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Shinas Oman


Shinas Oman

Shinas Oman – Oman is one of the most important countries for studying with a desirable and appropriate educational system along with affordable education and living costs. Shinas College of Technology in Oman is one of the quality colleges in Oman that offers various programs to students under the auspices of the government and also welcomes foreign students. This college, which is located in the northern part of Velayat Shenas, is named after him.

History of Shinas College of Technology in Oman
Shinas College of Technology in Oman is located in the province of Batinah, about 69 km from the city of Sohar, in the Sultanate of Oman. This college is one of the seven colleges of technology in Oman under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy of Oman. Shinas College of Technology in Oman is a government institution run by Dean College and the College Council with the assistance of the Vice-Presidents and Heads of University Departments and Centers as its members. This state college was established with the aim of meeting the educational needs of Omani youth by offering its programs in the fields of engineering and information technology. The institute was established in December 2005. Since then, it has grown rapidly and offers programs tailored to market needs. The college started with 196 students and now has more than 3,000 students in various departments.

Shinas Oman

About Shinas College of Technology in Oman
Shinas College of Technology in Oman has started working to achieve its mission with the values ​​of professionalism, the pursuit of knowledge and excellence, participation and cooperation, and with the slogan of where technology was invented. The college was established with the vision of being at the forefront of higher education institutions in technology education at the national and regional levels. It also calls for providing high-quality learning, teaching, and research environment to develop the innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities of technology to meet the needs of society and to develop social and economic growth. The programs offered at this college lead to Diplomas, advanced diplomas, and bachelor’s degrees in engineering, information technology, and business studies. Graduates of this college take their courses with the feature of effective learning along with high innovation and responsibility and teamwork.

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Established 2005
Type of public university
Number of students
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Shinas College of Technology – Shinas Oman
Shinas College of Technology in Oman has four university departments, including the Engineering Center, the Information Technology Center (math and IT courses), the Information Technology Center, and the English Language Center (all English language courses in various programs). The engineering, IT, and business departments are responsible for grassroots programs. This college has a total area of ​​120,000 square meters. There are 6 blocks in the college which include the main block, engineering, workshop, language center, and two separate blocks. The main section includes administrative, student affairs, information technology, and business studies in the staff of the technology center, laboratories and computer classes, canteens, clinics, and libraries. The engineering department includes the engineering department, multi-purpose hall, assembly hall, and engineering laboratories. Each block has 10 classrooms that offer different programs depending on the needs of the college.

Shinas College of Technology in Oman – Shinas Oman
The study programs offered at Shinas College of Technology in Oman in diploma, advanced diploma, and bachelor’s degrees are offered in English and Arabic, and students can be admitted to these programs by paying the tuition fee in Oman and providing the required conditions. . The college’s programs are offered in three academic departments: Engineering, Information Technology, and Business Studies. Engineering Group offers 3 programs that include mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering up to the bachelor’s degree. The IT department offers expertise in the fields of database, Internet and electronic security, networking, and software up to the bachelor level. Business Studies offers 3 programs that offer currently undergraduate accounting and human resources majors. Marketing is advanced to the diploma level. Also, the credit-based system is followed in the specialties after the basic level.

Studied at Shinas College of Technology
The degree programs offered at this college are designed to implement theoretical programs through intensive laboratory work. In addition, the college has designed mandatory on-the-job training in the private sector to provide students with real-world experience in the workplace. The college’s curriculum also gives students the opportunity to develop their management and leadership skills, as well as their ability to think and come up with ideas. Education is also provided through comprehensive programs in which courses and workshops are held at all stages of knowledge. The college also works with the private sector to address challenges in the workplace and also offers specialized workshops. Students can apply for a visa by applying to Shinas College of Technology to immigrate to Oman. Oman education to take action.

Shinas Oman

Oman public schools and the goals of its educational system
In recent years, the Ministry of Education of Oman, in cooperation with international research institutes, has conducted numerous studies and experiments to examine the functioning of the country’s education system. As a result of these studies, it was found that the educational system of this country is in a very good position and has undergone a significant growth path. Education in Oman is aimed at increasing the level of culture of the citizens and at the same time responds to the economic and social needs of the people. Also, education in public, private and international schools of Oman is done in order to increase the level of knowledge and science, as well as to cultivate the spirit of research and teamwork in students. The overall goal of the country’s education system is to nurture a generation that is morally and physically strong and proud of its cultural and national identity.

Comparison of public, private, and international schools in Oman
In addition to public schools, there are also international and private schools in Oman. Private schools in Oman are under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and are divided into several categories; Monolingual, bilingual and international schools. Educational programs in Oman International Schools are based on international standards of education, and generally, foreigners tend to study in these types of schools. Some private bilingual schools offer instruction in both Arabic and English and include international school students from a variety of countries, including France, India, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom. It is worth mentioning that the cost of studying in Oman International Schools is high.

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