Oman Investment

Oman Investment


Oman Investment

Oman Investment – Oman is one of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula. The east and north of the country are covered by the Arabian Sea and Oman, and to the west, it borders Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Yemen is the southern neighbor of this country. The capital of Oman is Muscat and its people speak Arabic. Islam is the official religion of this country. Oman’s general climate is as hot and dry as any other country on the Arabian Peninsula, although you will experience cooler weather in the south. About 4 million people live in an area of ​​309,500 square kilometers. The main economic source of Oman, like other countries, is based on oil, followed by fishing and agriculture are two important economic activities. In recent years, the tourism industry has also flourished. Oman has adopted policies that may prevent foreign immigrants from eventually obtaining permanent residency and citizenship. Therefore, if you intend to invest in Oman to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in this country, you must first thoroughly examine the aspects of your action.

Obtaining residency in Oman through investment
There are different methods for migrating to Oman, which is a general category that can be divided into six categories. These methods include studying in Oman, working and having a job, being born in this country, marrying an Omani person, applying for asylum, and finally, the method that we are discussing is investing in Oman. As mentioned above, Arab countries, including Oman, generally do not grant permanent residence and citizenship to foreign immigrants. Instead, they issue visas to applicants and renew them depending on the applicant’s circumstances. If your goal in investing in Oman is to get the citizenship and passport of this country, it may be better to choose other countries. By investing in some countries, such as Cyprus, you will directly receive the passport of this European country. According to the latest global ranking, the Oman passport is ranked 51st.

Investment standards in Oman
If your goal is to invest in Oman, it will be necessary for you to know some of the standards and economic indicators of this country, which we will examine in this section. One of the important indicators of this section that will have a great impact on your decision is the property confiscation rate. This property confiscation rate shows the degree of security of your investment. This rate ranges from 1 to 7, and a lower value indicates less risk. As you can see in the chart below, the rate of property confiscation in Oman has increased by one degree from 2016 to 3. By 2019. The quality of monitoring and control of corruption are two other indicators that are the corruption of the administrative and judicial systems of countries and the amount of monitoring And shows control over them. In the following diagrams, these two indicators are shown in Oman, respectively, and we see that the quality of monitoring in 2018 is 0.31 and corruption control is 0.25.

Oman Investment

Economic indicators affecting Oman investment

Economic indicators will also have a direct and indirect impact on investment processes in Oman or other countries. The number of economic indicators is high, and here we review some of them in the case of Oman. The first and perhaps most important economic indicator of any country is its GDP. According to the first chart, the country’s GDP has started to grow since 2009. The second chart shows the corporate tax rate, as we see from 2006 to 2016 this rate is equal to or 12 percent, and from 2017 until now 15 percent. In addition to these indicators, knowing the inflation rate and unemployment rate in this country is not without merit. The inflation rate in 2019 is 0.8% and it is predicted that by 2024, this rate will grow and reach 2.5%. The unemployment rate in Oman in 2019 was about 3 percent.

Invest in Oman by buying a property
Buying property is one of the most popular ways to invest in Oman and other countries. The profit from this investment and the relative simplicity of the process has led many enthusiasts to this method. The purpose of some people investing in real estate is to obtain a residence permit in a foreign country, but we should know that this will not lead to the residence or citizenship of one country in all countries. In Oman, you can get residency in that country by buying a property, and as long as you have a title deed in your name, your residency will be extended. Just consider the fact that you can not buy property in all parts of Oman and you should buy your property only in places that the country itself is designed to attract foreign investors. Property prices in Oman start at $ 85,000.

Oman Investment

Investing in Oman through company registration
Another way to invest in Oman is to register a company in this country. Companies have different types such as limited liability, public company, a private company, limited partnership, business agency, branch office and agencies, each of which has its own terms and requirements. The initial capital of the company will also be highly dependent on the type of company, for example, to register a limited liability company, at least 150,000 Rials is required. A business plan is another requirement for registering a company, which must be highly specialized and economically justified for Oman. Sometimes it will be necessary to have an Omani partner. The company registration process has its own complexities and Malekpour Law Firm is proud to help you with its long experience in this field. Registration of a company does not in itself lead to permanent residence or citizenship, and you can stay in this country as long as your company is active and profitable.

Invest in Oman by buying government bonds – Oman Investment
Buying government bonds is another way to invest in Oman. Some people increase their capital and assets by investing in the country’s stock exchanges and bonds. But if you are one of those people, his main goal is to get a residence permit in this country, you should know that this will not result in a residence permit for you. To evaluate other methods or conditions in other countries. Dear friends and companions of the collection, keep in mind that this article was written by the expert and professional team of MIE, and any copying of it, even by changing the sentences, is legally forbidden and legally illegal. So please protect the copyright by mentioning the source.

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