Shopping Helsinki

Shopping Helsinki


Shopping Helsinki

Shopping Helsinki – If you are familiar with the best shopping malls in your destination country or city, you no longer need to spend most of your time searching to find famous shopping malls. If you travel to Helsinki, be sure to get to know the city’s shopping malls. Finland has about 30 shopping malls, more than half of which range from downtown shopping malls to shops in historic buildings, shops, food courts, and other attractions. For visitors, they are located around Helsinki. In the following, we will introduce you to some of Helsinki’s shopping centers.

For lovers of prominent brands – Shopping Helsinki
If you are traveling and you think you can spend a few euros more and you are also interested in the world of fashion, clothing and famous brands, Galleria Esplanad is the place to go. The mall is located in the Helsinki fashion district and houses a large collection of international brands such as the Swedish jewelry brand Efva Attling, Furla, and the Finnish brand Marimekko.

Comp, the best shopping mall in Helsinki
Kamppi Shopping Mall opened in 2005. The four-story building project was the largest construction site in Finnish history. Kemp Shopping Center is located in central Helsinki and has a local bus terminal, Kemp metro station, modern offices, residential apartments, and more than one hundred shops and forty cafes and restaurants. After shopping, you can go to Pobre Restaurant and try Filipino cuisine. You can also go to Sandro Restaurant and enjoy the taste of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Shopping near tourist attractions
Kluuvi Shopping Mall is located near some of Helsinki’s most popular tourist attractions, such as the Senate Square, the Helsinki Cathedral, the University of Helsinki, and Finland’s National Library. Opened in 1989, the mall has more than 40 shops ranging from sportswear boutiques to the New Lexington Concept Store and well-known brands such as Michael Kors, the Swedish brand Tiger, and Desigual. (Desigual). In this shopping center you can find 11 restaurants and cafes; For example, you can visit the local Belgian restaurant or drink the famous Finnish coffee called Pauling in the Kulma cafe.

Itaxcus Shopping Center
Itäkeskus Shopping Mall is located in East Helsinki and is easily accessible from the city center. Metros run to the Central Station or Shopping Mall every few minutes, and you can use them to get around. Ithaca, which locals call Itis, has a central boulevard covered with a glass roof. The mall has 150 boutiques that also feature products from international brands such as H&M, Din Sko, Vero Moda, and Zara.

Date and purchase at Stockman
Stockmann is more of a department store than a shopping mall, but it could be one of the best shopping malls in Helsinki because it has played an important role in the history of shopping in Finland. The store opened in 1930. Built-in the style of Nordic Art Deco architecture, Stockman is the largest store in the Nordic countries. The Stockman store has more than 150 boutiques and cafes, including well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Armani, and a Moomin Cafe on the fifth floor.

Shopping Helsinki

Shopping next to a beautiful view
The Sokos store opened its doors to the public in 1952, at the same time as the Helsinki Olympics. The store has five floors, the last floor of which is dedicated to the Sokos Hotel and its rooftop restaurant, which offers a spectacular view.

Believer trolls
The main protagonists of the legendary Finnish folklore – the Moomin trolls – are the characters in the books by Tove Jansson, which became very popular in Finland and Sweden in the last century. In appearance, they resemble animals or trolls: white, round, with large snouts, and resembling a hippopotamus or hippo. In his books, Johnson tells of the whole family of believers (Mominpapa, Mominemama, and Momintrol), who live in their house in Nominal. But the character set is not very limited to the Momen family, there are also monomeric, sniff, and various monsters. Moomin-dol became the prototype of the children’s theme park of the same name, which opened near the city of Turku. In stores, you can find many items with the image of Moomin trolls: toys, dishes, clothes, magnets, playing cards, and more. Such souvenirs will be a pleasant gift not only for children but also for adults.

Helsinki souvenirs

Coxsackie – Shopping Helsinki
An important item for any Finn is a wooden cup called a coxa. This bracelet is made of a hook (neck scarf on a birch trunk), so the glass is very light. To carry the coke, the Finns have long made two holes in the handle through which they thread a string and tie it to the belt. The presence of Coxa in Finland is a sign that he remembers his origin and has not been separated from his roots. You can drink hot tea and coffee from a real coke. He is taken for hunting, fishing, and in the forest to collect berries. The Finns believe that coxa brings good luck, so washing that chance, or rather washing it with soap, is strictly forbidden: after use, you only have to wash it with clean water. You can buy coca at a souvenir shop but be prepared for at least 30-50 euros.

The most famous Finnish brand after Nokia is Marimekko. The company specializes in creating designer items. In her shops, you can buy everything you want: from accessories, bags, and napkins to shoes and clothes. In Finland, it is said that Finn is bad if he has nothing from Marimekko. Many people still wonder how such a vibrant brand can appear in cold Finland. A collection of warm and positive clothes with beautiful floral prints (the main feature of the company is the use of poppies) More than 50 years ago, when it was first shown by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, it excited the harsh Finnish community. Since then, the company has experienced increasing and growing popularity, the brand is now recognizable worldwide. There are about 10 Marimekko boutiques in Helsinki, including the Stockmann Mall.

Shopping Helsinki

Licorice and Salmiaki
Walking to the supermarket in the pastry section, you may encounter incomprehensible packages of black candy. Here is one of the most delicious Finnish dishes – licorice. Although not originally from Finland (in Finland, licorice candy appeared in the 1920s), it is the Finns who are leading the way. In addition to the unusual color, this sweet is distinguished from the rest by its special taste. Finns like to say that licorice can be liked very much or, conversely, there is no third way. You have a great opportunity to evaluate which group of people you belong to. Licorice candy is made from the plant and the root of the medicinal plant licorice. They are said to help the cough, boost immunity, stabilize blood pressure and protect teeth against tooth decay. In addition to licorice, Salmiaki is also sold in Finland. The difference between them and licorice is that they are produced artificially. But they are very similar in taste and color. You can buy a package of sweets in any booth or shop at a very reasonable price of 2-3 euros.

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