The best cafe in Belarus

The best cafe in Belarus


The best cafe in Belarus

The best cafe in Belarus – The following text lists the best and most famous Belarusian cafes and restaurants. Of course, these are not all Belarusian cafes and restaurants, and new restaurants and cafes will be added to this text overtime at your suggestion. You have traveled to Belarus. Please share your opinion with others in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Restaurant Grand Cafe Belarus

It is a luxury restaurant made in Belarus, on the menu of which you can see a variety of French, international, European, and vegetarian dishes, and depending on your taste, you can order any of them. The environment of this restaurant is very beautiful and has excellent decoration and you can enjoy it to the fullest with your family and friends. The working hours of this restaurant are every day from noon to noon.

Cafe Restaurant News Belarus

It is a restaurant with a calm environment and beautiful decoration that offers a variety of delicious Italian and international dishes, and it is worth mentioning that all the raw materials used in it are prepared daily and fresh. This restaurant-cafe restaurant is open daily from 9:00 AM to It is open for 12 nights.

Union Coffee restaurant union Belarus

The restaurant has a modern environment and atmosphere and offers a variety of delicious Belarusian and even international food in this restaurant. In addition to delicious food, you can also order a variety of drinks, sweets, and chocolates in this restaurant and eat dessert after a meal.

The best cafe in Belarus

Moby Dick Cafe – The best cafe in Belarus

This cafe has a cozy and small environment and offers delicious and delicious food to customers. This restaurant prepares its food every day with fresh and fresh ingredients. In addition to delicious delicious food and snacks, this restaurant can also order a variety of special and delicious drinks and sweets and enjoy them with your food.

Enzo Restaurant

Undoubtedly, the best burger in the city belongs to Enzo restaurant. Burgers start at 5 euros. If this is your first time visiting this restaurant, we suggest you try Enzo Burger or Texas Burger if you like your burger a little spicy. Enzo restaurant also has famous steaks, the price of which varies from 10 euros to 30 euros. Breakfast is served throughout the day at this restaurant and offers an attractive menu for lunch at very reasonable prices.

Mai Thai Restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant with delicious Taiwanese food, My Thai is d great choice. The restaurant is close to the metro and is easily accessible. You can also buy food and take it, in which case it will be a little cheaper. If you want to know the prices, the cost of a lunch for two people is about 25 to 30 euros.

Simple Restaurant – The best cafe in Belarus

The simple restaurant has been trying to take a new look at Belarusian cuisine. Only local products are used in cooking in his restaurant. At the same time, the food is cooked with the most modern technologies in the world. It is interesting to know that all foods, from lamb to rabbit, cost between 10 and 12 Euros!

Ronin Restaurant 

If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant with reasonable prices, a beautiful design, and of course delicious food, Ronin restaurant is d good choice. In busy times, especially on weekends, it is better to book a table in advance so that no problem arises. It should be noted that this restaurant is located near the most famous attractions of Minsk! So easily enjoy your visit!

Gurman Restaurant

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8 am to 11 pm. The restaurant building is one of the oldest in Minsk. This restaurant is located in the Asmalouka area, which is a beautiful and quiet area. In this restaurant, you can try Russian dumplings for 2 to 5.5 euros. But this is not the only option on the menu. Potato steaks and pancakes are also options. Do not forget if you pass this restaurant, be sure to try its mushroom soup!

LLakkaMinsk Confectionery Cafe

If you are a confectioner, I recommend you to visit Lakumka Minsk Confectionery Café during your trip to Belarus. The doors of this confectionery have been open to the public since 1952, and of course in 2016, after the renovations that took place in this confectionery, a small cafe has been set up in a part of this confectionery for those who like the sweets of this confectionery. Try the pastry, which is one of the most unique Soviet-style sweets, there while it is still fresher so that they can sit in this cafe and taste these sweets along with the coffee they order. This cafe was more of a confectionery than a cafe, and of course, as mentioned, it is very old, but today a cafe has been set up under this confectionery.

The best cafe in Belarus

My English Grandmother Cafe in Minsk

If the environment and interior design of Minsk cafes are repetitive for you, you can visit my English grandmother’s cafe in Minsk. You may be shocked when you enter this cafe. In this cafe, you will never feel like you are in a cafe and you will feel like visiting your grandmother’s house. In this cafe, in addition to various oriental tea drinks, and of course cakes and homemade sweets, and simple meals Also order and try the style. The interior of this cafe is completely different from most cafes that have almost the same and similar spaces, and this may be the strength of this cafe. You can also enjoy European cuisine at the café. This cafe is one of the most famous and, of course, the most classy cafes in Minsk, which, of course, is a bit more expensive compared to other cafes that have a middle class, but certainly the quality of work of this cafe is a head and neck higher than other cafes. Be. This cafe is open from noon to midnight. This cafe is also a hangout for some celebrities, and of course, if you sit in this cafe, you will see that there are people of different nationalities in this cafe, and each of the customers speaks a different language

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