Oman law

Oman law


Oman law

Oman law – One of the most important questions of people who intend to immigrate to Oman is whether they can obtain a passport and citizenship of this country if they obtain work or study residence and investment in Oman or act through marriage, birth? In answer to this question, we must say that the conditions required to obtain a passport for this country vary depending on which way you apply to immigrate to Oman. As we said, immigration to Oman by birth is not a good way to get a residence in this country. Because this country follows the blood system in the birth debate and does not give citizenship to him and his parents just because of the birth of a child. However, in the method of investment and work, a person can apply for permanent residence and then to obtain citizenship and a passport, if he has the necessary conditions and several years of work in Oman. Regarding immigration to Oman through education, you should know that just studying in Oman does not lead to citizenship, but if a student works in Oman after studying in the same country, after a few years of work and paying taxes to the government, he can become a permanent resident. And apply for citizenship. Applicants for Oman passports, in addition to the conditions mentioned above, must have other conditions such as mastery of the Arabic language, familiarity with the culture and laws of the country, no criminal record, etc. Immigration is something that can lead to growth, development, and opening a new world. It is up to you, but we must remember that with a thorough review, consultation, and obtaining sound, reliable and credible information from experts in this field, you can make the final decision. Mere promises, promises, and promises are not enough, and providing documents and Validation is very important. A person or persons can show the roadmap correctly if they have traveled the road themselves, more clearly if they live in this country, and provide services legally and with the permission of the Ministry of Commerce.

Oman law

Constitution of Oman – Oman law
This book consists of 7 chapters and 81 articles. The date of issuance of this constitution of Oman on the 24th of Jamadi al-Akhr 1417 AH is in accordance with November 6, 1996, which is presented in full in the article of the constitution of Oman.

The book of the Constitution of Oman includes the following chapters:
Chapter One: The Government and System of Government of Oman
Chapter Two: Targeted Principles of Oman Government Policy
Chapter Three: Public Rights and Duties of Oman
Chapter Four: The Head of Government of Oman
Chapter Five: The Assembly of Oman
Chapter Six: Judgment of Oman
Chapter 7: General rulings of Oman

Customs laws in Oman
Import of goods into the territory of Oman is possible only by companies registered in Oman. Also, goods that need after-sales service must have an Omani lawyer to do the work related to customs clearance. The average customs tariff rate for imports to Oman for all goods is 5.5 percent, agricultural goods 7.4. Percentage and non-agricultural goods is 10.6%. Some goods such as live cattle, all types of meat except pork, rice, wheat, corn flour, fresh fruit and tea are exempt from customs duties.

Company registration in Oman
Company registration services in Oman include obtaining a 2-year preferred residence in Oman. Along with registering a company that has a 2-year preferred residence in Oman, you can travel without a visa and with a 2-year visa label, give a 2-year ID card to the applicant. Be able to open a personal bank account in local and international banks.

Company registration in Oman Ltd – Oman law
1- Limited Liability Company is the most common business institution for starting a company in Oman. As always, the company is a legal or real entity.
In particular, a company includes its owners, shareholders and managers and the people who run it.

2- An Omani LCC liability company with foreign members must:

At least one director and two shareholders
The amount of the capital share is at least 390 thousand dollars
Have a local office

3. In the Omani company, at least 30% of the shares must belong to Oman, the United States, or a citizen Cooperation Council, unless authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Mines.

4- According to the Foreign Investment Law (1994), one of the following conditions is required.

100% owned by Oman, GCC or US citizens
100% foreign ownership with the approval of the Ministry of Trade and Industry for activities that benefit the Omani economy and the payment of a capital share of $ 1.3 million
100% foreign ownership for companies working for Oman government contracts
At least 30% local ownership and payment of 390,000 US dollars
Establishment of a company in a free trade zone

Oman law

Special feature of company registration in Oman free zones
A noteworthy point in Oman’s international trade relations is that the country imports the largest volume of its imports, most of which include machinery and equipment for transportation, food, and livestock, annually from the United States, Germany, and Japan. , Which shows the neglect of capitalists and producers of this important and thriving market in the nearest distance from the country’s borders.

Another way to immigrate to Oman and obtain a residence permit is to obtain a work visa. To immigrate to Oman through work, it is necessary for a person to have a job offer from an employer in Oman. The employer must also obtain a permit from the Oman Labor Office to hire foreign workers. One of the ways to get a job offer to immigrate to Oman is to go to the institutions and job sites of this country and send them your documents. To immigrate to Oman through work, the applicant must also have suitable conditions in terms of age. The minimum age for working residence in Oman is 21 years and the maximum is 60 years. To immigrate to Oman through work, the applicant must obtain a work visa, which, of course, requires the submission of the necessary documents and conditions. Working hours in Oman are on average 40 to 48 hours per week. If a person can obtain a work visa, he or she will first be granted a two-year temporary residence permit, which can be extended.

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