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Paris App

Paris App – If you are planning to explore a big and famous city like Paris, it is better to download applications related to translation, routing, telephone taxi, tourist tracker, and restaurants to save your time and energy. This is one of the constant concerns of tourists. Which part should they start their visit from and if they get the answer to this question, they will have an easier and more enjoyable trip in many ways? Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, a variety of applications have been developed for this purpose, with the help of which you can more easily find the tourist attractions of each city, the best route, and the nearest restaurants. Especially when traveling to the great and spectacular capital of France, Paris, which has countless sights, using these applications can act as a comprehensive travel guide to Paris and have a positive effect on saving your time and energy. In the following, you will get acquainted with 9 of the best useful programs that will help you on your trip to Paris, and you can download them from Google Play and iTunes.

1. City Map – Paris App
There are countless routing apps out there, with the Citymapper app a head and shoulders above them. The reason for this superiority is due to various factors; For example, for the destination you are entering, City Map offers several options for using public transportation and even offers the amount of delay and the length of time it takes to travel this route by taxi or on foot. The best feature of this program is that it also marks the bike lanes and stations of the Paris cycling system, ‘Vélib’, on the map and tells you the distance and the number of calories you burn through it. CityMaper is one of the best travel apps, but keep in mind that you can not get help offline. So before you go, take a screenshot of the suggested routes to use their photo later.

2. Yandex Translator
The “Yandex. Translate” app will help you when you want to ask questions in the shop or when you do not understand anything from the restaurant menu. One of the best features of this app is that it can be used offline and you do not need to waste your time and energy to find WiFi. It can also translate text from recorded photos or audio, which is really helpful in emergencies.

Paris App

3. Culture Trip
Visiting the tourist attractions of any city is the easiest way to travel. What is considered difficult is to have a professional and local visit like the locals. The Culture Trip App, which means “cultural advice”, gives you the best restaurants, art, and cultural sites, and local tips, and has a simple procedure. All you have to do is specify your destination and select the “I want to …” option to bring you a long list of music, art, food, movies, design, history, and more. This application covers all cities of the world and wherever you are in the world, you can easily access the best of that destination.

4. Alman
The “Ulmon” application lets you view city map details offline. After downloading this application, you should select the ones you are interested in from the list so that it can provide you with useful articles and recommendations according to your interests. Next to each tourist attraction, there is a link related to practical information, the nearest hotels, and other visitors’ comments to help you make better decisions. In addition, there is an option that you can list all the things you want to do in one place to be more organized.

5. Hatch Taxi – Paris App
The Heetch program, also pronounced “Ish” in French, has a function similar to “Uber” and can be used from 8 pm to 6 am. This French taxi program is recommended for people who are out late at night and the metro hours are running out at that time and also do not want to travel long distances by bus or pay a high price for a taxi. The cost of the hatch taxi remains standard, and this has solved the problem of rising fares at the end of the night. Taxi fares can be paid in cash or by card.

Paris App

6. Le Fooding
Le Fooding fulfills the eternal desire of the stomachs. Wherever you are in Paris, open the map of this program and check out its suggested restaurants. Each restaurant includes comments from other users and a price guide, and all of these services can be used offline. The guide section of this application was written by the Parisians themselves and you can be sure that their suggestions will not get you to a bad place. You can search for the suggested restaurant according to its location, type of food, and price list, or use its “lucky” option to offer you a surprising option by shaking your mobile phone.

7. Fork

The “Fork” (La Fourchette) app helps you find or even book your suitable restaurant and is suitable for those who are looking for cheaper or discounted places. By reserving your desired restaurant through this program, you may enjoy up to a 50% discount. Each option has a link to user feedback on the TripAdvisor site and the restaurant’s menu to make sure you have the best choice.

8. Spotted by Locals
The “Spotted By Locals” program, which can be translated as “local spy”, is a good option for those who like to explore places beyond the main tourist attractions of cities. Of course, this application is not limited to the city of Paris and is not free; But it is worth paying a few dollars for honest advice from Parisian journalists who really value their audience and provide useful information.

9. Tracker of historical monuments
Some of the most beautiful historical monuments in the world are located in Paris and it seems difficult to follow all these cases and their importance. So it might be a good idea to download the Monument Tracker and Paris City Guide app, which includes a brief and helpful description of each of these attractions. This application also includes a question and test contest, which is a fun way to get to know the city better in addition to learning about different activities and prices. Of course, remember to turn off the detector when you’re done so it doesn’t run out of battery power.

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