State China University

State China University

State China University

State China University – In recent years, many people have chosen to study in China. Chinese public universities are among the most prestigious universities and are known in the world. In recent years, the Chinese government has invested heavily in education. Chinese universities have partnerships with universities in the United Kingdom and the United States, so it is not surprising that the number of international and international students is increasing. Another reason why people choose Chinese public universities to study is that the cost of studying and living in this country is more affordable than in other countries of the world.

Studied in Chinese public universities
In 2012, the country invested $ 250 billion in human capital to achieve its goal of generating 4% of GDP for annual education. This amount includes educational subsidies for young people from rural to urban areas, and efforts are being made to bridge the gap between the educated elite and reduce rural workers. In recent decades, the number of universities and educational institutions in this country has increased 2409 times. There is a five-year plan in this country and it will continue until 2020. The plan focuses on strengthening the higher education system and modernization. Tuition fees at China’s public universities are usually much lower than at private universities. According to available statistics, the average annual tuition of public universities is between $ 2,500 to $ 10,000 (dollars), but the tuition of private universities is between $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 (dollars). In the meantime, by making a statistical comparison, we can better understand this cost difference. As shown in the chart below, the average annual tuition at the New York Private University (NYU) Shanghai is over $ 50,000 (USD) but the average tuition at Ningbo University is around $ 2,980 (USD):

International students in China – State China University
In 2020, there were 39 universities in China in the QS university rankings. Due to the growing situation in China in the fields of tourism, trade, education, and also the possibility of studying without a language degree in this country, many people choose to study in this country. In 2016, according to surveys According to ICEF Monitor, 442773 international and foreign students are studying in China. This number of students has increased by about 11% compared to 2015. The Chinese government is aiming to enroll about 500,000 international and international students in the country by 2020. With its actions, it seems that China is on track to achieve its goal. Measures have been taken to support this goal, one of which is to award scholarships to students.

Courses in Chinese public universities
In China, applicants can find prestigious and top universities. These universities are known for educating and satisfying smart students. Reputable universities in this country offer a great opportunity for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. Beijing University, for example, is on the list of the best universities in the world, one of the public universities in China. Due to China’s growth in trade, education, and tourism, many people choose to study at this university.

State China University

Tuition fees at Chinese public universities
Tuition fees vary depending on the field of study of the individual and the university is chosen, but in general, it can be said that international students have to pay $ 4,000 (dollars) per year for their accommodation costs. For other expenses such as food, transportation, etc. they have to pay about $ 2000 (dollars) per year. Note that the cost of living varies according to the type of life of the individual. Since China is vast, you should note that there are many differences in cost and cost of living depending on each region of the country. China’s top public universities and their national and international rankings are:

University International Rank National Rank
China University 13 1
Peking University 23 2
Fudan University 34 3

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Peking University in China – State China University
One of the public universities in China is Peking University, Beijing Capital Medical University is one of the prestigious research universities belonging to C9 in China. The university was founded in 1898. The university accepts a large number of foreign and international students every year. The university has maintained relations with Freie University in Berlin since 1981. It can be said that Peking University is a leader in scientific fields. It ranks 38th among the world’s universities and is the second largest in Asia.

It is ranked 37th out of 46 people covered, and Peking University is ranked 50th out of 26 in terms of linguistics, modern languages, chemistry, mining engineering, dentistry, politics, and social affairs. has brought. To read more about this university, you can read the article introducing Peking University.

Fudan University in China
It is another Chinese public university located in Shanghai, one of the largest and most advanced financial and commercial centers in the world. It is a member of the C9 and is also the seventh-largest university in Asia. There are currently 32,000 students studying at this university. Fudan University is one of China’s top schools of choice.

China University in China
Regarding Chinese public universities, it should be said that Tsinghua University is another of these universities. The university is located in the capital of China, Beijing. Currently, about 46,000 students study at this university, of which about 2,700 are international and foreign students. The university is at the top of the QS global rankings in the fields of civil engineering, materials science, and architecture.

State China University

Questions about public universities in China
Studying in China attracts a large audience today. Some of the most important questions that arise in this regard are:

What is the top university in China? Xinhua University is China’s top university in terms of science.
What is the tuition fee of Chinese public universities? Annual tuition at public universities is between $ 2,500 and $ 10,000 (dollars).
Are Chinese public universities approved by the Ministry of Science? Many of these universities are on the list of the Ministry of Science.
Is it easy to get admission to Chinese public universities? Admission requirements in China depend on the applicant’s transcript.

About Wuhan Medical University of China
One of the most comprehensive national universities in China is Wuhan University, which is directly supervised by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Its construction and development have been done by the central government and with his full support. Wuhan University is one of the top universities in China that offers educational activities in Wuhan. According to the obtained statistics, over 1500 foreign students are studying at different levels in this university.

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