Study dentistry in Brazil

Study dentistry in Brazil


Study dentistry in Brazil

Study dentistry in Brazil – Dental education in Brazil is one of the most competitive and popular study programs that attract thousands of students from all over the world every year. The dental course at Brazilian medical universities is a competitive 5-year course. During this course, students become familiar with applied dental skills and prepare to enter the Brazilian job market. However, the conditions for admission to Brazil in the field of dentistry include passing the entrance exam and having Portuguese language skills. But on the one hand, the dental profession is one of the required jobs in the Brazilian labor market, and on the other hand, according to the principle of executive proportionality by the Brazilian government, dental graduates from Brazilian universities work in this country are the first employment priority. Therefore, the chances of graduates working in Brazil itself are high. But in the event of work migration to European countries, the chances of applicants remain high given the validity of the Brazilian medical university degree.

Brazil has free general education up to the graduate level for domestic and international students, of course in Brazilian, so most public universities only charge students a registration fee. Dental education in English also costs about $ 3,500. Higher education institutions Private parties pay their fees, depending on the degree program you choose and the university itself. Private tuition for dentistry can cost between $ 5,600 and $ 8,200. Brazil is a relatively affordable country to live in. Unless you are planning to have a luxurious life, it is easy to eat and participate in leisure activities without financial worries. As a general guide, a monthly public transport ticket will cost you ($ 3050). . For basic appliances such as electricity, heating water, and garbage collection you should budget around ($ 45 to $ 80) per month. A meal at a low-cost restaurant will be around ($ 3 to $ 6), while dinner for Two people in a restaurant has an average of between ($ 15 to $ 30). Student dormitories also cost about $ 200 a month.

Study dentistry in Brazil

Conditions for studying dentistry in Brazil – Study dentistry in Brazil

The first stage and the main condition for studying dentistry in Brazil are passing the entrance exam called ENEM. This test is a multiple-choice test and includes questions from 10 courses (biology, physics, mathematics, literature, and one of the 5 main languages ​​offered by higher education institutions, Portuguese, history, geography, and essay writing). In some ways, this test can be considered equivalent to the US SAT test. In addition to taking the exam, having a Portuguese language degree or CELPE-Bars or an IELTS or TOEFL English language degree is one of the prerequisites for studying dentistry in Brazil. Of course, you should know that dentistry is one of the most competitive and difficult courses in Brazilian universities.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S)

Course duration 5 years

Acceptance condition for passing the entrance exam

Top Dental University of the University of São Paulo

The duration of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) course in Brazil is 5 years. During the course, students are introduced to both theoretical concepts and applied skills of Dental Science Day. However, internships and skills completion are required after graduation in various dental departments. The length of these courses is between 2 to 3 years. However, graduate students must register with the Brazilian National Dental Association and obtain a dental license to practice dentistry in this country. Graduates can work in public or private companies or in private clinics in Brazil. In addition, they can work with a Brazilian degree in all Mercosur countries (Argentina, Sili, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Peru).

Required documents for admission as a dental student in Brazil – Study dentistry in Brazil

Applicants must first obtain a passing score on the entrance exam to be eligible for admission to Brazil. After passing the entrance exam, which includes two sections: written and interview, applicants can apply for admission through the website of the relevant university. Universities usually inform you by email about the deadlines for admission and the necessary documents for student admission. Documents required for admission to Brazilian medical universities in the field of dentistry are:

Supplementary application form

Copy of the original diploma (approved by an immigration lawyer or the Brazilian embassy)

Copy of the original transcript (approved by an immigration lawyer or the Brazilian embassy)

Passing the entrance exam

Certificate in Portuguese or English

Resume or CV

Letters of recommendation

Valid passport

Receipt of the registration fee

The cost of dental education in Brazil

Brazilian higher education institutions are divided into public and private universities. Public universities usually do not charge students any tuition (other than registration fees). But private universities in Brazil charge different tuition fees depending on the programs offered. Tuition starts at around $ 2,000 and can go up to $ 10,000. However, as mentioned above, studying at public universities is free. But student fees are not limited to tuition in Brazil. These costs include all the expenses and expenses of the student’s life, which are entirely the responsibility of the student. These include shipping, clothing, food, rent, and more. Tuition fees at Brazilian public and federal universities are usually on the same level but the monthly cost of living is different. You dear ones can

Study dentistry in Brazil

Dental Scholarship in Brazil

In Brazil, various types of scholarships are available to medical and dental students. These scholarships are usually offered to Brazilian universities with government and extra-government support. Universities also allocate these scholarships to applicants according to the quota of each study program and based on the criteria of academic merit. But most Brazilian scholarship programs are one-year and are offered to applicants to cover the cost of student living. Some of the most famous scholarship programs for 2020 at Brazilian medical universities are as follows:

INCOR Ph.D. Research Fellowship, University of Sao Paulo

Visiting Scholarships at Federal University of Santa Catrina

Scholarship for Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Campinas University

Brazilian student visa for dental students

Experience shows that the administrative bureaucracy in Brazil is rampant and the visa application process in this country is usually relatively long. As a foreign student, you are required to apply for a visa belonging to the category of temporary residence visas in Brazil. It should be noted that the Brazilian student visa is issued with a validity of one year and can also be extended. The application period for this visa is after receiving the letter of acceptance and before the beginning of the academic year in February. The application process usually takes 2 to 3 months. To obtain a Brazilian temporary residence visa, dental students must submit the following documents to the Brazilian Embassy on time:

Passport valid for at least 6 months

Original and copy of the application form (Pedido de Visto)

2 pieces of passport photo

Original and copy of the certificate of no criminal record (during the last 3 months)

Proof of financial ability (in the form of a bank statement, scholarship letter, guarantee from parents)

Letter of acceptance from the Brazilian Institute of Higher Education

Consular fee receipt in the amount of $ 180 (dollars)

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