Population of Oman

Population of Oman


Population of Oman

The population of Oman Some people who are citizens of developing countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, etc. may want to earn a better income by working in a country that is close to their homeland. These people also choose Oman, students of Arabic-speaking countries such as Morocco, Kuwait, Iraq, etc., who are interested in living in a foreign country. Oman’s population and cost of living in this country, Oman’s unemployment statistics in recent years, etc. are among the issues that are of interest to many people.

Familiarity with the geography and population of Oman
Oman, formally known as the Kingdom of Oman, is an Arab developing country located in the Middle East. The population Oman is about 5 million people, most of whom live in Muscat, the capital and largest city of Oman because the job opportunities in this city are better and the universities with better rankings are located there.

Existing economic conditions for the population of Oman
Oman’s economic laws explicitly state that the country attaches great importance to a free economy, but it should not be overlooked that foreign investment in Oman, like the United Arab Emirates, is a bit risky, especially for non-Arab nations. Courts often take the side of the person to whom they belong. However, Oman’s oil resources and bright future have prompted many foreigners to invest in the country, and the chart below shows the amount of investment by different countries in Oman:

Percentage of foreign investment in Oman
Although Oman has a variety of products, its economy still relies on oil exports; Exactly 80% of the country’s exports are oil. Tourism is also one of the sectors of Oman’s economy that has grown rapidly over the last decade, and in addition, Oman is also active in the production of agricultural and industrial products. Of course, the Omani government spends most of its revenue on military equipment, spending only about 7% on education and about 5% on public health; While Western countries such as Austria, in addition to not having a one-dimensional economy, spend most of their income on promoting social welfare and improving the educational and health facilities of the people.

Population of Oman

Work for the Omani population and foreigners
Although obtaining a work visa in Oman is not at all comparable to obtaining a work visa in Australia, Germany, Canada, Austria, etc., it will be explained, since some people may intend to obtain a residence permit in Oman. To work in Oman, one must be fluent in Arabic, or have a job offer from an employer in Oman from the beginning, and obtain a work visa directly, or study in Oman at a university in Oman, Finally, after graduation, find a job and turn your student visa into a work visa. The following table shows the unemployment statistics in Oman for several years:

Unemployment rate year
2017 9.61
2018 9.21
2019 8.39
2020 8.22

Population of Oman
The average income of the population Oman
How much income each person, whether Omani or foreign national, has depends on various factors such as education, age, work experience, etc. Although having a university education, especially in the top universities of Oman, which will be introduced in the following article. Significantly increases the chances of finding a job. However, the lowest monthly income in Oman is 240OMR (Omani Rials) and the highest monthly income is 7900OMR (Omani Rials), ie the average monthly income in this country is about 4800OMR (Omani Rials).

The highest paid jobs in Oman
As mentioned earlier, one of the factors determining the amount of income of each person in 2020 is his field of expertise, so a number of high-paying jobs in Oman are introduced below:

Digital Marketing Specialist with $ 4088 Monthly (US Dollars)
Bank Manager with $ 3769 monthly (US dollars)
Sales Manager with $ 3716 per month (US dollars)
Accountant with more than 5 years experience with monthly $ 3263 (US dollars)
The highest paid jobs in Oman
Education of the people of Oman
It should not be overlooked that not only is the education system in Oman not free, unlike in Norway and some other European countries, but in some Oman universities, the tuition fees are even higher than the tuition fees of European universities. That is why the number of international students in this country is small, and those who want to have a cheap education and life in Asia often choose Turkey. Among the people of Oman themselves, according to available statistics, about 38.04% of the population has a university education. The following are some of the best universities in Oman:

Sultan Qaboos University of Oman
German Gutech University located in Oman
Sohar University of Oman
Niigata University of Technology
Comparing the cost of living in Oman and Turkey

As mentioned above, for various reasons, including the low tuition fees of universities in Turkey, the majority of people seeking to study at a low cost choose Turkey more from among West Asian countries. It should be noted that in addition to the low tuition fees of Turkish universities, living in this country is also less expensive; The average cost of living in Turkey is between $ 250 and $ 350 (US dollars) per person while living in Oman costs between $ 450 and $ 600 (US dollars) per month. For a more accurate calculation of those who hesitated between choosing Turkey and Oman, the following is a table of prices for different items in these two countries:

Items Turkey (US Dollar) Oman (US Dollar)
Cheap restaurant meal 3.73 5.45
Meal at McDonald’s Branches 3.58 6.49
Bottle of mineral water 0.21 0.31
One liter bottle of milk 0.68 1.67
500 g bread mold 0.38 1.13
One kg of rice 1.34 1.92
One kg of chicken fillet 3.15 5.51
One kg of apples 0.74 2.32
One way ticket for public transport 0.48 1.30
Monthly ticket for public transport 29.86 38.94
Monthly rent of one-bedroom apartment 213.60 566.73
Monthly rent of a three-bedroom apartment 370.68 1061.49
In the above article, information was provided about Oman, its top universities, the middle income of the people, and so on. Although Oman is a developing country, obtaining residency will not be an advantage, and it is better for people seeking residency in a foreign country to move to a country where there are welfare standards or, if not, the minimum cost of living in It should below.

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