Messina Italy

Messina Italy


Messina Italy

Messina Italy – Messina is a city in southern Italy located in the Strait of Sicily. Sicily is one of the largest islands in Italy and separates the Strait of Messina from the Italian island. This city is very important in terms of geographical location and the quality of life in this city is at a high level. Messina has very clean air and the pollution index in this city is low.

Cost of living in the city of Messina
The cost of living in the city of Messina is full of excitement and pleasure. The cost of living in this city depends on the consumption of each person. Among the main living expenses in Sinai are the following:

The cost of providing housing
One of the main necessities of life for every person is to stay in Messina. The cost of renting a home in this city depends on the neighborhood and the area and other factors. Most Messina apartments are furnished and you will not need to buy appliances. On average, it costs around € 500 to buy a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Messina. The larger the building and its facilities, the more money must be paid.

The cost of food
The amount of each person’s meal and the type of food varies, but on average it costs about 10 euros to prepare a typical meal in Messina. A meal at a regular restaurant costs 15 euros. Also, in relatively good restaurants, for a good and delicious meal, you should consider the amount of about 35 euros.

transport cost
Messina is not a big city and you do not have to pay much to travel there. The cost of transportation in the city of Messina depends on the type of vehicle, and people can significantly reduce the cost of travel by buying a one-month bus ticket.

Other living expenses in Messina
Living in this city has other costs, such as the cost of paying bills, the cost of buying the Internet, the cost of buying clothes, and so on. The estimation of these costs depends on the individual and the amount of consumption.

University of Messina – Messina Italy
Messina is a public university located in the city of Messina. The university was founded in Sicily in 1548. In 1908, an earthquake struck the city, destroying parts of the university, including part of the university’s library and scientific equipment, but then rebuilt and expanded. This university is still striving to improve the quality level and its internal facilities and is therefore considered one of the top and best-equipped universities in Italy. The number of students at the University of Messina is close to 45,000, some of whom are international students.

Messina Italy

Schools of the University of Messina
School of Veterinary Medicine
School of Statistics
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Political Science
School of Pharmacy
School of Medicine and Surgery
School of Law
College of Science
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Economics
Admission to the University of Messina
All applicants under any circumstances can send their application for admission to this university. These applicants must be at least 17 years old and have completed 12 years of their diploma. Applicants must be fluent in English and Italian to be admitted to the university. Among the documents required for admission to this university, we can mention all the pages of identity documents, educational documents, personal photos, and so on.

Tuition of Messina University
Tuition for Messina University depends on the applicant’s degree and field of study. The university receives a fee from its students at the beginning of each semester. These costs vary from person to person and depend on the circumstances of each person. Scholarships from the University of Messina are grants awarded to the university’s distinguished students and are funded by the Italian government.

Degrees of Messina University – Messina Italy
The University of Messina accepts students in three undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. The range of courses at this university is wide and students can be accepted in any field of their choice. To study at these three educational levels, a separate fee must be paid and certain documents must be provided.

Messina Italy

Qualifications required to study at the University of Messina
To study at the University of Messina, you must provide the following documents:
Original and copy of identity documents (identity card, national card, passport, etc.)
Provide original diplomas with transcripts
4 pieces of endorsed personal photos
Academic resume
Cover letter
Language required to study at the University of Messina
If you are planning to enter the University of Messina, you must be proficient in English or Italian, because the courses offered at this university are taught in both Italian and English. Students admitted to this university must submit language documents appropriate to their major to the university on the day of registration.

Italian student visa
There are many ways to get a residence permit in Italy, one of the easiest of which is to obtain a residence permit in Italy. The Italian student visa is valid until the end of the study and students can live in this country as an Italian citizens and benefit from its amenities.

The cost of living in the city of Messina
Renting a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Messina costs € 400 and renting the same apartment outside the city center costs € 330 per month. The monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment in the city center is € 725 and the monthly rent for a similar out-of-town apartment is estimated at € 500. It is worth mentioning that the cost of utility bills and services such as water, electricity, heating and cooling system, and transportation of waste for an 80-meter apartment averages 120 Euros, and the cost of unlimited internet with a minimum speed of 60 Mbps reaches 39 Euros per month. In addition, the cost of a one-way ticket and one month of public transport is 1.4 and 30 euros, respectively. The cost of buying food for one cheap restaurant is approximately 15 euros and for two relatively expensive restaurants, it is estimated at around 50 euros. If you want to cook at home, we mention the prices of some food items: a liter of milk 0.75 euros, twelve eggs 2.1 euros, a kilogram of chicken fillet 6.5 euros, a kilogram of meat 11 euros, a kilogram of bananas 1.7 euros, one kilogram of tomatoes 1.8 euros, one kilogram of potatoes 1.1 euros and one kilogram of onions 1 euro.

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