all the documents of the Chinese scholarship applicant, then the CSC examines the possibility of admission to the proposed institutions and the duration of the study. Eligible students selected for the Chinese Government Scholarship will be reimbursed by the Government of China for all tuition and other living expenses.

2. Chinese University Scholarship
Chinese university scholarships vary from higher education institutions in some provinces and regions of China to attract outstanding international students for graduate studies and cover all tuition fees. China University Scholarships are only for postgraduate and higher degrees, applicants must apply through designated universities.

3. Great Wall Stock Exchange
The purpose of the Great Wall Scholarship is to support students and researchers from developing countries to study and research in China. Only general researchers and senior researchers can use this scholarship. Chinese scholarship applicants who succeed in receiving this type of facility will have all their tuition fees paid by the relevant commission.

4. EU Scholarship
EU scholarships include undergraduate, postgraduate, general, and senior researchers. Applicants must apply through China Cultural Offices in the EU. The scholarship is intended to encourage EU students to do research in China and aims to expand Sino-European relations.

5. AUN Scholarship – Master Scholarship in China
The AUN Scholarship for the ASEAN University Network is intended to encourage ASEAN students and researchers to study in China, as well as to increase academic exchanges and mutual understanding between China and ASEAN members. AUN Scholarship is only available to applicants for postgraduate and higher degrees.

Job search in China

6. Exchange between governments
The Chinese Scholarship is based on educational cooperation agreements between the Government of China and other governments, institutions, universities, or international organizations. This scholarship will cover all or part of the tuition fees. Intergovernmental scholarships include undergraduate students, graduate students, general researchers, and senior researchers. Applicants must apply through scholarship sending organizations in their home country.

7. WMO Exchange
The WMO Scholarship is provided by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to support its students in studying and conducting meteorological, hydrological, and water resources monitoring and management in China. This scholarship is for undergraduate and graduate students only, and applicants must apply through the WMO and will include tuition and accommodation and the applicant’s insurance and medical expenses.

Master Scholarship in China

8. Undergraduate Scholarship
To get a scholarship in China and a bachelor’s degree, it is necessary to take Chinese language courses for one year in one of the following 10 universities:

Tianjin University
Nanjing Normal University
Shandong University
Central China Normal University
Tongji University
Beijing Language and Culture University
Northeast Normal University
Beijing International Studies University
Capital Normal University
University of International Business and Economics
After passing the HSK exam, it is possible to study in the undergraduate course. Another condition is that you have completed you

Scholarship requirements in China
The applicant must not be of Chinese nationality.
Must not be enrolled in any university in China at the time of application.
If the applicant has graduated from a Chinese university, it should not be more than one year after graduation.
The maximum age for senior scholarship and doctoral scholarship is 40 years.
Qualifications required to obtain a scholarship in China
Scholarship application form in Chinese or English.
Copy of the official translation of the last degree.
Final year students must present a valid degree from the university.
Copy of the official translation of the transcripts.
Provide a study plan or proposal with at least 800 words in Chinese or English.
Music applicants must submit a CD of their work.
Applicants for Fine Arts must submit a CD of their work, which includes 2 drawings, 2 oil paintings, and 2 other works.
Applicants intending to stay in China for more than 6 months must provide a copy of the foreign medical examination form. The form must include all of the above.
Professor Recommendations: Scholarship applicants in China as senior researchers must submit two letters of recommendation from professors.
Applicants under the age of 18 must send their legal partner legal documents to China.

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