Summer in Finland

Summer in Finland


Summer in Finland

Summer in Finland – Cold-tempered countries usually have short, temperate summers, and even in some of these countries, which are geographically closer to the polar logic, the length of summer is so short that it is practically possible to say that the time as summer is actually in them. Does not exist! Finland is also one of those countries with cold climates, where people usually struggle with snow and relatively cold weather throughout the year, and their lifestyles are somehow intertwined with this natural ecosystem. For this reason, in the short time that the weather is warming up and the snowfall and cold winds in this country are decreasing, people from different walks of life try to make the best use of this opportunity. They are environmental photographers and enthusiasts of natural subjects. The main art of photographers and the essence of photography is that these people should pay attention to detail, and when most people’s attention is focused on trivial subjects in their repetitive daily lives, reconcile them with Mother Nature and photograph natural subjects. And the beauties created by God connect the red veins of human beings with the green roots of nature.

Joni Niemelä is the name of a photographer from Finland who decided to go to the heart of nature during the hot summer season and capture the extremely attractive summer images of this region from the natural beauties of this country. He, who has learned the art of photography through his own efforts and has decided to work in the field of nature photography by observing various teachings and using his inner talent and art, explains this collection as follows: My name is Johnny Nimla, and art I have learned photography with my own efforts. I work in nature photography in Ostrobothnia, Finland, and although I am interested in photographing almost all subjects in nature, I like photographing microscopic subjects with macro lenses the most, because these subjects are usually They are not seen by humans and people pass by them without any special attention. I love these very small details and one of my goals is to be able to capture the beauty of that moment and the extremely small environment in the best possible way and as far as possible. I can show my photos to the audience; This summer photo gallery is a collection of photographs I have taken over the years and over the summer of microscopic details of Finland’s beautiful nature.

Summer in Finland

Before traveling and migrating to Finland, knowing the weather in Finland, you can make a good trip for yourself. It is usually one of the countries with milder climates because currents such as Gulf Stream and warm ocean currents have created a balance in Finland’s climate. Finland also has a large number of lakes, which also have a great impact on its climate. Finland has very cold winters, so in the central regions it is the coldest month of July and the temperature in February reaches -22 degrees. Of course, in the northern cities of Finland, the weather gets colder than this and may reach minus 30 degrees. Of course, in winter in the northern regions of Finland, you can see a very beautiful aurora borealis phenomenon. That is why we see frost in this country throughout the year. In southern Finland, the number of daylight hours is about 6 hours in winter and about 19 hours in summer.

The climate of Finland in spring
Spring begins in March, ie in March, and lasts until May. With the melting of snow and ice, the defoliation of trees, and the growth of plants, nature undergoes many changes. The weather is usually still cold in the spring, but warmer than in the winter.

Summer weather in Finland
Summer temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius in southern Finland and around 15 degrees Celsius in northern Finland. The summer months in Finland are June, July, and August, and the hottest month of the year is July when the daily temperature usually rises above 20 degrees. The summer weather in Finland is still clear at sunset and at night because the sun sets late and rises early. The weather in northern Finland is lighter than in southern Finland. The weather in June is brighter than in the rest of the months. It should be noted that in the northernmost regions of Finland the sun does not set at all in early summer. In the northernmost part of Finland in summer the sun does not set for 73 days and the weather is clear 24 hours a day. In winter, the sun does not rise for 51 days. Due to the unfavorable climate in northern Finland, very few people live in these areas.

Winter Finland 

The climate of Finland in autumn
The fall season in Finland usually begins in late August or early September. The weather is cool this season and it is usually rainy and windy. In autumn, the weather is dark because the sun sets earlier than in summer. The first snowfall is usually in October or November. In the fall, people focus on work, study, and fun activities.

Summer in Finland

Winter weather in Finland
December, January, and February are the coldest winter months in Finland. In winter, it snows, and snow covers the ground. The daylight hours are short and the coldest month is February. To cope with the cold weather, you should wear warm clothes outside. People spend most of their time indoors because of the weather, but their daily lives are normal.

The best time to travel to Finland
The best time to travel to Finland depends on your taste. If a person is interested in spring and sunny weather, he can travel to this country from April to May, and also if he likes to be by the lakes of this country in hot and summer weather and enjoy it, he can spend months. Choose June, July, and August to travel to this country. Finally, if he is a fan of snowy and winter weather and is also interested in winter sports, he can travel to this country from December to March.

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