Tourist Colombia Visa

Tourist Colombia Visa


Tourist Colombia Visa

Tourist Colombia Visa – Colombia, the fourth largest country in South America, covers an area of ​​more than one million square kilometers; With attractive weather conditions and scenery, and warm and humid plains, the Amazon River is a great area for tourists. For all applicants to visit Colombia, obtaining a Colombian tourist visa is very important in the first stage, and tourists must apply for a visa. The Republic of Colombia shares borders with Brazil and Ecuador, which is a great advantage because tourists can also visit Brazil on a trip to Colombia. The country, which shares borders with the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west, has beautiful and open beaches for tourists.

Requirements for obtaining a Colombian tourist visa
One of the positive points in the process of obtaining a Colombian tourist visa is that there is no need to conduct a face-to-face interview with a traveler at the embassy. When traveling to Colombia, due to the number of tourist attractions and attractive tourist areas, this country will definitely be a pleasure and a memory for your dear ones. For a Colombian tourist visa, there is no need to register biometric and fingerprint information in the embassy of this country; It is clear that in order to apply for a Colombian tourist visa and apply at the Colombian embassy, ​​you must provide the following documents:

Tourist Colombia Visa

Original passport valid for at least six months
Provide a copy of the round trip ticket reservation
Provide a copy of hotel and accommodation reservations
Certificate of employment for students
Explain the reason for the trip and the address and telephone number of the accommodation
Requirements for obtaining a Colombian tourist visa
Types of Colombian tourist visas
In addition to issuing tourist visas, Colombia has provided the possibility of issuing another visa for those interested in leisure travel to this country, according to the conditions of businessmen; Colombia Business Tourist Visa is issued to people who intend to do a short-term business or enter into a large business contract in the country. The documents required to obtain a Colombian business tourist visa are as follows:

Valid passport valid for at least six months
Submission of a letter from a Colombian company that is a party to the contract
However, you must apply for a work visa to do long-term business or work in Colombia, such as a public or private company. The Colombian tourist visa is normally valid for 90 days and can be extended for another 90 days if certain conditions are met. The process of obtaining a Colombian tourist visa does not cost much and only the specified amounts are paid at the embassy of this country.

Guide to Colombia Tourist Attractions – Tourist Colombia Visa
Colombia, which has coastal and mountainous areas up to the villages around the Amazon River, has attractive and diverse tourist destinations; Among the country’s tourist attractions are the immature forests of Ciudad Perdida and the lost city of Teyune, which attracts many tourists each year. The structure of very old buildings with rocky terraces and low population and dense forest cover on long hiking trails is one of the tourist attractions of these areas. The five-colored river Caño Cristales Rainbow is known as one of the natural tourist attractions in Colombia; Unfortunately, this section has not been accessible since 1989 due to environmental problems. Located at the height of Los Nevados, which is located around attractive volcanic peaks, it is also considered the main attraction of the park in winter, which is covered with snow.

Masters in Colombia

Colombian visa – Tourist Colombia Visa
To travel to Colombia, individuals must obtain a Colombian tourist, business, or work visa. Colombia is full of natural and amazing attractions. The city of Bogota, the capital of this country, has its own beautiful and unique attractions. Individuals can obtain a tourist visa after submitting their documents to the Colombian embassy. This visa is valid for 90 days. If people wish, they can extend it for another 90 days. The Colombian work visa, formerly known as the TP-4 and now known as the M-5, is initially valid for one year. Individuals can renew it for another 3 years. After the expiration of the 3-year credit, it will be extended for another 5 years, which is the same as a permanent residence in Colombia. At the end of the 5-year period, a person can obtain Colombian citizenship. It goes without saying that in order to obtain a Colombian work visa, individuals must obtain a job offer from employers in Colombia. Colombian business or business visas are issued to senior executives and representatives of foreign companies intending to establish business relations with Colombian companies. These people will not be allowed to work in Colombia and will only be granted a 180-day residence permit. The country has another visa called a residence visa. This visa is issued to those who hold one of the six types of temporary visas in Colombia. One of the most important benefits of this visa is that people can live outside of Colombia for a maximum of 2 years during the 5 years of its validity. During the validity of this visa will be allowed to do work and any employment.

Tourist Colombia Visa

Documents required to obtain a Colombian tourist visa
Individuals interested in traveling and tourism in Colombia must submit the following documents to the Embassy of Colombia in order to obtain a Colombian tourist visa:

Provide the original passport with a minimum validity of 6 months
Book a round trip ticket to Colombia
Book a hotel in Colombia
Invitation from a person who is a citizen of Colombia.
Documents required to obtain a Colombian tourist visa

Tourist Attractions in Colombia
As we mentioned, Colombia is one of the tourist destinations in the world. By obtaining a Colombian tourist visa, you can easily enjoy the mountains, beaches, seas, and swamps of this country. This country has many tourist attractions. In this section, we will introduce some of them.

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