Palais de Tokyo Paris

Palais de Tokyo Paris


Palais de Tokyo Paris

Palais de Tokyo Paris – The Eiffel Tower and its surrounding attractions generally draw locals and tourists to the 16th arrondissement of Paris. They come to see the Iron Lady of Paris in all its glory, and may if they have time, visit the attractions around this beautiful neighborhood.

Not far from the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, you will find a beautiful tower with a public viewing terrace that connects the city center to the Eiffel Tower floor. In the streets around Trocadero, there are many unique attractions and monuments that, if you give them a chance, are no less than the Eiffel Tower! The 16th arrondissement is a chic and beautiful part of Paris, with many of its halls and buildings being used during Paris Fashion Week and major world seminars. Tokyo Palace is also one of these impressive places and if you take a short walk around it before stepping inside the palace, the unique and special architecture of this palace will surprise you!

Palais de Tokyo Paris

A huge palace! – Palais de Tokyo Paris
Despite the older appearance of many buildings in the neighborhood, Tokyo Palace was built in 1937 in honor of the Paris International Exhibition that year. This beautiful palace has spectacular and wide views. The palace facilities include a number of exhibition halls, restaurants, retail stores, workspaces, galleries as well as a complete museum. Tokyo Palace has a spectacular view from the outside, as well as a variety of attractions inside. We advise tourists on the Paris tour price to walk around the building, at least in the vicinity of the building, if they do not have time to explore inside the palace. The architecture of this building is truly amazing, especially since it was completely renovated in 2012 by its architects La Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal. The back of the building is a place where many people come to visit and photograph. In this part, there is a famous spring that is framed by Greek engravings. From here you can either go upstairs and into the building, or go down the hill to the Eiffel Tower.

Paris Museum of Modern Art at the Tokyo Palace – Palais de Tokyo Paris
The entire eastern façade of Tokyo Palace is dedicated to the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the most important museum of contemporary and modern art in Paris. Inside the walls of this museum are a large number of works from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries from France and abroad. The museum was added to the Catacombs area in 1961 and has been the palace’s largest tourist attraction to date. The permanent collection features works from Picasso to Matisse and many more. In addition, the museum also offers interesting temporary exhibitions, allowing lesser-known artists to expand. The modern art museums of Paris are excellent because of their variety of works, including painting, sculpture, collage, photography, and cinematography. Visiting this museum is a much more diverse and interesting experience compared to the museums of fine arts in the city of Paris. The bookstore of the Museum of Modern Art is another great attraction of this space. A pleasant atmosphere that is very suitable for those who are interested in art and history books, French coffee, and relaxation.

architecture Eiffel Tower

The dining experience at Tokyo Palace
Tokyo Palace offers an enjoyable dining experience on a cheap European tour. The palace’s main restaurant is called Monsieur Bleu, which is part of the west side of the palace and also has a patio overlooking a beautiful fountain and views of the Eiffel Tower. This restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining facilities for tourists touring cheap France, and its environment is suitable for young couples and families. Even on days when Tokyo Palace is closed to the public, Monsieur Bleu’s restaurant is still open for lunch and dinner during the week. The menu of this restaurant includes traditional Parisian bistro dishes along with French dishes, rice bowls, burgers and pizzas, and much more.

Palais de Tokyo Paris

In March 2002, Nicolas Burrito and Jerome Sans launched the Site de création contemporaine on the west side of the Tokyo Palace. This important center for the creation of contemporary art was established in Paris. The center soon became known as Tokyo Palace and quickly established itself as an important current in the art world. The east side of the building belongs to the city of Paris and hosts the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. The western part belongs to the French state and since 2002 has hosted the Tokyo Palace / Site de création contemporaine, France’s largest museum, which exhibits temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. The Tokyo Palace has created a cultural program at the intersection of movement, sound, and language for all disciplines and with an ambition to explore all areas of artistic expression – from performance to fashion to arts and crafts and more – and in 2015 the annual festival Launched DO DISTURB. One of the main reasons for buying a foreign plane ticket to Paris and traveling to the French capital for everyone is to visit the unique museums of this city. Paris can be considered the paradise of museums of the world. Because the number of museums in this city and their diversity is really high. Therefore, it seems that before starting a trip to Paris, there should be a special program to get to know and visit these museums. The following is an attempt to get a general introduction to Paris Museums.

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