Omani cuisine

Omani cuisine


Omani cuisine

Omani cuisine – Oman is an amazing country on the shores of the Sea of ​​Oman and its capital, Muscat, welcomes tourists from all over the world every year. Oman is bordered by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and there are many similarities between these Arab countries, however, this country has its own unique features that are certainly attractive to tourists. One of the attractions of the trip is certainly to experience the special cuisine of that country and region. Oman also has very tasty food that makes the trip to Oman and Muscat more memorable and enjoyable. In this article, we want to introduce you to the most delicious Omani dishes and introduce you to delicious and tasty cuisine. Many of these foods are common among neighboring Arab countries and some are specific to Oman. If you are planning to travel to this Arab country, we suggest you try these foods during your trip.


Magbus, also known as Kabsa and Macbus, is one of the dishes of Oman as well as neighboring countries and has many fans. The main origin of this delicious food, which is prepared from a combination of rice, meat, and, is Saudi Arabia, however, in many Arab countries along and the Oman Sea, such as Oman, you can also try Magboos. To prepare marbles, rice (basmati) is combined with saffron, vegetables, meat or chicken, and various spices to make a fragrant and delicious pilaf. In fact, the two main components of this food that make it special and distinctive are saffron and cardamom. First, red or white meat is cooked with onion and garlic until it is completely soft and cooked, and then various spices are added to it, and then it is mixed and brewed with drained rice. In Oman, this food is often served with yogurt or salad, traditional bread as well as tomato sauce.

One of the most popular dishes in Oman is the food called Shova or Qozi, which is mostly prepared for special occasions such as Eid al-Fitr and…. Shova is actually a type of lamb kebab that the process of roasting and preparing is very long and time-consuming. In Oman, this food is prepared for the first day of Eid and eaten on the second or third day of Eid. Lamb, camel, or goat meat is flavored with various Omani spices and then wrapped in banana or palm leaves and placed in a stone oven and grilled slowly for two days! This method of grilling may seem a little strange to you, but it makes the lamb taste great. If you travel to Oman and Muscat, we suggest you try this delicious kebab. Shova can be prepared in different ways by every city and family, but the main spices of this kebab are coriander, nutmeg, and cumin.

Omani cuisine

Omani Bread
In addition to Omani cuisine, you can also see different types of traditional and local bread in this country. One of the most famous breads of Oman is thick, round, and big bread. Another type that you may see next to Oman food is thin and crispy and toasted and is often eaten with food. Most Omani people make their own bread at home, however, in different cities of Oman, such as Muscat, you can see and try several bakeries. Omani people are accustomed to eating with bread, which is why most restaurants serve traditional Omani bread with food.

Types of dates
It may come as a surprise to you that we also introduce dates to Oman food. But you should know that dates play a very important role in the culture and cuisine of the people of Oman and the Arab countries in general. The cultivation of dates is very high in Oman and in this country, you can see many different types of dates. Dates in Oman are available in different sizes, colors, and types and are one of the most important components in entertaining guests in Omani culture. Sometimes dried dates are combined with sesame or sesame or coconut powder to make a delicious dessert. Dates also play an important role in Omani cuisine and are used in most Omani foods, desserts, and sweets.

Omani cuisine

Omani halva is one of the most famous desserts in this country and it is a little different from our halva. This halva is prepared from a combination of sugar, honey, rose, eggs and various spices and nuts and is often served with coffee and dates. In fact, in Omani hospitality, coffee and halva are always present and are offered to the guest as the ultimate respect and hospitality. In Oman, halva is often served in a large bowl and several spoons are placed in it so that each guest can take the desired amount of halva and enjoy it with his coffee.

Coffee is also one of the most important beverages in the Arab countries as well as in Oman. The texture, taste, and way of brewing Arabic coffee are world-famous and make it different in taste from other coffees. In Oman, coffee is often combined with cinnamon powder and then brewed. Just like dates, coffee is an important and integral part of Omani hospitality and hospitality. In Oman, coffee is often served with Omani halva, which is an interesting and delicious combination. Coffee is the dominant beverage of the people of Oman, and Omani drinks coffee several times a day. Also, when the people of Oman want to visit their neighbors, they sometimes brew a teapot of Arabic coffee and take it with them.


Another dish of Oman is Muskak or Kebab, which is very popular in this country. Omani kebab is prepared with different types of meat such as beef, lamb, or chicken and is almost similar to our own kebab. But perhaps the difference is in the spices used to flavor the meat. In Omani kebab, various spices such as curry are used, and finally, it is eaten with traditional Omani bread. During celebrations, special occasions such as Eid and various ceremonies such as weddings and suspicious kebabs are one of the first Omani dishes to be prepared and served.

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