Mogan Lake

Mogan Lake


Mogan Lake

Mogan Lake – There is a lake in Ankara known as Mogan Gölü Gölbaşı, which is located near Lake Eğridir. Part of Mogan Golbashi is designed as a park and is called “Mogan Park”.

Ankara is one of the cities that hosts many travelers from all over the world every year. Although some of these travelers choose the Ankara tour to do their work, most likely in their work schedule there is free time to visit the sights of Ankara. Can be found

. Lake Mogan Ankara is one of the attractions located around the city and its beauty can be one of the best options for tourists and indigenous weekends. Join us to learn more about this lake.

Lake Mogan is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, which is one of the most popular places in Turkey, and perhaps every human being, once in a while, wants to spend a weekend at Lake Morgan in Ankara. The lake is located around the city of Ankara, which can attract many tourists with its beauty. This lake is a special area and it is prevented from entering it, this has been the case for this lake since 1990 so that it will not be harmed environmentally.

Near this lake, there is another lake called Amir, which is about three kilometers northeast of Lake Mogan. During the rainy season, the lake’s water level rises and the two lakes converge. By 1910, the two lakes had merged for a short time due to rising water levels. If you go to Mogan Lake for a picnic, be sure to bring a fishing hook with you to experience the fun and excitement along with the beautiful nature of the lake.

Along the Mogan Lake, Ankara’s Mogan Park has also been set up, where group camps can be set up. Around the park, restaurants provide camping facilities, a coffee shop, grounds for sports activities, games and picnics, and a birdhouse. If you travel to this lake in winter, you will see a species of migratory birds from northern Turkey. Summer is a good time to visit the Diver Duck and the Red-crested Duck on Lake Mogan.

About Lake Mogan in Ankara

Ankara Mogan Lake is one of the most popular places in Ankara for those who like to spend a pleasant weekend in nature. Thanks to its natural beauty, Lake Mogan offers visitors a unique scene and is a popular tourist destination for picnics, leisure, and excursions. The lake, which is one of Ankara’s tourist attractions, is located 25 km from the center of Ankara, within the borders of the Golbashi region. The lake was protected in 1990 as a special environmental zone to prevent damage to it.

Information about Golbashi or Mogan Lake in Ankara

The water level in Ankara’s Mogan Lake is about 972 meters above sea level and the area of ​​the lake is about 5.61 square kilometers. This spectacular lake has a circumference of 14 km with an average length of 11 km and a width of 500 meters. Also, in rainy seasons, the average depth of the lake reaches 5 meters. During the rainy season, the water level exceeds a certain level and the water reaches near Lake Emir, which is located about 3 km northeast of the lake. According to reports, in the 1910 flood, Lake Mogan and Lake Emir were temporarily merged.

Mogan Lake

Lake Mogan has always been one of Ankara’s most popular picnic spots, with a variety of restaurants along its shores. Tourists touring Ankara can camp around the lake and have fun in special areas designated for fishing. In 2001, the Ankara Municipality built a recreational area on the west coast of Ankara called Mogan Park Park with more than 600,000 square meters. The park includes restaurants, a coffee house, camping facilities, areas for sports activities, picnics and games, and a birdhouse. Note that the total length of the trail in the area is 130 km.

Lake Mogan is home to more than 200 species of birds at different times of the year. In the winter months, the lake is home to birds that have traveled to Turkey from northern countries, and in the summer, species such as the diving duck and the red-crested duck. They are seen in the lake.

Introducing Lake Mogan

Lake Mogan in Ankara is also popularly known as Lake Gölbaşı. The lake is 25 km from the city center. However, you will not have a problem getting there because it is very easy to get there by bus. About 160 species of birds live in this catchment area because the climate of this area is clean, it has beautiful nature, and good tranquility reigns here. In this respect, it can be considered similar to the infamous Konya Lake. Entry and exit to a part of Golbashi Lake are free. Like most Tbilisi lakes, such as Tbilisi Turtle Lake, there are restaurants, cafes, hiking trails, and parks around here.

Mogan Park

Mogan Park with an area of ​​644,979 square meters was built by the municipality. There is space for walking, entertainment, and sports activities in this park. You can experience peace here.

Mogan Lake

Mogan Park Services

In Mogan Park, arrangements have been made for travelers, tourists, and other visitors to make the most of them.

There are areas such as picnic areas that are under control.
Pier Island (with suspension bridges for commuting).
Trails for walking and jogging.
Playground for children with disabilities.
Station running track.
Two mini football fields.
A basketball court.
Three tennis courts.

Mogan Lake

Horseback riding and picnic in Ankara’s Mogan Park

In addition to the above, other areas have recently been built and commissioned, including an equestrian center, fitness center, Moghan Lake Research Center, lighthouse building, boathouse, several dining halls, Tennis, golf, skating, and cycling mentioned. If you do not plan to have a picnic in the picnic area and barbecue, you can use the restaurants in the park; Using restaurant food for 2 people will cost an average of about 60 to 70 lira. It is recommended to use the fresh fish of these restaurants. Breakfast is also served in these restaurants.

Entrance fee, address, and how to access Mogan Park

The entrance fee to Mogan Park is 6 lira and there is no need to pay any other fee; Except for the foods you want to order.

Address: Ankara, Karşıyaka District, Humana Yulu Blvd., 06830 Gölbaşı / By public transport: You can go to the park by bus EGO-177, EGO-108, EGO-182. By car: You can drive from Kizilay to Mogan Golbashi Lake in 15 to 20 minutes. Follow the signs and signs to easily find the lake and park.

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