Popular English Tea

Popular English Tea


Popular English Tea

Popular English Tea – Tea, one of Britain’s most popular beverages, has not long been attributed to Britain. Although tea drinking began in China in the third millennium BC, it did not reach England until the mid-17th century. Tea spread slowly to Asian countries and reached Venice in Europe in 1560, although Portuguese merchant ships may have established contact with China in early 1515. However, Popular English Tea is one of the most popular teas in the world today. Stay with us.

English tea
It is interesting to know that it was the London cafes that first introduced tea to the UK. One of the most famous tea merchants was Thomas Garvey, who owned a café on Exchange Alley in London. He has been brewing tea since 1657 and offering dry tea to customers. Three years later he launched an advertisement for the sale of tea among the people. The text of the ad was: Fill your body with energy and stay old.

Since then, tea has become very popular among cafes, and many stores have made it available for people to buy. This upset other classes because tea reduced sales of other beverages and posed a threat to the government; Because they did not tax tea. By 1750, tea had become the favorite drink of the lower classes in England.

Tea tax
Charles II tried his best to stop the growth of tea by setting strict rules. This was designed to counteract the growth of tea, but it was so unusual that it became impossible to implement. It then became law that cafes must be licensed to sell or sell tea.

Popular English Tea

This was only part of the government’s attempt to control or reduce the popularity of tea in Britain. By the mid-eighteenth century, the tea tax had risen to 119 percent. This heavy tax created a whole new industry, which was tea smuggling.

Smuggled tea
Ships from the Netherlands and Scandinavia came to the British shores and waited for the smugglers to load the valuable tea on the shores. Smugglers, usually fishermen, took tea from underground corridors to secret warehouses. One of these special warehouses was hidden in one of the famous buildings of that time. However, even smuggling tea was expensive, but because of the high profits, the smugglers decided to mix tea with other ingredients such as fruit, currants, licorice, and prunes. The used tea leaves were also dried again and mixed with fresh leaves.

Finally, in 1784, William Pete reduced Malian from 119% to 12.5%, ending the work of smugglers. Of course, the fraud in the tea industry remained until it was stopped due to the heavy fines imposed on it.

Tea Clipper Boats
In the late 1800s, ships carrying tea from the Far East to Britain could take more than a year to deliver their valuable cargo. When the East India Company acquired a monopoly on the tea trade in 1832, it realized the need to reduce travel time. The Americans designed the first “clippers”, yacht-like ships, but the British took the most advantage of it. Scattered across 18 oceans, the clippers transported tea as fast as a modern ship.

The speed of these clippers became so popular that an annual competition was held between the clippers from the Canton River to the London Dock. The first ship to arrive to unload its cargo won a valuable prize for its captain and crew. The most famous ship was the Katie Sark Clipper, built-in 1868. The ship only carried tea eight times, but that amount was very significant for that time. Katie Sark is now on display at the Greenwich Gallery.

British tea customs
Evening tea is said to have been first made by a man named Anna, the seventh lady of the Duke of Bedford. In the early 1800s, he came up with the idea of ​​having tea with his family between dinner and lunch and in the afternoon. The custom soon became popular in the working class because they did not eat much after lunch, and it gradually became a common culture throughout Britain.

Tea shops
The roots of Popular English Tea shops, which are very popular today, go back to one person. In 1864, the director of the Bread Company began offering tea and food to his customers. The reception, of course, was only for specific customers, after which other people quickly requested the same from the store. The concept of the tea shop sounded like a bomb all over Britain and became very popular among women. Because they could communicate with their friends in a quiet environment without being disturbed.

Tea and pottery
You may be wondering if Popular English Tea is related to the growth of the pottery industry in the UK? The answer is simple. Tea has traditionally been drunk in cups without handles in China. When tea became popular in England, people needed cups with handles to adapt the tea to their traditions.

English tea dishes
This led to the rapid growth of the pottery and porcelain industry, and companies such as Wedgewood, Spade, and Royal Dalton benefited greatly.

Popular English Tea

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