Top 10 Spanish Dishes

Top 10 Spanish Dishes


Top 10 Spanish Dishes

Top 10 Spanish Dishes – Spain is one of the countries where there are different regions and because of this diversity, it attracts many tourists. Spain is a beautiful country with Spanish dance, football, flamingos, sunny days, beautiful islands, and the Spanish language that many people speak after Chinese.

In addition to being healthy, Spanish food is also one of the most delicious and colorful foods available. For this reason, here are the top 10 Spanish dishes.

Top 10 Spanish Foods: Tapas
Going to Spain and not eating tapas is like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower or going to Italy and not drinking espresso. Tapas is not food but a small snack that Spaniards eat at any time of the day or night. Tapas are so ingrained in Spanish culture that there is even a related present. Although free tapas are available in Madrid, Granada, and Barcelona for drinks and beer, there is no free tapas in the Basque and Andalusian cities.

Top 10 Spanish Dishes

In Madrid, a mini plate of sandwiches, almonds, or snacks is provided with each beer order.

Tortilla Espanola
Top 10 Spanish dishes: Tortilla Espanola
This Spanish omelet is made from potatoes, eggs, onions, salt, and pepper and is the most common Spanish food. To prepare it, you have to chop the potatoes into large pieces and put them in water to boil. Then fry them in olive oil until soft, but should not burn. Rinse the potatoes and mix with the chopped onion and scrambled eggs. Then pour the ingredients into a pan (preferably a ceramic pan) and then place on the flame to fry one side first and then the other side well.

Top 10 Spanish Foods: Paia
Paia is a rice dish that dates back to Valencia. In Spain there are three types of pay: Valencia Paya (white rice, vegetables, chicken, duck, rabbit, snail, beans, and spices), seafood Paya (rice, seafood, and seasoning), and mixed Paya (rice, chicken, food) Seafood, vegetables, olive oil, saffron, and spices).

Gazpacho Soup – Gazpacho
Top 10 Spanish Foods: Gazpacho Soup
Gazpacho is available in hot and cold varieties, soups, salads, and even barbecues, and is made from tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, a little olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, and sometimes ham. This food originally belongs to Andalusia.

Catalan cream in Barcelona
Top 10 Spanish Foods: Catalan Cream
Many believe that Catalan cream and French Brulee cream are similar, but there are differences between the two desserts. For example, Brulee cream is served hot, while Catalan cream is served cold and uses porridge, lemon peel, and cinnamon instead of vanilla, making it fresher than its French counterpart.

Shrimp Siri
Top 10 Spanish Foods: Siri Shrimp
Siri shrimp is one of the delicious Top 10 Spanish Dishes of Spain that is served as a tapas or main dish. You need to fry the shrimps in olive oil for 10 minutes with garlic and red pepper until your delicious food is ready.

Spanish sheep cheese
Top 10 Spanish Foods: Mutton Cheese
This cheese, also known as Don Quixote cheese due to its title in the Don Quixote story, is made from sheep’s milk. This cheese is originally made from special sheep in the Mancha region, but today it can be made anywhere in Spain.

Top 10 Spanish Foods: Alioli
Alioli is a Spanish sauce that originally belongs to the Middle East and can be used in various dishes.

Jamon Iberico
Top 10 Spanish Foods: Jamon Iberico
In different bars in Spain, you can see meat that is hung, and a delicious hamburger is prepared for you by ordering a beer.

Grilled fish on the beach of Marbella
Top 10 Spanish Foods: Grilled Fish
If you go to the beaches of Marbella, Andalusia, or Costa del Sol, be sure to try the grilled fish. You do not need to look for a good restaurant because on the beaches of these areas, fishermen have prepared kebabs and they will prepare delicious grilled fish for you.

In addition, you should know that in Spain, food is always accompanied by bread and a bowl of olives and aioli sauce or butter. We hope you are familiar with Spanish cuisine with the help of this article.

Top 10 Spanish Dishes

Best Spanish Restaurants
The menu of the best Spanish restaurants is one of the top menus of 2018 in the world. You do not know Spain until you have tasted delicious Spanish food. Among European countries, Spanish restaurants with unique and varied cuisine have overtaken the rest and are among the best restaurants in the world. Spain is a seafood paradise. You may be tempted to dine in the best restaurants in Spain during your trip; Therefore, it is better to get acquainted with a collection of the best restaurants in Spain before you travel. In this article, we will introduce you to a list of the best.

Spain is a country of fresh and natural foods
Many tourists who have traveled to Spain believe that Spain is full of delicious and nutritious food that meets every taste with a variety of flavors. The secret to the deliciousness of Spanish food lies in its simplicity, freshness, and naturalness. Desserts served in Spanish restaurants take you to a colorful world of sweet tastes. If you are booking a hotel and traveling to Spain, it is better to know the best restaurants in Spain in advance. In this article, we will be your guide and provide you with a list of the best restaurants in Spain.

In Madrid, ask every citizen for the address of the best restaurant, one more name is heard; Casalucio Restaurant. The use of the charcoal oven and olive oil for cooking is the main reason for the fame and deliciousness of this restaurant.

Spain is one of the countries where there are different regions and because of this diversity, it attracts many tourists. Spain is a beautiful country with Spanish dance, football, flamingos, sunny days, beautiful islands, and the Spanish language that many people speak after Chinese.

The variety and quality of the traditional Top 10 Spanish Dishes of Casalucio restaurant are so great that you can not decide which one to choose. Remember to have a table in advance to eat in the best restaurant in Madrid, because this restaurant has a lot of customers.

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