Port of Oman

Port of Oman


Port of Oman

Port of Oman – Oman is the capital of Muscat and covers an area of 309,000 square kilometers. It has 1,700 kilometers of coastline overlooking the 3 Seas, the Sea of Oman, and the Arabian Sea, and borders the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. It has a warm climate. It is arid and desert (except for the rainy season in the south) and its currency is the rial (each rial is approximately 2.6 times the dollar). It has a population of 4.6 million (local and immigrant) and the official language is Arabic. The political system of that kingdom is the reign of Haitham bin Tariq. Politically, it has friendly relations with the countries of the world and is known as the most peace-loving country in the world.

Important ports of Oman
Two mountain ranges overlook the Khasibi Bay in the western part of Oman, each of which is more than 2,500 feet high. The water depth in most parts is more than fifteen meters, which in the coastal part reaches more than 9 meters. In fact, this bay is one of the natural ports of the region. The second most important bay is located in the eastern part of the Alps, with a span of three miles and a length of 9 miles inland. The water depth is from 27 meters to 33 meters and it is possible that this bay will become an anchor and port for a large fleet in the future.
Ports of Oman

Port of Oman

Qaboos Port – Currently the most important and equipped port in Oman, which is also relatively modern and was built near Muscat during the reign of Sultan Qaboos and is used with full equipment.
Khasab Port – on the Musandam Peninsula, which has become very important due to the presence of the Oman Navy in this area.
Bandar Sohar – is located in Bateneh province.
Prominent Port – Located four kilometers northwest of Muscat and is one of the most important ports in Oman. Due to the convenient location of this port, it is a suitable place for mooring ocean-going ships.
Mina Al-Fahl Port, which is transported to this port by the crude oil pipelines from the interior of Oman and is exported through this route.
The port of Tire is located 85 miles southeast of Muscat and is mostly fishing.
Marist Port – This port is for oil tanker cargo and is located near Yemen.
Law Port – Located in the north of the country. Other ports of Oman are Salalah port, Savadmi port, Maragheh port, Khaboura port, and Saham port.

Oman from an economic point of view
Given the historical background and culture of peace in Oman, economic stability is also one of the factors influencing this policy. Although the country’s revenue is heavily dependent on the oil economy, the Omani government has launched many long-term programs aimed at reducing the budget’s dependence on oil and encouraging foreign investors to diversify their portfolios in sectors other than oil and gas. In this context, the government of Oman has provided considerable incentives, the most important of which are tax exemptions, long-term low-interest loans than other Gulf countries, the possibility of land ownership to foreigners, reducing energy costs and He noted the acceleration of the visa process.

The most important government incentives for foreign investors include the following:

Full insurance coverage
Possibility of 100% ownership of foreign investors
Exemption from personal income tax
Providing loans and bank facilities with low-interest rates
Provide customs exemption for investors who intend to import industrial or production equipment
Provide tax exemption on factories and companies set up in Oman in the first 10 years of operation
Oman is a safe country for investment and investors can use this opportunity to expand their exports not only to Oman but also to other countries as well as Africa (which has a long cultural history with Oman) as a bridge of friendship and economy. To use.

Oman’s infrastructure industries include: ‌‌ Oil, gas, mining, industrial production, agriculture, fisheries and tourism

The important ports of Oman are: Khasab, Sohar, Qaboos, Daqam, Salalah, Shinas, Mina Al-Fahl

Important free trade zones are: Salalah, Al-Mazyouna, Daqam, Sohar

The beautiful port of Oman
One of the most important ports in Oman, which is located in Muscat province and in the southern part of the coast of the northern province of Batanes, which is located between the Stone Mountain of the Gulf of Oman. These mountains cover this port like a stone wall all around, so you can go behind these mountains through some distances and visit. Muscat is one of the oldest cities in Oman, where all government institutions They are located in this section. There are ships in this port that you can use and witness these beautiful landscapes up close.

Port of Oman

Muscat Port – Port of Oman
The port of Muscat is in the shape of a circular bay surrounded by dry mountains without any vegetation with large and shiny rocks. Although these mountains surround the port like a circular stone wall, they are often separated and through their distances, one can reach the back of the mountains. Muscat and its subordinate parts form the heart of Oman. All the major government institutions are located in this city. Muscat is one of the oldest cities in Oman. In ancient times, Oman was called the Kingdom of Muscat and Oman. Above the mountains of the city, there are several historical castles, the most famous of which are Mirani Castle and Jalali Castle. He named the Al-Zubair House Museum and the Omani Banknote and Coin Museum. The occupations of the people of Muscat are trade, commerce, and fishing. Crafts such as goldsmithing, silversmithing, and handicrafts of Muscat are famous. Omani (Muscat) halva is also very common in this region. Fishing is also seen along the coast of this city and all the coastal people are fishing. Muscat province is located in the beautiful country of Oman in the southern part of the coast of the northern province of Batna, between the Gulf of Oman and the Eastern Stone Mountain, and is one of the most important ports of Oman and perhaps one of the most interesting ports in the world.

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