Masters in Colombia

Masters in Colombia


Masters in Colombia

Masters in Colombia – International students will benefit from student insurance for a small fee, which has created greater security for applicants to Columbia universities. In addition to student insurance, applicants for postgraduate study in Colombia can take advantage of the low tuition fees and scholarships provided.

Masters in Colombia
If you are planning to continue your studies in Colombia, you should know that the duration of the postgraduate study is 2 years, the courses in this course are taught in Spanish and English. Applicants should note that some Colombian universities offer English language courses and require an IELTS or TOEFL language qualification to continue their education in English. To continue studying in Spanish, the applicant must take the DELE language test and obtain a minimum score of B. If you intend to reside in Colombia after graduation, it is best to choose Spanish. It is possible to study in different fields of study at the master’s level, but fields such as medicine, management, applied sciences, art, architecture, technical and engineering, law, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences are among the most popular fields of study. To be.

Masters in Colombia

Introducing Columbia Universities
To study for a master’s degree in Colombia, the applicant must obtain admission to one of the country’s universities by presenting documents such as diplomas and transcripts, a score obtained in the DELE exam, a certificate of financial ability and a letter of m,motivation to a Colombian university. . For this purpose, it is necessary to know the prestigious universities in this country. In the following, we will try to introduce the prestigious universities in Colombia. Some of the universities in this country are on the QS ranking list, which means that some of the universities in this country are among the top 300 universities in the world.

University of the Valley
Northern University
ICESL University
University of the Andes
University of Antioquia
Pontifical Javeriana University
National University of Colombia
The cost of studying for a master’s degree in Colombia
Documents required to obtain a Colombian student visa
Students studying for more than 90 days must obtain a Colombian Student Visa (TP-3). To obtain a student visa, students must submit the necessary documents to the Colombian embassy after obtaining admission from the university in question and apply for a student visa.

Receive the relevant form and complete it
2 pieces of passport photo
Submitting a certificate of admission from the desired university
DELE language test result
Cover letter
Educational background
Pay for a student visa and provide a receipt
Valid passport with at least 12 months validity and 2 blank pages
Original and photocopies of identification documents
Travel insurance
Book a round trip ticket to Colombia
Certificate of financial ability
Certificate of no malpractice and verified medical records

The cost of studying for a master’s degree in Colombia
Applicants who intend to study for a master’s degree must also consider the tuition fees in this country, tuition fees vary depending on the chosen university and field of study. The average tuition at Columbia University is $ 6,000 a year and can be as high as $ 14,000 a year. In addition to tuition, students should consider the cost of living in Colombia. The cost of living varies depending on your region and type of life, but in general, students living in Colombia should cost between $ 250 and $ 300 per month ( Dollars) to consider. Applicants should be aware that they are not allowed to work in this country after receiving a student visa.

Benefits of studying for a master’s degree in Colombia
Students who intend to continue their education in Colombia will enjoy the following benefits of studying at this level:

Study at prestigious universities
Study in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country
A very suitable environment for learning Spanish
Variety of courses at Columbia Universities and Higher Education Institutions
Possibility to study in Spanish and English
Low cost and affordable education and living
Possibility of receiving scholarships

Masters in Colombia

The structure of higher education in Colombia
Higher education in Colombia is offered at the following 2 levels:

Bachelor’s degree
Postgraduate is categorized.
The bachelor’s degree includes applied technical degrees (Técnico Professional and Tecnólogo) and Título professional degrees awarded by universities. The postgraduate level includes specialized programs (Especialista) and master’s and doctoral degrees (Magister and Doctorado). In 2020, the majority of students (64%) enrolled in undergraduate college courses, while 29% participated in technical programs and 7% in graduate school. Postgraduate specialized programs are the most popular in graduate school. Only a small minority of students pursue a master’s degree (2.8%) or a doctorate (0.25%).

income Columbia 

Masters in Colombia
To study in Colombia at the undergraduate and graduate levels, there are two postgraduate programs offered as follows:

Document Name Description
Título de Especialista Non-University
Título de Magister
University graduates can enroll in specialized programs to continue their studies in their field. These programs last between one and two years. Having a degree in a relevant field, such as some entrance exams, is required for admission. The final certificate is called the Titulo de Especialista. Unlike undergraduate programs, specialized programs do not require a dissertation and do not provide access to doctoral programs. Magister programs are academic research programs offered exclusively by universities. Admission is based on the first degree (Título professional) and other conditions such as entrance exams and English language skills, depending on the institution. The length of most programs is between one and a half to two years, as shown in the diagram below. Curricula include courses and the preparation of a dissertation or research project in the final stage of the program.

Masters’ Degree in Colombia and Accreditation
The Colombian government has established an academic credit system that defines a credit unit as 48 hours of hypothetical learning divided into 16 hours of classroom attendance and 32 hours of independent extracurricular work outside the classroom. While the system is generally similar to the US system, there are significant variations in credit terms between Colombian institutions, so a year of undergraduate study may amount to 30 to 45 credits. For some programs, the official length is expressed in terms of credit only, not semesters. The most common grading scale is 0-5, which is the minimum score of 3 at the undergraduate level.

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