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Travel Guide to Hong Kong


Travel Guide to Hong Kong

Travel Guide to Hong Kong – Hong Kong is one of the most important and largest ports in the world, located in the east of the Pearl River Delta. Due to its special and extraordinary position, this port is considered by many tourists and investors, and this is why it has been able to maintain its independence, considering that it has declared autonomy from China. Before traveling to any part of the world, having enough information about the attractions in that destination, as well as a view of restaurants and hotels and their facilities are among the needs that travelers should have.

The geographical location of Hong Kong – Travel Guide to Hong Kong
Hong Kong City is an autonomous region located in southern China. The region is one of the most important financial and commercial markets in Asia and the world, which joined the People’s Republic of China in 1997 after the expiration of the previous treaty. Hong Kong consists of three main geographical areas: Hong Kong Island, Colon Peninsula, and New Regions. According to the census conducted in 2017, the population of this city is about 7 million people and its area is equal to 2,000 square kilometers.

The cost of accommodation in Hong Kong
Due to the fact that Hong Kong is one of the richest regions of China, there are luxury and quality hotels in this autonomous Chinese city that you can choose one of the best in this city depending on your budget and taste. Choose for your stay. But why is this city called an autonomous city in the article Are Macau or Hong Kong a country? Read. Of course, there are many hostels in the cities of this country that also offer good services, but you should not expect from a hostel that you expect from a multi-star hotel, and you also need to know if this is your first time in this country. If you want to travel, know that it is better to stay in a hotel and get a little acquainted with the cities and culture of the people of this country.

Recommended Hotels in Hong Kong – Cordis, Hong Kong at Langham Place
The recommended hotel in the Hong Kong Travel Guide is a hotel called Cordis, located in the Langham neighborhood right in the heart of Hong Kong. This hotel has 668 luxuries that you can have the ultimate in comfort during your stay. Facilities available during your stay at the hotel include Wi-Fi, smartphones, and unparalleled services, and excellent hotel facilities and services such as a swimming pool, modern European and traditional Chinese restaurant, gym, spa, And….
Phone number: 0085258085398 0085235523388
Address: Mong Kok Complex, 557 Shanghai St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Travel Guide Hong Kong

Royal Plaza Hotel
Another hotel that we want to introduce in the travel guide to Hong Kong is the Royal Plaza Hotel. This hotel is another very good hotel in Hong Kong, which is very beautiful and luxuriously designed and is located in the heart of a neighborhood called Mong Kook. The Royal Hotel is 40 minutes from Hong Kong International Airport. , High-speed internet is free and.
Phone number: 0085229288822
Address: MOKO Podium, Kadoorie Hill, Hong Kong

The cost of food in Hong Kong – Travel Guide to Hong Kong
In every trip, the food section can be one of the most attractive, which is also the case in Hong Kong, and the quality of food, as well as restaurants, is guaranteed. Food costs in this country are mentioned according to the official Numbeo website. Which are:

You will have to pay Hong Kong $ 50 for a meal at a low-cost restaurant.
You have to pay Hong Kong $ 360 to have a meal for two in an average restaurant.
McDonald’s menus in Hong Kong are relatively cheaper at $ 35.
You have to pay Hong Kong $ 7.5 for mineral water, and if you want a cup of coffee, you have to pay Hong Kong $ 34.

Some popular Hong Kong food
Lo Mai Gai: Lo mai gai is a type of dry sum prepared to make chicken, Chinese mushrooms, Chinese sausages, onions, and sometimes dried shrimp or salted eggs in rice, then wrapped in lotus leaves and steamed.

Roast goose: One of the most popular Chinese dishes that is also served in Europe is goose kebab. To prepare this dish, goose is flavored with special spices and then grilled on charcoal in the oven.

Kerry biscuit or noodle biscuit: Biscuit means breast meat. There are many good restaurants in Hong Kong that serve beef breast stew cooked with special spices and herbs.

Recommended restaurants in Hong Kong – Hutong Chinese Restaurant
The restaurant we want to mention in our travel guide to Hong Kong is a Chinese restaurant where you can taste a variety of Asian and Chinese dishes. Since this restaurant is one of the luxury restaurants in Hong Kong, the price of food is a bit high, but you will definitely be satisfied with the quality it offers.
Address: One Peking, 1 Peking Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

aqua Restaurant
Water Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong and you can taste the best food in this restaurant. The menu also includes a variety of seafood, Italian, Japanese, European, Asian, and sushi that are amazing. If the costs are not important to you and you are looking for a great experience, be sure to have an unforgettable meal in this restaurant and the dream atmosphere that Have fun.
Address: One Peking, 1 Peking Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Travel Guide Hong Kong

Shipping cost in Hong Kong
Single table ticket costs $ 10 Hong Kong
The monthly ticket price is $ 460 Hong Kong
The cost of a taxi when you sit in it is $ 24 Hong Kong and $ 8.50 per kilometer is added to the amount. If you want a taxi to wait for you, you have to pay Hong Kong $ 102.
The cost of a liter of gasoline in this country is 15 Hong Kong dollars

Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong – Hong Kong Park
A beautiful park is located in the central part of Hong Kong Island, which has beautiful water features and ponds. In this place, you can have happy moments with your family and friends.
Address: 15 Cotton Tree Dr, Central, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland
One of the most exciting attractions in Hong Kong is Disneyland, which opened in 2005. In this collection, many cartoon characters such as Beautiful Sleeping Castle, Cinderella Carousel, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, and other cartoon characters are displayed, which is an opportunity to take beautiful souvenir photos with sculptures of these characters. Provides
Address: Unnamed Road, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong

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