Souvenirs of Salzburg Austria

Souvenirs of Salzburg Austria


Souvenirs of Salzburg Austria

Souvenirs of Salzburg Austria – Salzburg Souvenirs, this beautiful European city that reminds you of your childhood movies, contains beautiful souvenirs. Mozart, the film The Sound of Music (tears and smiles) and the snow-capped mountains show the corners of Salzburg’s charms. Here are 10 famous Salzburg souvenirs that you can buy for yourself or your loved ones while traveling to this city.

Mozart Chocolates

One of Salzburg’s most famous souvenirs is Mozart chocolates. It is very difficult to imagine what this famous musician might have thought about these chocolates. But rest assured, your friends will love having a box of these traditional Austrian chocolates. These chocolates are wrapped in foil paper with Mozart’s image on it. Red foils are used for milk chocolates and blue foils are used for dark chocolates. These delicious chocolates are filled with marzipan and are one of the main dishes of Austria. Mozart chocolates were first invented in the 19th century by a chocolate shopkeeper named Fürst, and today are found in all of Salzburg’s best supermarkets and at the Café Konditorei Fürst in Mirablaplatz.

Everything about the movie Tears and Smiles

Because The Sound of Music is one of Salzburg’s boring tourist clichés, locals may not be as interested in this famous film as the rest of the world. However, if you are a fan of this movie, you will not be disappointed with the souvenirs and items related to this movie and Von Trapp’s house; From postcards and fridge magnets to puppets of Maria and her choir, you can buy a variety of attractive souvenirs related to this movie from Salzburg.

Sachertorte – Souvenirs of Salzburg Austria

Sachertorte is one of Salzburg’s most famous and delicious souvenirs, but it is not very suitable for transportation. Of course, if you are determined to choose this souvenir, you must take the risk. If you are worried that this chocolate cake will make your suitcase dirty, you can choose another type of this souvenir. You can see the pictures of Zakhro Tote on the kitchen towels that evoke a sense of nostalgia for you. At the Sacher Hotel, a variety of items related to this chocolate cake are sold.


Crystal snowballs, now sold as souvenirs in most stores around the world, were made in 1900 by Mr. Prezy, a surgical tool repairman. While Mr. Partzi was trying to improve the brightness of an electric light bulb, the idea of ​​making this snowball came to his mind. Inside these snowballs, you can see famous Salzburg buildings such as the Cathedral, Mirabell Palace and Salzburg Castle. The Mozarthaus shop on the Makartplatz houses one of the largest collections of these beautiful balls in town.

Handmade Christmas decorations

During the cold months of the year, Salzburg becomes a dream winter city, and Christmas markets throughout the city give it a special vibrancy. In the colorful Christmas market stalls, you can find a variety of special decorations such as Christmas tree pendants, small sculptures of Mozart, animal dolls in traditional costumes, and handmade glassware that is beautifully and elegantly painted.

Plastic ducks with Mozart design – Souvenirs of Salzburg Austria

Mozart may not have imagined that one day his image would be engraved on objects such as chocolate, refrigerator magnets, and even plastic ducks ready to play the sonata with their plastic violins. Many tourists travel to Salzburg to learn more about the life of this famous composer and may want to take a souvenir of Mozart home with them. These plastic ducks are one of the strangest and most popular souvenirs you can buy with a picture of Mozart.

Teddy bears in leader house costumes

You will find many dolls all over Salzburg wearing traditional Austrian or Lederhosen costumes, but these teddy bears are the most popular traditional costume dolls. These clothes, also known as a tract, include leather pants for men and tight-knit tops for women. These traditional costumes belong to the Austrian Alps. If you want to look similar to the locals in Austria, you can buy these clothes. Shaving is available for both adults and children.


Torte Zakha is one of the most delicious foods in the world, which is found in abundance in Austria. The most skilled pastry chef in the world bakes one of the most delicious chocolate cakes in the world with a mysterious recipe. You can not take this famous Austrian souvenir with you to your homeland, but you can find various kitchen utensils with Zakha’s cake designs in the Austrian markets, which shows its great popularity in the fear of the people. The very delicate texture of the cake Combined with flavored chocolate, will record an unforgettable taste in your memories.

Colored eggs

In the days leading up to Easter and spring, like Christmas, you will see various celebrations in Austria. From April 8, a large market will be held at the Salzburg Open Air Museum. In different stalls of this market, various goods are sold, including seasonal products and souvenirs. In addition to homemade bread, cheese, honey, and candles, you can also find a variety of other items such as colored eggs in this market. You can even try painting eggs in your painting booths. This work is very popular among young people.


Buying a doll with a traditional Austrian dress may not satisfy you and you might want to try it on yourself. In this case, you can visit the many shops in Salzburg. In these shops, you can buy different types of Tracht or traditional Austrian clothes. The embroidered women we saw on Maria Von Trapp in the film Tears and Smiles are a symbol of ancient Austria. Traditional Austrian women’s clothing consists of a tight top sewn into a long skirt. These dresses, which are decorated with lace and embroidery, are one of the oldest clothes in Austria. In the nineteenth century in the Alps, women farmers wore this dress. Later, women of higher social classes chose this dress for themselves. Lederhosen is the masculine type of this dress. In the nineteenth century, hardworking farmers and workers wore leader houses.

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