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Paris Tour


Paris Tour

Paris Tour – Paris has many architectural, historical, and cultural attractions to see, but if tourists only have 24 hours to visit the French capital, their options are limited to the best attractions. You will need more than a day to visit it. But if for any reason you only have 24 hours on your first trip to Paris, you will be looking to make your day as memorable as possible. For this reason, tourists should avoid going to the main attractions of Paris on a busy day. They need to consider how they can have a sensible 24-hour itinerary that is both flexible and manageable. This article will show you some of the most amazing and historic places in Paris and introduce you to the diversity of this city. In addition, reading this article will help you plan your 24-hour trip to Paris without stress. To get the most out of this trip without the need for a guide and make sure you have no trouble finding your destinations, get a good map of the city or install Paris-specific apps on your mobile phones. In addition, get a daily subway ticket to make sure you no longer need to buy tickets along the way. You can also use these tickets to get on city buses.

Step One: Notre Dame Church and Latin Quarter
Start your day very early and before 9 am. After a few delicious croissants or chocolate bread from the nearest local bakeries, start your hectic trip to Paris by going to Notre Dame Cathedral early in the morning. This church is one of the most amazing Gothic churches in the world with detailed details. When you leave for Notre Dame early in the morning, there are no longer long queues; Especially if you want to go behind the church and look up at the Paris skyline and admire Notre Dame sculptures with animal-like bodies and human-shaped faces. Make sure you take some time in the spring and early summer. Spend lush trees and beautiful flowers in the back gardens of the church. The view of the church from inside these gardens is very spectacular and allows us to see the sloping arches and support of Notre Dame in fine detail.

Garibaldi Square Nice

Go to the Latin Quarter – Paris Tour
Once you have seen all the beauty of Notre Dame, it is time to cross the Seine with the help of St Michel and head west to Notre Dame’s church and the historic Latin Quarter of Paris. After crossing the bridge, you will find yourself in a neighborhood called St. Michel with its famous fountain. This fountain depicts Saint Michel with two dragons in the water of the pond. St. Michel has been the center of scientific and intellectual exploration for centuries, as the medieval Sorbonne University is located here. From here, you can explore some of the attractions of this neighborhood, such as Sorbonne University and its beautiful and lush square, and then go to the Shakespeare Bookstore. At the end of this step, you have to go back to Notre Dame Church.

Paris Tour

Step 2: Travel by boat along the Seine River
After exploring the Latin Quarter and the Saint-Michel area, continue your way to the port of Montebello in front of Notre Dame Church on the south bank of the Seine. You can take a yacht at this pier from late March to November and watch the city from the water for an hour. On this tour, you will see some of the most beautiful and important buildings in the French capital and you will be informed about the historical events of this city.

Alternative program – Paris Tour
If you plan to visit Paris between November and early March, go straight to the Eiffel Tower via the Saint-Michel metro station on line C. From there, you can always choose the Seine River water tours for the rest of your day. Many tour companies offer hourly water tours in the Eiffel Tower area. Spend some time on lunch. It does not matter if you have just returned from an Eiffel Tower tour or are returning to Notre Dame Church; You can find plenty of cafes and food stalls in both areas. If you want to make the most of the rest of your day, get something to eat at one of the stalls around. If you prefer to have your lunch in a sitting position, go to one of the nearby cafes for a cheap lunch.

Step 3: The Eiffel Tower and its suburbs
After lunch, head to the most famous symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower. The tower, which attracts millions of people every year, is worth a visit. But if you are afraid of heights, you do not have to climb them. Walking around the Eiffel Tower, such as the Trocadero or the Champs de Mars, will leave you with many fond memories. Note that during the busiest seasons of the year, visitors have to stand in line at the Eiffel Tower for hours. When you are in this area, be sure to use special maps or applications to avoid confusion.

Nearest Metro Station: Trocadero on Line 6 and Army University (Ecole Militaire) on Line 8

Paris Tour

Step 4: Champs Elysees or the Orsay Museum and Tuileries Gardens – Paris Tour
To make your itinerary a little more flexible, this time we will introduce two options in Paris; The first option is to walk and shop around the Champs Elysees. Take the metro or bus from the Eiffel Tower area and get off at a station on the famous Champs Elysees; There is now a large array of luxury shops, famous nightclubs, and Parisian theaters in front of you. ) Near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Take some time to visit the luxury shops, buy macaroni and tea from the famous Laduree store and see Paris from Napoleon’s point of view, by visiting the Arc de Triomphe.

The next option is to visit the Orsay Museum’s amazing art collection. If you are not very interested in shopping and glamor and you are more interested in culture and art, take the subway or bus from the area around the Eiffel Tower to the east and to the Orsay Museum (Solferino Metro Station or Orsay Museum). A collection of Impressionist and Expressionist painters and sculptors such as Claude Monet, Edward Manet, Paul Gauguin, and Edgar Degas awaits you at the museum. Take it to the Tuileries Gardens next to the Louvre. These gardens used to be royal gardens when the king’s palace was located in the Louvre. In these gardens, admire the ponds and the classic floral designs, and relax by sitting on one of its benches. You will not have enough time to visit the Louvre Museum, but you can admire its huge exterior from here.

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