Streets of Cannes

Streets of Cannes


Streets of Cannes

Streets of Cannes – When it comes to Cannes, we subconsciously remember the famous Cannes Film Festival. This famous city in France has other attractions, such as the beautiful streets of Cannes. The French Riviera is made up of kilometers of coastline. This region and its delicious food are some of the most beautiful villages in France. Cannes, the city of festivals and events, is no exception. The coastal city hosts more than 35 events each year and attracts more than 500,000 tourists. Here are some of the most famous streets in the tourist city of Cannes.

Boulevard de la Cruz
Sights: This street is the most famous in Cannes. Boulevard de la Croisette is where the city comes to life. On this street, you can find the Carlton Hotel by the sea, in the heart of Cannes’s Palais de Festival or Cannes. You can also enjoy luxury goods from well-known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Armani, and Gucci.
Accommodations: All of Boulevard de la Cruzet’s accommodations have stunning sea views, but the neighborhood’s most popular tourist apartments are located at the end of this busy street.

Nice France

Antibes Street
Sights: Rue d’Antibes is the second-largest commercial street in Cannes. On this street, there are shops with very reasonable prices. One of the cheapest shopping malls on this street is the Gray d’Albion Mall. One of France’s most popular pastries, Ladurée, shines on this street, attracting macaroni lovers from all over the city. This confectionery is open to customers from 10 am to 7 pm. Antibes Street is one of the most popular streets in Cannes.
Accommodations: Some of the best hidden and local accommodations in Cannes are located on this shopping street. Some of the downtown villas with their attractive courtyards are so beautiful that you may not believe that they are located on one of the busiest streets in the city.

Streets of Cannes

Intelligence Street
Sights: When you walk on Rue Hoch, you can feel the atmosphere of the French Riviera. Pastries and cafes with outdoor tables are a great attraction for locals and tourists alike. If you visit this street, do not forget to try Bruno’s chocolates.
Accommodations: It can be said that each of the apartments on Hoosh Street, anywhere on this street, has its beauty. Some of the apartments, which are only a few minutes away from the Festival Palace, are ideal places to stay.

Rue Meynadier – Streets of Cannes
Sights: Rue Meynadier can be considered the most fun street in Cannes. This street runs right through the middle of Old Town or Old Town. You can find some of the best Cannes delicacies on this street. The most diverse restaurants on the street serve delicious local and international cuisine, from French to Turkish kebabs.
Accommodations: Just as there are a variety of shops and restaurants on this street, there are also various accommodations on this beautiful street.

Mary Square, Notre Dame
Sights: Do not miss visiting the Festival Palace, one of the entertainment centers of Cannes. All city conferences are held here. In addition, within 2 minutes of Merimee Square, you can see young and old people playing pétanque. Mary Square leads to Notre Dame, and the Church of Our Lady (Eglise Notre Dame) is only 2 minutes away.
Accommodations: Due to the proximity of this street to the Festival Palace and the restaurants adjacent to this street, Maryam Square is always crowded. So if you want to enjoy the beauty of this street and have a good night’s sleep, you can choose one of the renovated apartments on this street near the Festival Palace for your stay.

Do Soke Street
Sights: De Suquet Street is also known as Old Town Cannes. Due to its proximity to the port, this street was once considered a fishing village. Do Soke Street is famous for its attractive restaurants and exciting bars. Some of Cannes’s best restaurants and bars are located on this street. This street is a good place to drink and eat. The best streets in Cannes are special, varied, and very attractive. Accommodations: This street is very crowded and noisy until late at night, but it is one of the best places for night entertainment. The renovated apartments on this street are very suitable for living.

Streets of Cannes

Cannes is one of the most magnificent coastal cities in France, which has many attractions that many tourists travel to this city every year and stay in beach resorts and luxury hotels. Upon entering Cannes, the first That catches your eye is the type of architecture and lifestyle of its people. Cannes has many luxury restaurants and luxury shops that many enthusiasts and tourists travel to the city and look for modern attractions, most of which go to the brand and modern hotels and shops of the city. The climate of this region is pleasant and this is one of the advantages of this area in attracting tourists, and every year all seasons the year, this area attracts tourists, and the other hand, the greenery and spectacular views of this area attract the attention of visitors. We can mention the beautiful beaches, old urban areas, various festivals and festivals that are held every year in this city. One of the attractions that most tourists see when entering the city is the palm trees that have added to the beauty of the city, along with other attractions such as street paving, art museums, and beaches.

Sights and beautiful places of the city
Travel tours Traveling to Cannes is much more enjoyable for tourists because these tours provide important tourist facilities for tourists to have a good and memorable trip. The coastal city of Cannes is one of the legendary and dream cities in France and has unique features for tourists. Sightseeing in the back alleys of the city is undoubtedly one of the great pleasures and experiences for tourists.

It is one of the most beloved areas of California in Cannes, which is visited by many and has a special splendor, and of course, in this area, you will see luxurious and beautiful villas. The legendary California area is home to Picasso’s paintings near his home. The Russian Church on Alexander Boulevard is another attraction in the area.

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