Souvenirs of Innsbruck Austria

Souvenirs of Innsbruck Austria


Souvenirs of Innsbruck Austria

Souvenirs of Innsbruck Austria – The small towns in the heart of the Alps remind us of all of our childhood cartoons. What should you buy as a souvenir on a dream trip to these cities to remind you of your trip for a long time? Innsbruck is a beautiful city located in the Alps. This city, which seems to have emerged from the heart of fairy tales, is located in the valley of “this”. From food to delicious homemade sweets, there are plenty of souvenirs in Innsbruck that you can buy as souvenirs.

Christmas decorations

Most European cities have a beautiful and interesting atmosphere on Christmas days. Innsbruck is one of the cities that finds its beauty at this time. As Christmas and New Year approach, Innsbruck becomes a magical land with its Christmas markets set up all over the city. Beautiful Christmas decorations are sold in these markets that you can buy as souvenirs for yourself or your friends and family. These include Christmas tree pendants, wooden dolls, snowflakes with dreamy landscapes, and other handicrafts. Visit the Christmas markets outside Golden Roof, located in the Old Town, or Essenbrook’s Old Town.

Tyrolean honey

The local honey, called “Honig” in German, is always an ideal souvenir to commemorate the good times of the trip to Innsbruck. You can buy this honey from local beekeepers in local markets such as Saturday Market in Wilten Square to remember the beautiful views of the Alps every time you eat it.

bedroom slippers

Overhead slippers are a must in Austrian homes; Especially when it starts to snow and the outside environment is covered in snow. Google slippers are traditional Austrian sandals made of felt. These shoes are mostly used in Innsbruck and Tyrol. To buy chairs, you can visit local markets or shoe stores around the city and buy one or more pairs of these traditional Austrian chairs for yourself or your friends and family.

Tyrolean gray cheese – Souvenirs of Innsbruck Austria

Gray cheese, known as Graukase, is a souvenir you can buy from Innsbruck. The name of this cheese is derived from the mold that grows in the outer crust of this cheese. Tyrolean gray cheese has a very pungent odor; So if you buy this cheese, you should be careful when boarding the plane and pack it so that the unpleasant smell does not bother others. This cheese is used in the Austrian tradition with vinegar, oi,l, and sometimes cedar onions and sometimes in soups.

Sweets and chocolates

Tiroler Edle chocolate is a sweet and savory souvenir of the Landeck in Tyrol. This chocolate has a bitter and sweet taste and is one of the quality Austrian chocolates filled with walnuts, caramel,l, and nougat. From Innsbruck’s various pastries, you can try Arko, one of the largest and most famous pastries in the city. These chocolates are the best souvenirs and souvenirs for sweets lovers.

Swarovski crystal world

Located just outside Innsbruck, this lush, beautiful hill is a gateway to an amazing underground museum that houses stunningly beautiful crystals. You can buy some of these crystals as a souvenir of Innsbruck and have them as a special and beautiful souvenir of this trip. The museum opened in 1995 on the anniversary of the founding of the Swarovski Company. The Crystal World Museum houses a collection of gemstones in 16 halls. If this stunning collection is a little unbelievable to you, you can visit the shop in Old Town instead of visiting this museum and enjoy the collection of precious stones that are there.

Snowball – Souvenirs of Innsbruck Austria

Snowballs are always lovable and happy at any age. These snowballs are now one of the most popular souvenirs around the world. It may be interesting to note that these snowballs were first made in the 1900s by a medical instrument mechanic named Mr. Partzi. With this invention, he decided to increase the “brightness of surgical lights”. Buying snowballs from Innsbruck has an interesting feature, and that is that you can choose the interior space and the sculpture that is placed inside the ball. You can request a golden roof or a mountain view or any corner of this dream city for your ball.

Bear in traditional dress

In Innsbruck,k you will find many animal dolls dressed in traditional Tracht costumes. Among these dolls, cute and cute teddy bears are the best choice for buying souvenirs. Trakt is a type of traditional clothing used in German-speaking countries. This dress is from the Alps near Austria and is in the form of leather pants for men and multi-piece shirts for women with embellishments on the front of the dress. If you want to dress like the Austrians for a while, you can rent or buy one of these clothes. Shaving is available in a variety of sizes for children and adults.

Crystal Snowball

Almost all of us as children had crystal balls full of snowflakes and small houses or funny dummies. Did you know that the cradle of the production of these beautiful and dreamy balls is Austria?. If you are looking for a special and remarkable souvenir, be sure to visit the stores of decorative items and decorations, to immerse yourself in your childhood dream for a few minutes. Different designs of spheres, which are also produced as bedside lamps, have become very popular.


Another famous Austrian souvenir is a symbol called Kristen. This souvenir is a view of the birthplace of Jesus, which is designed in the form of a replica. A beautiful appearance with a fancy atmosphere along with Christmas decorations made oftrypann is a popular decorative device. In the beliefs of Christianity, Jesus PBUH) was born in a small and abandoned hut.


Production of chocolates and cocoa with different flavors for several decades by Austrian chocolate factories; Mozart has become the best and most popular name in the confectionery industry. Austria has made Mozart chocolate a world snack hub by investing in it. All the shops and supermarkets in in this land offer you an incredible variety of chocolates. The packaging of these delicious foods is also very interesting in its place.

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