Street Alserkal Dubai

Street Alserkal Dubai


Street Alserkal Dubai

Street Alserkal Dubai – Dubai Al-Sarkal Art District is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Dubai is one of the most beautiful and special cities in the United Arab Emirates, and the officials of this city have made every effort in recent years to make this city one of the most modern and attractive cities in the Middle East by carrying out various activities. Note also that today Dubai is mentioned as one of the most amazing cities in the world. In this article, we are going to visit one of the artistic and attractive areas of Dubai and visit Al-Sarkal Art District, so join us to introduce you to this area and provide you with explanations about it.

Al-Sarkal Art Center, Dubai – Street Alserkal Dubai
If we want to give you an explanation about the Al-Sarkal Art Center in Dubai, it should be said that this area is an art center that has been able to gain a special place in the UAE, and the works of many famous artists in the galleries of this The area is on display. The Al-Sarkal coach area has recently undergone a reconstruction process and taken on an artistic aspect. Now this region has become one of the art hubs in the UAE and even the Middle East region. You can see several galleries in this field in various fields, the most important of which are photography galleries. , Painting, design and fashion, sculpture, etc. You should also note that in the Al-Sarkal Art District we see an old car collection that you can visit. Al-Raskal Dubai

Street Alserkal Dubai

Galleries in Dubai Al-Sarkal Art District
As we mentioned, we see various galleries in different fields in Dubai Al-Sarkal Art District. If we want to introduce you to the most famous and famous galleries in this region, we can mention the following:

Carbon Gallery 12
Carbon 12 Gallery is one of the solo exhibitions in the Al-Sarkal Art District of Dubai, where the paintings of the world’s great artists are displayed.

Sava Art Gallery
Another famous gallery in Dubai’s Al-Sarkal Art District is the Art Sawa Gallery, created by an Arab in 2008. The purpose of this gallery is to grow and help young artists, and now in this gallery, we see a lot of paintings and sculptures of young artists from regions such as the Middle East and North Africa. Talented young people and artists have a bright future. Their works are initially displayed in the Art Sava Gallery, and this gallery can be considered a kind of talent center.

Debug Gallery Mojo – Street Alserkal Dubai
Another attractive gallery in Dubai’s Al-Sarkal Art District, where you can see the works of young but talented artists, is the Mojo Gallery. This gallery started its activity in 2006 and to this day we have hosted various works of talented young people and artists in this gallery.

Third Line Gallery
Another popular gallery in Dubai’s Al-Sarkal Art District is the Third Line Gallery, where one of the people who played a major role in opening the collection is an American named Sunny Rahbar.

Green Art Gallery
Gol Honor Sabz is another place in the Al-Sarkal Art District of Dubai that has just started its activities and we are witnessing the production and display of various works in this collection. You can see various works in various fields such as media, photography, painting, sculpture, and video in the Green Art Gallery. The people whose works are displayed in this gallery are artists from the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Turkey.

Street Alserkal Dubai

In addition to the galleries and places mentioned above, the most important parts of the region of this art are Meem Gallery, Ayam Gallery, Isabel Van Den Gallery, etc. Each of these sections and collections has unique features. We have seen the popularity of these places among people interested in art.

Tourist and tourist attractions of Dubai Al-Sarkal Art District
In addition to the various special galleries that exist in the Al-Sarkal Art District of Dubai, you can go to various restaurants and cafes in this area and also visit these places. It is interesting to know that cafes and restaurants This area is also a place for artists to gather and discuss art, and if you are interested in talking about art, we suggest you go to the cafes in this area and meet and talk to the talented artists and young people who talk to each other in these cafes.

The most important cafes and restaurants in the Al-Sarkal Art District include the following:

Cafe Niqjar
Chala Project
Wilde and de Moon Alsercal

Important points to know about Dubai Al-Sarkal Art District
If you are planning to visit the Al-Sarkal Art Center in the beautiful city of Dubai, you should pay attention to some very important points. In the first place, you should know that Al-Sarkal Street is located in an industrial area called Al-Quiz. Also, the galleries in this area are open to the public every day from 7:00 AM. If you are planning to visit a gallery or a special section in the Al-Sarkal art area, call the numbers provided before visiting this area and ask about the working hours of the collection you want.

Introducing Alsarkal Street, Dubai
Alsarkal Street in Dubai is a great place for those who want to visit the different sights of Dubai in addition to the various shopping and entertainment centers. Alsarkal Street in Dubai is an art center located in one of the industrial areas of Dubai called the Al-Qawz area. If you are a fan of contemporary art, do not miss visiting Alsarkal Street Dubai. Alsarkal Street Dubai was established as an art center in 2007 to encourage artists to create works of art to display their work as well as attract tourists. Visited all over the world to visit these exhibitions. Today, Alsarkal Street in Dubai, with 25 creative interiors, 9 galleries of contemporary art, a private museum, and many other art exhibitions and booths has the largest number of galleries in the area, not only artists but also art lovers and other Dubai tourists and travelers. Encourages you to visit Alsercal.

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