Museum of Art of Belarus

Museum of Art of Belarus


Museum of Art of Belarus

Museum of Art of Belarus – The museum’s history began in 1939, when the State Art Gallery opened in the BSSR capital, displaying works of art from homes, museums in other cities of the Republic, and other major museums in the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, during the Great Patriotic War, most of the gallery’s art was taken and looted. After the war, the gallery management reoccupied its collection. Since 1957, the gallery has been renamed the BSSR State Museum of Art. Later the museum was moved several times, new buildings were built for it. To date, the National Museum of Art of the Republic of Belarus is one of the richest regions in Eastern Europe.

The fund of the famous museum has about 30,000 works of art and 20 collections. The first is a collection of national art (Belarus). The exhibition introduces visitors to a collection of ancient Belarusian art and handicrafts (icons, crosses, ornaments, everyday objects, engravings, jewelry, fabric samples, etc.). There is also an exhibition of 19th and 20th-century Bolivian art at the Minsk Museum of Art. Unfortunately, nineteenth-century artwork is scarce – more than 500 units, as explained by the collection’s exports during the war. But the collection of paintings, decorative and applied art, graphics, and sculpture of Belarus are very wide – about 11 thousand exhibitions. The World Art Collection of the Minsk National Museum is lined with masterpieces from Eastern Europe and Russia from the 18th and early 21st centuries.


The history of the museum begins in 1939. When the building opened from the Communist Agricultural School (formerly the girls’ school building) the state art gallery. Gallery 15 rooms, which occupied parts of paintings, sculptures, paintings. Museum staff actively collected works of art from museums in cities in Belarus. Several works were donated by the Moscow Museum and galleries. In 1941, the gallery had more than 2,500 works. Art objects are collected, including the art industry, antique furniture, and patterned curtains, mayssensky and porcelain tableware, various clocks. In 1941, on June 28 in Minsk, German soldiers arrived. The gallery was looted and the most valuable pieces were transported to Germany. He does not even have a description of the entire exhibition at the Minsk Gallery, so a large part of them never returned. After the war, he returned only a small part of the works, which at that time were on display in Russia. Since 1944, the gallery was located in the Assembly of Trade Unions. Gallery Two years later, there are about 300 works, including K. Bryullov, V. Polenov, Levitan, and Kustodiev. After that, start designing new buildings.

Museum of Art of Belarus

National Museum of Art

On November 5, 1957, The BSSR opens a new building of the State Museum of Art. In 1993, the museum was renamed the National Museum of Art of Belarus with a focus on national art.

Museum building

Initially, the museum building is planned to be located on the corner of Kirov and Lenin. The main entrance was to be from the streets of Ulyanovsk. The author of the project MI Baklanov was planning to build an imperial-style building with semicircular columns and windows. The design ideas of the building had to be revised when it was assigned to another plot of land with adjacent buildings. Baklanov The project has been transformed into a new building in line with the surrounding houses. The National Museum of Art has greatly expanded its coffers and later added a format to the building. In 2007, there is a renovation of the museum. The idea was to build a new architect, Vitaly Bliakina, to create a kind of city museum where the past and the present are connected. The Museum of Contemporary Art is made of plaster, arches, and pillars, and the dome of the building is made of glass.

National Museum Museum Clock

In the future, Minsk plans to create a quarter museum in the center, which is the National Museum of Art. In the first quarter new pavilions for art, open souvenir shops, and an art café in the courtyard of a sculpture park.

Exhibition from the museum

There are about 27,000 works in the museum. The exhibition at the museum is divided into collections, which are presented as a meeting of national and world art. The world of art is mainly represented by the works of masters of Eastern and Western Europe. Here you can carve antique tableware, chess statue, stone icons, wooden sculpture items, jewelry, and religious facilities (cup, Kielich worship). The National Museum of Art painting presents a collection of Russian art of the century. Eighteenth, there are about three thousand exhibitions of sculpture, local arts, and graphics. The collection includes works by Fedora Bruni, Maksima Vrubova, Dmitriya Levitskogo, Vasily Troponin, and others. Ceramics and porcelain, painted glazes, wood and bone carvings, paintings, miniatures, sculptures, and knitting products are offered.


In addition to the exhibition, the museum comes a lot of interesting events. For children, there is the opening of a children’s art workshop. The museum hosts meetings with artists, workshops, and music nights. Over the years its museum has been established for research activities. NHM staff repairs works of art and electronic catalogs. The album is produced and the book is about art. The latest book is about a museum dedicated to nineteenth-century Belarusian artists. Visitors can participate in lectures and interactive tours of national and world art. At the Museum Art Café, anyone can watch themed films.

 Time, address

The exhibition is open from 11.00 to 19.00, the entrance of visitors is done at 18.30. Three – per day.Tour prices from 50 to 165 thousand rubles. National Museum of Art in Minsk, located on Lenin Street, 20. It is located near Esteghlal Street, near the metro stations “Oktyabrskaya” and “Kulapovskaya”.

Museum of Art of Belarus


The National Museum of Art of Belarus benefits from a large number of exhibitions. The collections of the National Museum of Art of Belarus from antiquity to the present day, as well as European and Eastern art. There are various recreational and educational activities in its territory.

In addition, the museum has several branches. First of all, the Bayalnytsky-Bailey Artist Museum in Mogilev, where the creator’s works are presented, as well as photographs and documents related to his biography. Another branch – the Raubichah Museum of Contemporary Art in Belarus – familiarizes visitors with Belarusian masterpieces of rubber (wood paintings), weaving, and pottery. In the Wankowicz (Minsk) parliament, a restored sculpture house, featuring an exhibition of sculptures, paintings by Vankovich and other artists, will be less interesting.

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