Synergy University Dubai

Synergy University Dubai


Synergy University Dubai

Synergy University Dubai – Dubai Synergy University is a campus of Synergy University in Russia, which has high facilities and potential for cultivating a specialized workforce in various fields. Synergy University is proud to announce that it has maintained its AMBA reputation for 5 consecutive years. Studying at this university, higher education internationally is the most popular specialty.

About Dubai Synergy University
The Synergy University Campus or Moscow University of Technology and Finance (Russian: Университет Синергия) is located in Dubai. The campus is located in the Jumeirah Towers (JLT). Dubai Synergy University is an institution for higher education that aims to combine traditional university teaching with basic knowledge and practical orientation. Synergy University is the first university to be located in Jumeirah Tower, run by the Dubai Commodity Center (DMCC) and the Dubai Human Knowledge and Development Organization (KHDA). The university helps students find the accommodation they want in Dubai according to their needs and budget. In general, it can be said that Synergy University students will have a unique opportunity to study in a thriving business center.

Study conditions at Dubai Synergy University
Synergy University offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in English. The duration of study is 4 years at the undergraduate level, 2 years at the master’s level, 2 years at the School of Women’s Leadership Business, and 1.5 years at the School of Executive MBA. The age requirements for studying at Dubai Synergy University are 17 years and above for applicants to continue their undergraduate studies and 21 years and above for their postgraduate and MBA studies. Dubai Synergy University offers courses in English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. The table below shows the educational programs of this university in two sections.

Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree – Synergy University Dubai
Managing the World Economy Hotel and Restaurant
The global economy of hotel and restaurant management
Retail Management Information Systems and Technology
Entrepreneurship Business Management (MBA) Women Leadership
– Business Management (MBA) Leadership and Strategy
The Executive MBA course is designed for top executives and entrepreneurs who have been able to realize their potential and continue to strive for promotion and growth. This course offers the best practices of international business and helps to discover new talents and opportunities. The benefits of participating in this course include meetings with successful entrepreneurs, 12 business models, 32 experts with unique and practical lectures, and business club events.

Synergy University Dubai

Tuition of Synergy University
Tuition fees vary according to the field of study and degree, in addition to university tuition, students must also consider the cost of living in Dubai. To live as a student in Dubai, an applicant must consider between $ 700 and $ 900 ($), which will vary depending on their lifestyle and area of ​​residence. In the following, we will review the tuition of Synergy University in Dubai.

Undergraduate: Cost per semester $ 5000 (dollars)
Master’s Degree: Cost per semester $ 4,500 (USD)
School of Business – MBA Women Leadership Costs $ 6000 (USD) per semester
School of Business – Executive MBA Cost per semester $ 6000 (USD)

Benefits of studying at Dubai Synergy University
Foreign and international students studying at Synergy University, in addition to enjoying high-quality education, receive benefits such as: studying in a unique environment, the first center in the field of business education according to European standards, cooperating with foreign investors, receiving a degree Has attracted the attention of many employers in the world, students combine education with work in specialization, affordable tuition for courses, living in a quality place, proven teaching methods, this campus is in a good area of ​​Dubai and not Not far from a large commercial area will enjoy.

Study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Dubai – Synergy University Dubai
Studying in Dubai for a bachelor’s degree takes 3 to 4 years. Most people who choose to study in Dubai for a bachelor’s degree are due to residency in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada because students in this degree can go to reputable universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada after 2 to 3 years. Apply to continue their education and complete their education in these countries. Undergraduate students in Dubai can work 10 hours a week and receive about $ 12 per hour worked, which can cover part of the student’s tuition fees. Finding a student job in Dubai varies for each student depending on their English language proficiency, personality traits, work experience, and.

Study for a master’s degree or master’s degree in Dubai
Studying in Dubai for a master’s degree takes about 2 years. Courses in this course are offered in both English and Arabic. Postgraduate students in Dubai After graduation, if they do not want to continue their studies in higher education, the Dubai government gives them one year to find a suitable job and change their student visa to a Dubai work visa. Postgraduate students in Dubai can work 20 hours a week while studying and earn about $ 10 to $ 12 per hour, which covers most of the student’s tuition.

Synergy University Dubai

Study for a Ph.D. or Ph.D. in Dubai
Studying in Dubai for doctoral studies takes about 3 to 4 years, and students can continue their studies at their own universities in Dubai, or they can continue their studies at the doctoral level in universities that have branches from other countries. Give. Heriot-Watt University was established by the UK Government and Wollongong University and South Queensland University by the Australian Government in Dubai. The doctoral program in Dubai is offered with very high quality and internationally, which includes many different fields. To study in Dubai doctoral students, students must have a suitable resume for postgraduate studies and have a high academic background. To apply for admission to a doctorate at Dubai University, students must have an IELTS or TOEFL language certificate. Studying for a Ph.D. at Dubai University allows students to gain a good understanding of business issues and get the right answers to their research questions, and students can work as a professional in research agencies or Work in government, or even private. If Ph.D. students continue their studies full time, they will complete this course after 8 semesters, but students who study part-time may take 10 to 12 semesters. Of course, it should be noted that The maximum time for studying for a doctorate in Dubai is 14 semesters. Doctoral students must submit a dissertation at the end of their studies with the guidance and advice of a tutor.

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