Shopping in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai


Shopping in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai – Dubai can be considered the most important city for shopping in the Middle East. Because there are about 70 shopping malls in Dubai, including the largest shopping mall in the world, Dubai Mall. As a result, you have a lot of options to buy. If you are looking to buy from the most famous brands in the world of luxury shopping malls, this is the place for you. Even if you want to shop in traditional markets or night markets, we can still offer Dubai as your travel destination.

Hours of shopping malls
Most shopping malls and markets in Dubai are open from 10 am to 10 pm. In the meantime, if you are still eager to shop and you are worried about the time, you can go shopping in Dubai at shopping malls and markets that are open until 12 pm. Before choosing a mall on your trip to Dubai, make sure it is open. For example, some shopping malls in Dubai open on Fridays from 2 pm, and if you go to this place earlier, you will definitely close the door! Fridays are Muslim holidays and everyone attends congregational prayers. Most shops outside shopping malls or shops and stalls in traditional markets are all closed for lunch and rest around noon. These shops reopen around 5 p.m. This keeps people away even from the hot heat of noon. So even though the opening hours of the markets are announced as one and the same, if you are in a traditional market, try to consider the above.

Dubai Shopping Malls
Shopping at night in Dubai is more to the taste of tourists. Because the weather has cooled. Locals have also come out and the markets and streets have become crowded. If you are not a shopaholic in Dubai, you can take advantage of this to explore the people and learn more about their culture. In the malls, you can see Arab men and women wearing their traditional clothes and shopping or eating.

Keep in mind that for about half of the year in Dubai, the average temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. As a result, shopping malls can be considered a paradise in this weather. Even if you do not plan to shop in Dubai, stay in Dubai shopping malls with your friends. Go to the cinema to see movies or simply order coffee in coffee shops. Meanwhile, the UAE Mall is the most visited shopping mall in Dubai. Marble flooring and arched glass ceiling provide a bright and open view in a closed space with a balanced climate for you tourists. There are many shops here, including famous brands such as Ski Dubai. Dubai Ski is an indoor place for indoor skiing and, tourists can also buy or rent boots. There is also a 5-star hotel called the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates in Emirates Mall, which offers separate ski facilities for its guests.

Shopping in Dubai

Traditional Souks in Dubai is a traditional place to shop in the Middle East, including Dubai. These markets are very popular due to the beautiful climate along with brick buildings with traditional architecture and attractive colors. Many tourists travel to Dubai to see this wonder market and see a variety of cultures and goods from different countries here. Shopping in Dubai is traditionally possible in Deira and Bur Dubai, two neighborhoods separated by a creek and canal. From one neighborhood you can ride Abra. Abra is a small boat in Dubai that charges 1 dirham per person and takes you from one side of the creek to the other. If you are looking for a unique experience in the history and culture of Dubai, you can go to the gold markets (gold souk), spice market (spice souk), perfume market (perfume souk), and textile market (textile souk) Dubai. If you want a slightly more up-to-date market, go to Al Bahar, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, and Dubai Mall Souk.

Night markets and shops
Looking for shopping and walking in the busy streets at night? So you have to go to the traditional markets of Dubai. Because many shops are open until midnight and the streets are lit. Also, if you are looking for street food, you can find it here. We suggest Meena Bazaar in this regard. Various goods are sold in these markets. From kitchen utensils such as kettles and teapots and all kinds of cups to decorative goods such as all kinds of decorations and beautiful flooring, you can buy them here. Most tourists here are interested in Moroccan lanterns and candlesticks for shopping in Dubai. These items are great for souvenirs and at the same time expensive.

Dubai Shopping Festivals Dubai Shopping Festival

From January to February, that is, between January and late February, is the golden period of shopping in Dubai. The winter months in Dubai and the UAE, with an average temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius, are one of the best times to explore the city and shop in Dubai. In these cases, not only are there reasonable discounts on purchases, but you can also participate in various raffles with special prizes with each purchase. Many malls offer prizes such as the Porsche car for their lotteries. Night fireworks create romantic and entertaining scenes for you tourists and are sure to take advantage of the discounts of these festivals. Even if you have traveled to Dubai with your family, your children can enjoy the festivities and ceremonies for Children who are held on the streets, having fun and having fun. Lots of street entertainment along with attractive street food at cultural events. It is better to go to neighborhoods near Dubai Creek such as Heritage Village and Diving. Here you can find information about the history of pearls and divers. Children can also enjoy camel riding and theatrical performances here.

Shopping in Dubai

Travel and shopping in Dubai
The thing to keep in mind, in this case, is that this time, in fact, is the season of shopping in Dubai and traveling to Dubai. As a result, the price of hotel rooms will be much more expensive. So if you want to coordinate your travel time with Dubai shopping festivals, it is better to plan your trip to Dubai in advance and book your hotel in the months before the trip. However, if you are late You have no time to book a room or buy a plane ticket, you can postpone your trip to the summer and during the summer festivals in Dubai. In summer, it is held almost like a winter festival. One of the advantages of summer shopping in Dubai is the lower price of hotel rooms, but you have to tolerate the heat.

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