Pharmacy in Colombia

Pharmacy in Colombia


Pharmacy in Colombia

Pharmacy in Colombia – Studying pharmacy in Colombia is possible for foreign and international applicants who intend to study abroad. There are terms and conditions for continuing to study pharmacy in Colombia, which we will discuss below. Regarding Colombia, it can be said that this country is located in Latin America, the climate of this country is different in different regions and depending on the altitude and vegetation, the amount of rainfall and temperature varies. The people of this country are fluent in Spanish and speak conversationally. The currency of Colombia is the peso (COP).

Study of Pharmacy Education in Colombia
The role of pharmacists in the field of medicine is changing to meet the demands of society. Now maintain high standards of pharmacy. Pharmacy is one of the most popular fields of study in Colombia. The language of instruction at Columbia Universities is Spanish and in some universities, it is English, so a valid English or Spanish degree is required to study at Columbia Universities. In this country, the title of Pharmacist (Quimico Farmaceutico) will be awarded after spending 10 semesters of full-time education in one of the prestigious universities of this country. Academic and non-academic evaluate applicants, so you may be invited to participate in the interview. To receive admission from the universities of this country, you must have documents such as diplomas and transcripts, a certificate of financial ability, a scan of page 1 of the passport, a valid English TOEFL or IELTS certificate, or a valid Spanish DELE certificate and motivation letter in person to the university Send.

Pharmacy in Colombia

Introducing the University to study pharmacy in Colombia
Universities and higher education institutions in Colombia, like many countries in the world, are both public and private. As mentioned, to study pharmacy in Colombia, you need to first get admission to one of the universities in this country. To do this, students must know the prestigious medical universities in Colombia. Reputable medical universities in Colombia include:

University of Los Angeles
Vale University
Columbia Catholic University
Columbia National University

Study visa and study pharmacy in Colombia
Foreign students wishing to continue their studies in Colombia must obtain a student visa. For this purpose, the applicant must, after obtaining admission from the university in question, prepare the following documents and be interviewed at the embassy or consulate at the appointed time. Colombia must apply for a student visa.

Receive the student visa form and complete it
Valid passport with at least 12 months of validity
2 new passport photos with white background
Pay for a student visa and provide a receipt
Provide receipts from booking round trip tickets to Colombia
Certificate of admission from the university
Certificate of no malpractice confirmed
Certified medical records
Certificate of financial ability
Travel insurance
Valid language certificate

Working while studying in Colombia
Individuals intending to reside in Colombia after graduating with a degree in pharmacy can convert their student visa into a work visa. A person can obtain permanent residency and then citizenship in Colombia by starting work, paying taxes, and complying with the laws. Applicants intending to work in Colombia often ask the question what is the salary of pharmacists in Colombia? Salary varies according to work experience and skill, the minimum salary for applicants with 1 to 3 years of experience is 33411476 COP (Peso Colombia), and minimum-salary for applicants with 8 years or more 61937079 is the COP (Colombian Peso)

Pharmacy in Colombia

Studying pharmacy in Colombia in 2021 is one of the best options for those who want to study this field. The translation team of Soroush Saadat Ambassadors Law Firm has prepared this article about studying pharmacy in Colombia and the different courses offered in this field. With crowded cities, lush rainforests, and world-class beaches, there are always reasons to come. There is Colombia. Students can enjoy nature, nightlife, and culture while studying in this vibrant country. And experience it. This country is perfect for students to explore the rest of Latin America in their spare time. Colombia is a country known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and world-class coffee. It attracts a lot of international students. Universities in this country also offer world-class higher education in a diverse and culturally diverse country.

Colombia educational structure
The country’s education system includes kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and other educational facilities. It offers training in the industry, internal sciences, veterinary sciences, business, nursing, theology, and the arts. Most of the country’s universities are located in the capital. However, there are colleges in other major cities such as Medellin, Barankila, Cartagena, Popayan, and Cali. Public higher education institutions in Bogota include the Columbia National University, the Francisco District University of Jose de Caldas, and the National University of Education, and major private schools there include the University Foundation, and the Pontifical University of Javier, and the Andean University.

Top Colombian Universities
It is the second-most populous country in South America after Brazil and its economy is growing. More than 40 of its universities are ranked in Latin America. Its most ornate higher education institution is undoubtedly the Andean University in Bogota, the capital, but Columbia National University, the University of Antioch, located mainly in Medellin, the second-largest city, and Papisi Javier University, which has a campus. Bogota and Cali also perform well in international rankings. Colombia has beautiful scenery with a gateway to the Andes and the Amazon. With a multicultural pride, Bogota is a combination of European architecture and the New World. Even its oldest colonial street, Medellin, has undergone a fundamental transformation since the 1990s drug war, and there is considerable investment in much more affluent urban development.

Columbia Bachelor 

Study Pharmacy in Colombia Undergraduate
Studying pharmacy in Colombia at the undergraduate level provides a multidisciplinary education for future pharmacists. It responds to the demands of the community and is well integrated into the public health system. A good pharmacist can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life not only through medication attention and supervision but also in the field of public health. It is essential for achieving the sustainability of the national health system. Students in this degree will have work experience from the first year of study as well as in pharmacies, companies, and hospitals in university laboratories. To become a pharmacist, students must know the therapeutic roles of drugs, pharmacodynamics, side effects Acquire side-by-side potential interactions between drugs, drug production standards, and distribution. In addition, a pharmacist should be able to easily provide this knowledge to patients. The universities that offer undergraduate pharmacy in this country are:

University of Tolima
University of Antioch
University of Caldas
University of Lanos
University of Atlantico
University of Cartagena
Valle del Cauca Central University

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