Minsk Botanical Garden in Belarus

Minsk Botanical Garden in Belarus


Minsk Botanical Garden in Belarus

Minsk Botanical Garden in Belarus – Minsk, Belarus’ largest city and capital, was once again a ruin after World War II, but once again regained its cultural roots by rebuilding its museums and attractions. Although museums, churches, and castles are among the most attractive attractions of this city, here there is nothing less than natural attractions. The Minsk Botanical Garden is one of the city’s most important attractions, attracting many tourists to the Belarusian capital.

About Minsk Botanical Garden in Belarus

The Minsk Botanical Garden, with an area of ​​more than 530,000 square meters, has about 9,000 different plant species. The garden is divided into different parts, each of which is for a group of plants, and in it, you have the chance to find plant species from other parts of the world such as South America, Caucasus, Australia, Southern Europe, and the Pamir Mountains Take a closer look. This garden is a great place to spend a day among the colorful trees and flowers and all you need is a mat and food to spend the whole day in nature. However, the garden is not just for fun and a relaxing day, but also a valuable scientific site that plays an important role in the preservation of nature.

Colorful flowers of the Minsk Botanical Garden

One of the most important parameters for any garden is the number and variety of its plant species, which with 9,000 species has well met this demand. One of the best times to visit this garden is spring when the garden is in its most beautiful state and all the flowers are open. However, it is also full of beauty here in autumn; All the trees turn yellow, orange, and red and create a romantic atmosphere. Sit on a bench in front of the lake and feed the birds or go to the butterfly yard and all kinds of butterflies. See the colorful ones. This garden is full of ornamental flowers from tulips and lilacs to rare orchids whose fragrance has filled the garden. There are paths throughout the park that are surrounded on both sides by trees such as beech and oak, giving a charming beauty to the garden. Although most of the visitors to this garden are children and students, today many tourist tours also go to this garden.

Minsk Botanical Garden in Belarus

Lemon Greenhouse

Visit the Lemon Greenhouse, a citrus greenhouse that grows 25 lemons, 5 mandarin oranges, 4 grapefruits, and 3 oranges.

Flower Exhibition – Minsk Botanical Garden in Belarus

In 2007, a new tourist attraction was added to the garden: an exhibition of colorful flowers covered with a large glass dome whose temperature and humidity are closely monitored. In this area, it is as if you have gone to tropical rainforests, bananas are hanging over your head and you can see 500 species of native plants. Before leaving this place, go to his cafe and order herbal teas. Even in winter, when the flowers and plants of the garden do not look very attractive, you can see tropical plants inside this indoor area that have blossomed like the first of spring.

A little about the history of the Minsk Botanical Garden

The Central Botanical Garden was officially opened on April 17, 1932. Initially, the garden was a 106-hectare project covered with short forest pines and was to grow larger and larger shortly. The plot of land next to the modern Chelocchinio Park was intended for this garden. In the following years, works such as land separation, soil regeneration, and collection of various plant species were done for this garden. In 1936, this garden was exactly what we know today, only its number and plant species were different from today; For example, in most places, instead of colorful flowers, there were trees and short shrubs. There were special greenhouses throughout the garden that grew native plants. In the following years, a recreational forest and a garden were built, but at that time the garden was temporarily quiet and was used only for growing vegetables.

Minsk Botanical Garden in Belarus

Special flowers in the garden

Because after the war, this garden was the only scientific place for botanical research, the construction of the garden started in 1945 from the beginning. In the mid-1950s, this botanical garden was one of the best in the world, and it did a lot of research on natural resource production, environmental protection, and so on. Although this garden was established many years ago, it has undergone many renovations in recent years. After the Belarusian leader visited the garden in 1999, renovations began on the garden and were completed in 2010, but there are still many plans for the garden to grow and develop.

When and how to go to the Minsk Botanical Garden?

This garden is located near the Chelyuskintsev park metro station and is easily accessible by metro. The garden is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm and the entrance fee is 3 euros.

Belarus is one of the European countries bordering Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania. This beautiful country has many attractions that have caused many people to visit it in the form of a tour of Belarus and create a pure experience. The capital of Belarus is called Minsk, which has many sights and a few days’ visit this city is recommended for any adventure tourist. One of the sights of Belarus in Minsk is the Botanical Garden, which covers an area of ​​more than 530,000 square meters and houses about 9,000 different plant species, and hosts many tourists every day who go there to see the garden and its unique beauty. . The garden was opened in 1932 and was originally intended to be a 106-hectare project of short pines, but later became a larger project and eventually a botanical garden. When visiting the Minsk Botanical Garden, be sure to take a lot of time to visit it everywhere. In this dream garden, a variety of plants from different climates such as South America, Caucasus, Australia, and South Europe are kept and you will lose your mind with their beauty. Also, the presence of colorful and fragrant flowers has made this garden a great place to explore and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. A building has also been built at the Minsk Botanical Garden for research, where plant species are tested and scientifically researched. This charming garden with its beautiful lakes and birds that are permanent residents of this garden has created a spectacular view that can take away the tiredness of work and travel. In the citrus lemon greenhouse, there are 25 types of lemons and more than 5 types of oranges that are grown there.

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