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Normandy Tourist

Normandy Tourist – Unflor is a coastal city in the Normandy region. The city is located at the mouth of the Seine and is a popular destination when traveling to France with its many attractions. Onflor is a beautiful and enchanting city in Normandy, in the north of France. More than a thousand years old, this city is definitely worth a visit if you are interested in the ocean and medieval structures. From the twelfth century onwards, Onflor became an important crossroads for the movement of goods by sea to England. The city was fortified to protect against enemy attacks and did not stop growing with the expansion of maritime trade. Visiting Onflor means discovering a beautiful but small town, with cobbled alleys, half-timbered houses, a small port, and old boats. This city in Normandy will undoubtedly surprise you.

Church of St. Catherine – Normandy Tourist
St. Catherine’s Church is an important building in Onflor that should not be forgotten; Even if you are only going to tour the city for a few hours. St. Catherine’s Church replaced a stone church destroyed in the 15th century during the Hundred Years’ War. St. Catherine was made entirely of wood from the surrounding forest. The original design of the building was inspired by an overturned two-piece wooden boat and shows the knowledge of Onflor workers in shipbuilding. For this reason, St. Catherine’s Church is the largest wooden church in France.

Old pond – Normandy Tourist
The old pond is the name of this beautiful port in Onflor. This port was built in 1681 and it was necessary to destroy part of the city’s tower and fortifications to expand it. Today, the old pond is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful attractions of Unflor. The poetic view of the harbor houses and their reflection in the water has become very popular thanks to nineteenth-century Impressionist painters. The houses of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries around this port are on the list of historical monuments. There is no doubt that the narrow view and the gabled roofs of these houses fascinate you while the boats are moving in this port; It is as if time has stopped here.

Normandy Tourist

Notre Dame Grace Church
Notre-Dame de Grace (Notre-Dame de Grace) was built in the early 17th century to replace an older church on a site overlooking Unflor. The previous church had been destroyed by a rockfall. Notre Dame Grace was originally built by the Duke of Normandy as a token of gratitude for his survival from a severe storm. During Seafarers’ Day in Onflor, children dress up as sailors and head up the hill to donate their small boats to Notre Dame Grace Church.

Paul Normandy
The Normandy Bridge was built in 1995 and connected Unflor to Le Havre. This bridge is a symbol of the amazing progress of navigation in this region. The Normandy Cable Bridge is 215 meters high and 2141 meters long and was a world record when it was built on the Seine River. The bridge, made of concrete and metal, has four car lanes, two pedestrian lanes, and two bicycle lanes. The Normandy Bridge, thanks to its high altitude, does not interfere with the movement of floating boats on the Seine. This new symbol for Unflor can be seen in most postcards in the city.

Père Lachaise Paris

Onflor Natural Space
Onflor’s Naturospace in the heart of the city is a unique place to rebuild a rainforest ecosystem. This nature house is home to about 10 species of birds and 60 species of butterflies in a greenhouse with an area of ​​800 square meters. This is an ideal place to watch rare and tropical specimens. With a little patience, you can see many other species of animals such as millipedes as well as insect pupae in the dense and fully protected green space. In addition, if the day is your chance, you can even see the birth of a butterfly in this natural space. This amazing moment comes thanks to a team dedicated to the natural reproduction of these animals.

Character Garden
The 10-hectare Character Garden is a rural hiking trail built in 2004 by the municipality of Onflor. This garden is located between the old reservoir and Onflor Dam. As you walk the many paths of this garden, you will encounter a multitude of prominent personalities who have either lived in this small port in Normandy or stayed here for some time. Prominent figures include the painter Claude Monet and Eugene Boudin, the composer Eric Satie, the poet Charles Baudelaire, the sailor Samuel Champlain, and even the fifth sailor, Charles V, and Jean-Baptiste Colbert.

Sati House and Museum

The Sati House and Museum are dedicated to the French musician and composer Erik Satie. Born in Onflor in 1866, this genius artist worked with great writers such as Picasso and Georges Braque and was an inspiration to artists such as Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. With the help of an audio guide, they visit the various rooms of the museum. The charm of this audio guide is that when you enter each room, exactly the information about that room is displayed. In this museum, you can see paintings in the style of Musical Scenographic or Musical Scenographic, which is a combination of image, sound, and light. These paintings help the public to better understand Eric Satie’s artistic career. Old and young alike admire this poetic play that puts them at the heart of the story. A show that invites not only the viewer, but also the experience of living in Satie’s house.

You were at the Eugene Museum
Onflor’s main museum is named after a famous local painter; Eugène Boudin. The museum was built in the late twentieth century by Alexandre Dubourg and Eugene Bodin and is home to a large collection of paintings by Normandy painters such as Boudin, Courbet, Monet, Doborg, and many more. The 7 exhibitions of the Buddhist Museum have specific themes and take us to the heart of Romantic and Impressionist paintings in this area. One of these rooms is dedicated to an amazing collection of ethnographic artifacts such as Normandy regional costumes, headscarves, and household items.

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