Mona Lisa Paris

Mona Lisa Paris


Mona Lisa Paris

Mona Lisa Paris – Mona Lisa is almost the most famous painting in the world. Still, centuries after its creation, many tourists from all over the world go to the Louvre Museum in Paris to see this oil painting up close. The mysterious smile and unknown identity of the Mona Lisa are among the main reasons why people are so interested in this. It is considered a painting. The lyrics of the song “Mona Lisa” by the American poet “Ray Evans” are also inspired by this work. In addition, several films have been made that are somehow related to this painting. For example, Martin Caparros’s novel Valfierno tells the story of a man named Valferno who, with a staff member at the Louvre named Vincenzo Peruggia, painted the Mona Lisa in 1911 from the museum. Of course, this work will be returned to the museum; But his theft makes Da Vinci’s masterpiece even more popular; To the extent that 5 centuries after its creation, it is still the focus of art lovers, and their image is used to produce various items such as umbrellas, home appliances, carpets and so on.

The Mona Lisa was built between 1503 and 1519; That is when its painter Leonardo da Vinci lived in Florence. There are different theories about the original identity of the Mona Lisa. Some, including Sigmund Freud, speculate that she was Da Vinci’s mother, and others say that she may have painted her portrait because of some of Da Vinci’s physical resemblance to the Mona Lisa! But most scholars believe that she is the same “Lisa del Giocondo”, the wife of a Florentine businessman named “Francesco Giocondo”. The painting’s other title, “Jacquard’s Smile,” stems from the same theme. The debate over the theory escalated to the point where Lisa del Giocondo’s tomb was to be exhumed and DNA tested to conclude. But no definite answer has been given yet about the identity of this work. At first glance, the Mona Lisa painting may not be much different from other portraits. But if you take a closer look, her sitting style, dress, jacquard smile, and hair twist have a special harmony with the image of the valley and the river behind her, and at the same time, it helps to make it more beautiful. Da Vinci skillfully depicts the connection between man and nature in the simplest possible way. Mona Lisa’s original identity, no matter who it belongs to, its influence on other painters cannot be ignored. This work revolutionized Renaissance portrait painting, and many of Da Vinci’s students were inspired by this work and even the clothes he wears to create their portraits. Of course, with the advent of Dadaism, many ancient works were ridiculed. Because in this way they wanted to express their hatred of the violence and ugliness of the world.

Mona Lisa in the style of Dadaism
Mona Lisa’s eyebrow also has a story of its own. You may not have noticed, but this effect does not look like eyebrows! Some people consider this to be intentional and say that it reflects the fashion of the upper classes of that time. Others believe that this shows that Da Vinci did not finish the painting. But in 2007, an advanced digital scan was performed on it, which proved that Da Vinci had stretched his eyebrows and even thickened his eyelashes, which after all these years, both of them have faded, and possibly the repairs done on it in This issue has not been ineffective. Also, for some, Mona Lisa’s face is normal and there is no smile on her face. A neuroscientist at Harvard University 2000, using scientific methods, stated that whether or not he smiles depends on where you focus and how your brain reacts.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Mona Lisa
Da Vinci started smoking the Mona Lisa in Italy, But he finished it in France. That is when he went there at the request of the “First Frenchman”.
The first Frenchman exhibited this work in the Palace of Fontainebleau and remained there for a century.
Louis XIV took the work to the Palace of Versailles, and in the 19th century, Napoleon hung it in his bedroom.
Most prominent painters of the Renaissance used wood instead of canvas to draw their small-scale works. Mona Lisa is also planted on poplar wood.
In 2010, members of the Italian National Committee for Cultural Heritage announced that microscopic scans revealed a new point: Leonardo da Vinci’s acronym L.V.
Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of US President John F. Kennedy Kennedy asked French officials to allow Mona Lisa to be taken to the country for a while. With their consent, the work was exhibited at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
In 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen, making the work world-renowned. So that when it was returned to the Louvre two years later, almost the whole world was happy to find it.
At the time of his abduction, artists including Pablo Picasso and Guillaume Apollinaire were among the accused! Of course, it was later proved that these accusations were baseless and true

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Familiarity with Mona Lisa paintings
Da Vinci, the brilliant painter, is said to have donated the Jacquard smile painting to the world between 1503 and 1519 and has edited his work many times over the years. It may be interesting to know that like many of the works of the time when painters painted their small works on wood, this oil painting is also painted on poplar or spruce wood. This famous painting, although it starts in Florence, Italy, in France, its work is generally completed; in the final years of the painting, Da Vinci was summoned to court at the request of the King of France, the first Frenchman. More interestingly, the French kings showed great interest in this famous painting and kept and exhibited it in their palaces for many years. Even today, after the theft and disappearance of this masterpiece several times, we see it kept in the Louvre Museum in France; If other countries have done so, it has either been a copy of this work or has been borrowed for some time with the coordination and permission of the Louvre.

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