most food popular Hong Kong

most food popular Hong Kong


most food popular Hong Kong

most food popular Hong Kong – The beautiful city of Hong Kong is a food lovers paradise. The locals of this city care so much about food that in their greeting, the question “Did you eat?” Is asked. Hong Kong is home to the largest number of restaurants. Therefore, you will have a wide selection of food choices. The following travel offers a list of the ten most popular and top food in Hong Kong along with some practical tips.

Roast Goose
By trying this food, you will most likely become a big fan of its pill forever. Goose meat is red and juicy. Properly cooked, it will have a crisp, low-fat surface. The unique experience of eating this food is much better than duck meat. This kebab can be easily found in Hong Kong. Of course, the best type can not be found in many restaurants. To experience the best taste of this delicacy, the best place is Yat Lok Roast Goose restaurants in the central part of Tai Po on Stanley Street. The restaurants are run by two brothers, who inherited the profession from their father, who first started it in 1957.

Yum Cha – most food popular Hong Kong
Yamcha is a perfect example of Hong Kong cuisine and the people of Canton (one of the most famous Chinese regions). In Cantonese, yam cha means “drink tea”, which refers to a traditional meal called “dim sum” that is served with tea. Locals usually eat this food from early morning until lunchtime. All good restaurants serve this food with different teas. We suggest you try yum Cha with the popular jasmine tea or ti gun yum (very fragrant green tea) or the old black tea called “Bo-lay”. Lei Garden Restaurant is a very luxurious Cantonese restaurant. The restaurant chain has ten branches in Hong Kong, six of which were awarded the Michelin Star in 2015 (a mark for evaluating the quality of dining halls and restaurants). Lei Garden launched its own farm in 2010 to maintain the high quality of its food and use fresh food. The Lei Garden restaurant complex is a great choice for the Yum Cha experience as it serves a variety of dry summers, including char siu (grilled meat) and chicken legs in abalone oyster sauce.

most food popular Hong Kong

Dao fu fa
This is a very popular snack in Hong Kong made from thick soy milk (from very soft tofu). You can taste this food, both hot and cold. Dao fu fa is usually served with sugar or ginger syrup, and at its best, it has the softness and softness of silk. A1 Tofu Company tofu is made from high-quality Canadian soybeans and is known for its wonderful texture.

Bamboo Noodles

In the traditional way of cooking fresh egg noodles, the dough should be kneaded with a large bamboo and then thin noodles should be prepared from it. Finding this delicious and traditional food is not an easy task today and it is only served in a few special places. Generations continue to prepare this unique food every day in the same traditional way. These delicious noodles are usually served in different ways, such as being used in soups or with caviar and shrimp.

Gai Daan Zai – most food popular Hong Kong
Gai Daan Zai, or egg waffle, is made from eggs, wheat flour, milk powder, and sugar and is one of Hong Kong’s most popular street snacks. The sweet and whimsical smell and taste of these waffles can be smelled on the streets of Hong Kong. These delicious snacks can be found in abundance in Hong Kong, but to experience the best of them, you can head to the small Lei stall. Play Kung Kee on Kings Street. Of course, this place is very crowded in the afternoon.

Lo Soi Goose
This delicacy originates in the Chiu Chow region of Guangdong Province and is one of the three most important Cantonese cuisines. This dish is less known than other Chinese dishes prepared with poultry meat, but its cooking requires exemplary care and skill. Lo Soi is cooked with a special breed of goose called the Lion Head (which sometimes weighs up to 18 kg!); The meat of this breed of goose is very tender and tasty. In this dish, the goose is slowly cooked in a broth consisting of pepper, aniseed, orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, shallots, sugar, soy sauce. Wing Tang Chiu Chow Restaurant on Chan Long Street is one of the most famous restaurants Soi serves more than 70 geese daily. The unique taste of Lo Soi Goose in this restaurant is complemented by the taste of Luk On Tsa black tea, this tea with its wonderful taste also helps to digest goose fat more easily.

Fish Ball Noodle Soup

This food is one of the main Hong Kong dishes that has its roots in the Chiu Chu region of Guangdong Province. Fish dumplings are traditionally made from a combination of three fish, one of which must be an eel. This delicious soup typically includes fish dumplings, fish cakes, very crispy fried fish, and rice noodles, which give this food an amazing array of flavors.

most food popular Hong Kong

Fish Ball Noodle Soup
The Hong Kee store is dedicated to selling this delicious food. The fish noodle soup offered in this store has a unique texture and taste. The store, located atop a large fresh fish market in Hong Kong’s New Territories, is more than 50 years old.

Kanji is a type of rice porridge that is usually eaten for breakfast or in the late hours of the night. This food has a soft texture that is neither too watery nor too thick. Chicken, fish, beef, or mixed seafood can be added to flavor this dish. This food is one of the simplest traditional Chinese dishes and at the same time the most popular of them. Many restaurants in Hong Kong serve this food, But you do not have many choices to experience the best of it. Mui Kee Congee restaurant, which is very popular among the locals, is located near a fresh fish shop. The restaurant sells a variety of kanji, such as kanji with beef and fish, and kanji with heart and liver. This restaurant has prepared an English menu for the convenience of more and more tourists.

Tong Yuen
Tang Yuan is a sticky rice dumpling stuffed with black sesame or red bean paste to give it a sweet taste. This food is usually served in a special syrup. Tang Yuan is a famous Cantonese dessert that is usually eaten in traditional Chinese celebrations. The name of this food is very similar to the twin yuan, which means unity.

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