Oman Engineering

Oman Engineering


Oman Engineering

Oman Engineering – Oman, also officially known as the Sultanate of Oman, is a country in the east of the Arabian Peninsula whose capital is called Muscat. Oman leads to the Arabian Sea from the east and to the Oman Sea from the north. It borders Yemen to the south, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates to the west. The official language of the people of Oman is Arabic, and the official religion of this country, which most people follow, is Islam.

Bachelor of Engineering in Oman
Most Omani universities focus on management disciplines such as business management and technical engineering such as computers. It is possible to study engineering in Oman at the undergraduate or graduate level. Undergraduate education in Oman lasts up to 5 years. In the first year of engineering studies in Oman, courses such as mathematics, design, and dynamics are usually taught. Undergraduate studies are possible at various universities in Oman, and individuals can apply for any of these universities. There are also private universities and foreign colleges in Oman that people can use. These scientific centers exist in different cities of Oman. Muscat is one of the cities that people can choose for their academic life. In this city, there is the largest university in Oman, Sultan Qaboos University. Muscat is one of Oman’s most touristic cities and people can communicate more easily in English.

Study engineering in Oman at the postgraduate level
It is possible to study engineering in Oman at the master’s level, and people can also apply for various engineering majors at various universities in Oman, such as Sultan Qaboos University. Tuition fees in Oman are cheaper than in European countries such as the UK, but you should note that tuition at German and Austrian public universities can be cheaper than at Oman because tuition at these universities is free. Engineering education in the country Oman has a two-year master’s degree at Sultan Qaboos University and can cost up to 8,000 euros a year. This cost depends on the field and the university. As mentioned before, the largest university in Oman is called Sultan Qaboos, and people who are applying for a master’s degree in Oman usually apply for courses at this university. Of course, students can also pursue other study options in this country, such as the University of Nizwa.

Studied engineering in Oman for a doctorate – Oman Engineering
Studying for a doctorate in Oman in English can be one of the options for people to study abroad. Doctoral courses at Oman universities are usually 4 years long and are offered in English. The average tuition fee at Sultan Qaboos University is 16,000 Euros per year, which can be more expensive compared to some European countries. It is noteworthy that people can also take English language courses at Sultan Qaboos University These courses cost 900 to 1000 Euros a year. Applicants for engineering studies in Oman in the doctoral program usually seek scholarships and study funds, which we will discuss below.

Oman Engineering

The cost of studying engineering in Oman
As mentioned earlier about the cost of studying in Oman, these costs vary from university to university, depending on the individual and the field of study. In general, tuition fees at Oman universities range from € 4,500 per year at the undergraduate level to € 16,000 per year in some doctoral programs. These costs can include special scholarships in some fields at There are also various universities that naturally provide scholarships to students to pay tuition.

Study engineering in Oman and the cost of living there
For people who want to study engineering in Oman, one of the things that must be considered and pay attention to is the cost of living in Oman. Of course, the cost of living also depends on the city and the lifestyle of the people. The following is the price of some items in Oman that are related to people’s lives. All prices are calculated in Euros:

A meal in an average restaurant 4.68
A small bottle of water 0.27
One liter of milk 1.43
One kilo of rice 1.68
12 eggs 2.30
One month bodybuilding club 47.67
One-bedroom apartment for rent in the city center 519.88
Rent one-bedroom apartment away from the city center 381.22
As you can see in the table above, the cost of living in Oman is not relatively expensive, but it cannot be said with certainty that the cost of living in Oman is cheap.

Study engineering in Oman with a scholarship – Oman Engineering
It is possible to study engineering in Oman with engineering scholarships. As you know, scholarships have special conditions and people can apply for these programs provided they have a series of items. For example, people must have a high language score and a good grade point average, or in other words, a good resume. To increase their chances of receiving these scholarships. In total, there are several fixed scholarship programs in Oman, which we will review and introduce in the following:

Muscat University Scholarship: This Muscat University Scholarship covers up to 40% of the tuition for undergraduate students. Of course, there is also a graduate program that provides students with up to 25 percent of their tuition

Oman Engineering

Soltan Qaboos University Scholarship: Sultan Qaboos University has various scholarships, among which we introduce two programs related to international students:
MOHE Scholarship: This analytical program is available for postgraduate courses and covers individual tuition and university costs.
SQU Scholarship: This program is available for postgraduate and doctoral programs. This program provides students with up to 250 Rials for Oman for master’s degree and up to 350 Rials for Oman for doctoral course.
GUtech University Scholarship: A German university based in Oman has a scholarship that covers up to 20% of a person’s tuition. Applicants must apply before September 1 for the winter semester and before February 1 for the spring semester.

Study engineering in Oman in English
Studying in English is possible at all levels of education in Oman, and people can apply to good universities in this country, such as Sultan Qaboos, to study in English. Of course, it cannot be said with certainty that all the people of Oman are fluent in English. Because the first language of this country is Arabic and the level of English of the people of Oman is not high, but students in cities like Muscat can communicate better in English. Because this city has more international applications than other cities in Oman and is the capital of Oman. Omani universities also offer education in Arabic, and those who wish can also apply to study in Arabic.

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