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Silmo Paris


Silmo Paris

Silmo Paris – The Silmoparis Exhibition is one of the largest events in the field of spectacles and optometry accessories, which is held in France. This exhibition will be fifty years old in 2017. The Silmo exhibition in Paris is one of the largest international exhibitions selling glasses and offers you a new experience of producing creative solutions. Silmo consists of a cohesive collection of 12 departments, 950 participants, and 1350 brands and is a world-leading exhibition. Silmo contributes significantly to the development of the entire eyewear industry. 74% of the participants are foreigners and only 26% are French. This exhibition has an area of ​​about 80,000 square meters. Silmo moved to a modern exhibition center near the airport in 2010 for easier access to Paris Nord Villepinte, and in 2017 the complex celebrates its 50th anniversary.

With this brilliant track record, the dynamism and maturity of this international event for the visual and eyewear industry can be realized. Silmo Paris was the first specialized exhibition in the field of optometry and glasses, which is 1967 was able to bring together 58 participants in more than 1,500 square meters. In Silmo, different parts of the visual industry are covered. In general, the booths of the exhibition are divided into 7 different parts: ophthalmological examination tools, sunglasses, prescription glasses, lenses, low vision, materials for spectacle makers, and sales point equipment of Silmo Fashion section with prominent brands, designers, spectacle makers, and experimental items. And new accessories are known as one of the most important and spectacular parts and focus on stimulating creativity, meeting market needs, and creating a difference.

In the education section, there is the sixth edition of the Silmo Academy, and you can also watch shows from the TV show “The Top French Artisans”. Silmo enables professionals in various fields to keep up to date by taking training courses on the changing needs of vision-related professions. At the same time, opportunities for professional development are provided. In the health section of the Silmo Exhibition, some of the best manufacturers of prescription glasses, lenses, etc. offer new solutions for various vision defects and common anomalies today, and new products can be found among them.

Silmo Paris

Main sections of Silmo Paris
AB FAB LAB: Innovations in technology, trends, raw materials, glass and eyewear manufacturing, surfaces, colors, cuts, and 3D printing are displayed in this section.

LUXURY: Jewelers, luxury brands, and manufacturers of frames made of the best and most unique materials with very different and impressive designs are gathered in this section.

VILLAGE: A place to cross the line between new tastes and designers. This area is a competition between the most innovative ideas and unique and modern designs for an opportunity to be seen.

FRAMES: This section provides a coherent view of the brands of prescription glasses and sunglasses. Old eyewear manufacturers along with fashion brands show their best-selling products in this section.

OPTICIAN’S EQUIPMENT: This area may be an important area for eyewear professionals looking to develop tools, cutting tools, and measurements.

CONNECTED OPTICIANS: This section introduces a network of partners to spectacle makers. Partners in the field of central sales bodies, chains, management centers, etc.

SPORT: A section for glasses designed for different sports. This area of ​​the exhibition introduces active sports brands to the market.

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CONTACT LENSE: Introducing solutions and innovations in the field of contact lenses.

LENSES: A collection of works by the best eyewear manufacturers who introduce their latest technological innovations with a coherent range of products.

POS EQUIPMENT: This section provides a collection of decors, stands, shop equipment, store logos, safety, etc. for eyewear and eyewear shops.

LOW VISION: Here provides an opportunity for eyewear makers and professionals to develop their knowledge in this field. Practical and useful information is also provided to specialists to help solve one of the biggest health problems today.

Some of the most important events of the Silmo Exhibition
1967: Silmo is established as the first specialized exhibition in the field of glasses and the visual industry with more than 58 participants.

1971: Development of the exhibition and the presence of 228 participants in an area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters.

1981: Permanent transfer to the port of Versailles in Paris and registration of the exhibition as the first major event of the profession in the fall.

1996: Silmo identifies some newcomers and creates new brands to refresh the vision and eyewear industry. “VILLAGE” has been created for this purpose and is a separate section that identifies these collections and brands with its authority.

Silmo Paris

2010: Silmo held its first scientific conference entitled “Silmo Academy”, which has been established as a permanent part of the exhibition for years, bringing together experts and contributing to the scientific growth of the profession.

2014: Establishment of Silmo Istanbul to expand the global brand and hold exhibitions for the markets of Southern Europe and the Middle East.

2017: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Silmo International Exhibition in Paris.

The Paris Glasses and Optics Exhibition is held every year in the city’s exhibition park. The presence of 1350 eyewear brands in the exhibition, the presence of ophthalmologists and specialists, specialized meetings, holding ophthalmology treatment symposia, and holding an academy to discuss the latest scientific advances in the optics section are the prominent features of this exhibition. Topics of Paris Ophthalmology and Glasses Exhibition (2018 Silmo):
All kinds of glasses (sunglasses and medical glasses), all kinds of spectacle frames and spectacle boxes, equipment for designing and manufacturing all kinds of spectacles, packages related to the spectacles industry, optics parts and accessories, all kinds of related chemicals, optometric devices and equipment, all equipment And related machines

The Silmo Exhibition is an annual event for professionals in optics and eyewear. Silmo is a great business opportunity for optical professionals, with Silmo delivering ICT innovation or discovering potential partners in 4 days. It shows you a preview of all the new styling, technology, and medicine.


Includes glasses, sunglasses, glasses, contact lenses, lenses, frames and frames, parts and accessories, related chemicals and materials, sight tools, spectacle cases and stakeholders, related machinery and equipment, related packaging materials, retail and Shop design, equipment, and technology, services, and so on

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