Park Mushrif Central Abu Dhabi

Park Mushrif Central Abu Dhabi


Park Mushrif Central Abu Dhabi

Park Mushrif Central Abu Dhabi – One of the attractions of Abu Dhabi and Dubai is Musharraf Abu Dhabi Park, which we will cover more in Shidagasht magazine and tell you about the attractions inside this park. The space of this new public park is very large and about 14.5 hectares, and you can do many of the educational and recreational activities that we introduce to you in this article. We also provide an overview of the various social activities carried out in Musharraf Central Park in Abu Dhabi. Undoubtedly, not only the residents of Abu Dhabi but also all tourists will enjoy this central park. Because you can do activities such as games, rest, walking, exercise, eating and drinking, great entertainment and even training sessions.

The Shade House and The Botanic Garden
The metal structure of this part of your park overlooking Abu Dhabi is visible from afar and attracts attention. Because it is both large and has dazzling and special lighting at night. The Botanical Garden is home to a variety of plants that remind most tourists of the legendary gardens in the Gulf of Singapore. The Shadow House has two entrances and it does not matter from which entrance you enter this area, in any case, you will reach an area for rest. In this terrace-like place, you can see a beautiful view of the garden. There are 2 terraces in this garden that even parents can climb with their stroller and enjoy the view from above. Because there is an elevator to go to the top. Next to the shadow house, you will find a botanical garden with a different atmosphere. This garden seems to be an oasis, with a rocky area, a natural swamp, many cocoa plants, and desert plants.

Animal Zoo
The new inhabitants of the park are the animals of a zoo. In this animal house, you can see a camel, a baby goat, and other animals. The zoo has promised special events for children and teenagers. Just be aware that after 11:30 a.m., children and toddlers can visit, and the early hours of the morning are for cleaning and feeding the animals.

The Wadi Water – Park Mushrif Central Abu Dhabi
This part of Abu Dhabi Musharraf Central Park is also one of the children’s favorite places and has received high marks from children. Children can play in the air in this wolf game environment. Hide behind cliffs or climb cliffs. In the middle of the water, a desert valley has been built with all the traditional means of desert people, such as the tents of nomads and desert tribes, which have provided an environment for rest. Go to Musharraf Park, go inside these tents, and not only get rid of tiredness but also get acquainted with the environment inside the tents.

Musharraf Central Park Amphitheater
At the entrance to Abu Dhabi Musharraf Central Park, you can see its amphitheater. This large building dedicated to indoor art can accommodate more than a thousand people. Activities such as cultural events, concerts, film screenings, theater screenings, etc. are held in this place. You will be completely influenced by the curved structure of the amphitheater and you can have the best view of this beautiful architectural structure from the top of the terraces of the shadow house.

Large lawn area of ​​the park complex – Park Mushrif Central Abu Dhabi
This part of the park is probably one of the areas that children enjoy the most; Because it is a big meadow where children can run, play, have fun, and fly their kites in the air. It is also surrounded by two large and different playgrounds. Especially in one of these playgrounds, you will see a large cube. Kids can climb this cube. The sports station is equipped with a variety of equipment and has a section for fun entertainment such as a field of mirrors, a field of music, and so on. Parents who want to relax a bit can choose one of the colorful cushions around the lawn, enjoy it and enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors; While the kids drain their energy in the game. You will also see picnic tables and benches around the park with trees planted next to them, with the trees casting a pleasant shadow on the tables. The park authorities have banned the bringing of personal picnic items to it. However, throughout the day (10 am to 10 pm) you can order a variety of drinks, food, and ice cream in this place.

Park Mushrif Central Abu Dhabi

Floating market
The park’s two long walkways are about 460 meters long, and wind you around the park, with large, mature palm trees planted on either side. In the middle of this passage, there is a blue stream wherein parts of the pond like it, you can see caper fish swimming. Fish that swim in the water will delight every child and adult.

Outdoor lawn
When entering the park, watch the family movie program that airs in this space. On some nights you can enjoy watching the best movies of the day in the world. In addition, on weekends, there are special hours for children and they are shown animated films of the day.

Park Mushrif Central Abu Dhabi

Garden of Wisdom

The Garden of Wisdom is located in the center of the park and is the entrance to the memorial of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President, and Founder of the United Arab Emirates. Vertical black and white granite panels with curves allow visitors to easily walk among them and discover the memorial center, palm trees, ponds, and iconic stones of celebrities. Take some time in this section and if you know Arabic, read the quotations of Sheikh Zayed on the tablets. These slabs are cleaned with public waterfalls that are poured on them. Many Islamic architectural elements have been used in the construction of this complex. The beautiful sound of waterfalls will caress your ears.

Saturday night market
For shopping lovers, there is a market in this park on Saturday afternoons. Early each week from 4 pm to 9 pm, many vendors open their stalls near the memorial garden to sell food, art, fashion, jewelry, home decor, vegetables, and organic fruits. Over the weekends, the friendly and intimate atmosphere created in this market with lanterns and lights hanging from trees and colorful tables and chairs creates a pleasant environment for Abu Dhabi overnight stays in the central park overlooking Abu Dhabi.

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