Study in Cuba

Study in Cuba


Study in Cuba

Study in Cuba – Cuba has been one of the Spanish colonies, and it is the most famous cultural and tourist destination in Latin America. After gaining independence in 1902, the country became a tourist paradise. During that time, many Cubans immigrated to the United States, a country only 90 miles (by sea) from Cuba. Today, Cuban visitors are immersed in the country’s culture and natural attractions. Other attractions in the country include beautiful architecture, tall buildings, lots of live music, steep mountains, and white sandy beaches. Those who want to study in Cuba can get excellent jobs in companies because the country is home to 22,500 international students.

Conditions for sending a student to study in Cuba
The capital is Havana, the third-largest city in the United States. The country’s nickname is “The Key to the New World”, a city that is famous for its European colonizers. The country is known as the most important trading center that is usually attacked by pirates. The city of Havana is home to many ancient castles, which fascinated the medieval country. One of these famous castles is “El Morro”, a very beautiful castle that has been protected by many guards. Today, the city of Havana is famous for promoting art, hosting international arts, and festival music every year, such as the Havana International Jazz Festival, the Havana Ballet Festival, and the Havana International Film Festival. Immigrating to Cuba is usually done by studying in Cuba, after obtaining a study residence and accepting a study Cuba can apply for Cuban citizenship or citizenship, although it is worth noting that this method is one of the methods of migrating to Cuba. There are other methods such as work visas in Cuba and investing in Cuba. Cuban citizenship through the birth of a child in Cuba does not exist under this rule in this country.

Cuban universities
There are more than 60 universities in Cuba, all of which are public. You should know that the subject of higher education in Cuba is in three stages. These stages will include bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. The first stage (undergraduate) lasts four years, while medical students will be required to study for five or six years. The medical orientation in this country has accommodated many applicants. Cuban universities offer students many job opportunities. In recent decades, the country has been famous for its investment in higher education. You should know that in recent years, a lot of budgets have been allocated for the higher education sector. The country’s medical and dental universities are recommended for studying Cuba. Several American universities and colleges offer to study Cuba (as part of their programs) to individuals. These universities and colleges will include the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Burlington College, and the American University. they got. These universities are:

Cuba Immigration

University of La Havana
It has the highest ranking among Cuban universities. The University of La Havana was ranked 38th in the world in 2015. It is considered to be the oldest university in Cuba and was founded in 1728. This institution is generally considered a religious institution. The University of de Havana currently has 16 faculties. The proposed majors at the university will be natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Tuition for undergraduate courses will be around US $ 28,200. Many scholarships are offered to international students.

Study in Cuba

University of Oriente Santiago de Cuba
This university is located in the beautiful port of Santiago de Cuba. The University of Oriente Santigo de Cuba was founded in 1947. The university is considered the second-highest education institution in Cuba. The university has 11 faculties and 3 campuses, all located in the city of Santiago de Cuba. Oriente De University offers students studies in many fields, such as natural sciences, agriculture, social sciences, and more. The university’s motto will be “Science and Awareness” (Ciencia y Conciencia – in Spanish). You should know that this university is ranked 141st in QS global universities.

Ciudad Jose Antonio Echeverria University

You should know that Ciudad Jose Antonio Echeverria University is considered the top university in Cuba. Founded in 1964, it offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies. The university has seven faculties and the main campus, all located in the capital, Havana. The buildings of this university have very beautiful architecture. Not to mention that Ciudad Jose Antonio Echeverria University is ranked in the top 300 universities in Latin America.

Marta Abreu de Las Villas Central University
Founded in 1952, it has two main campuses, one in the heart of Cuba, in the city of Santa Clara, and the other a little further away, known as the University of Montana. Located in Topes de Collantes. The university has 13 faculties and has about 4,000 students. Marta Abreu de Las Villas Central University offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies and offers studies in law, psychology, humanities, and science. Students are recently offered a bachelor’s degree in journalism at this university.

University of Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodriguez
University of Cienfuegos Rafael Rodriguez is located in the beautiful city of Cienfuegos known as La Perla del Sur (South Pearl). Those planning to study in Cuba will be allowed to study at higher education institutions while enjoying the tropical beaches (beaches in the south of the island). The university was founded in 1970. The University of De Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodriguez has four faculties, namely the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Economics and Investment, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Humanities. You should know that this university is ranked in the top 300 universities in Latin America.

Study in Cuba

Living conditions in Cuba
Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea. Know that Cuba is located 90 miles off the coast of Florida. Neighboring nations include the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Cuba is geographically small but has a wide range of national identities. The Caribbean is famous for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, famous lifestyle, and more. Since Fidel Castro ceded power over his brother Raul in 2006, the way of life in Cuba has changed little. . If you look at the past policies of this country, you will find that living in Cuba will be a very valuable experience. Because the people of this country are very hospitable and there is always constant sunshine over this country. Those planning to study Cuba can use all the sunny Caribbean islands. Many people immigrate to Cuba to go to the beaches, to use music and communicate with the Cuban people, and to get to know their culture. You should know that life in Cuba will be full of discoveries and enjoy life in general.

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