travel guide to Paris

travel guide to Paris


travel guide to Paris

travel guide to Paris – Paris is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world with its many historical, cultural and recreational attractions. In the meantime, tourists only have a special look at this city. The name Paris reminds us of the world’s great poets, writers, and playwrights. The city with many tourist attractions and tourists quickly fall in love with it. Paris is a safe city for those travelers who want to go to the French capital alone. The cozy hotels, cafes, and restaurants of Paris tempt every traveler to come to the city of lovers. These features make Paris an unforgettable destination for adventurous and independent travelers. If you are planning a solo trip to Paris shortly, this article can be a good guide for you.

Where to stay?
It does not matter if you are traveling to Paris for leisure or business, this city is a good opportunity to stay in one of the most stylish newly established hotels. The C.O.Q Hotel is one of those luxury hotels with cozy accommodation. This small but luxurious hotel is located in the thirteenth district and welcomes you with its magnificent appearance. In addition, the Grand Pigalle Hôtel combines the artistic heritage of the region with a Parisian vibe that will not leave you feeling nostalgic.

Where to eat? – a travel guide to Paris
Eating alone is one of those special skills in Paris. Have you ever wondered why it is only possible to sit on one side of the tables on the balcony of Parisian restaurants? Because eating alone outdoors and socializing with the passing world is the best possible experience in Paris. Huguette Restaurant in Saint-Germain-des-Prés is Paris’s answer to fascinating waterfront entertainment with the most luxurious seafood restaurant possible. Another popular restaurant in the area is called Aux Prés. Oprah is the lesser-known sister of Le Chardenoux in the Aligre market. Cyril Lignac, the owner of the two restaurants, is in charge of conducting culinary television competitions in France.

Which museums should we visit? – a travel guide to Paris
If you are looking for an interactive art experience, drop out of the Louvre and head to the 59RIVOLI Museum. There are more than 30 art studios in the museum, and visitors can chat with the artists while buying a souvenir. The Quai Branly Museum is one of the least visited museums in Paris. The themes of the museum’s temporary exhibitions challenge the audience. In addition, the beautiful gardens of the museum provide a good opportunity to walk in a pleasant atmosphere.

travel guide to Paris

What entertainment should we do?
A trip to Paris, however short, can be an opportunity to improve your culinary skills in French cuisine. There are dozens of culinary schools in Paris, each of which teaches its styles and techniques. Alain Ducasse Culinary School offers cooking and pastry courses, and most importantly, all courses are in English. You may have fallen in love with Paris by watching it on the big screen; While sitting in a dark room can be a weird idea to spend precious time in Paris, you should know that the city has some of the best cinemas that make you feel like a Parisian.

Where to go for day trips?
You do not need to travel long distances from the center of Paris to understand the different facets of the region and France. The Saint-Ouen Antique Market is located in the north of Paris and can be reached via Metro Lines 4 and 13. Travelers staying in the 17th and 18th arrondissements of Paris can reach the market on foot. This winding market is open from Saturday to Monday and is full of antiques and second-hand items. There are many restaurants, cafes, and galleries in the 14 separate areas of this market; So St. Owen can be a different experience for you.

Which neighborhoods should we visit?
If you are traveling to Paris alone, get ready to visit the bustling neighborhoods of Pigalle and the Canal Saint-Martin. You can stroll along the canal, visit Villette Park with its futuristic views, and visit the restaurants and cafés of the Bastille. For more interaction with Parisians, head to the Boulevard Saint-Germain (especially if you love shopping) and the streets of the Latin Quarter. In this part of the city, you will see a real mix of historical and modern attractions.

travel guide to Paris

How to move around the city?
One of the best ways to visit Paris, especially on solo trips, is to use a bicycle. You can buy a one-day ticket for € 1.70 or a weekly ticket for € 8, using all public bicycles in Paris for city-wide sightseeing. These tickets help you to ride public bikes indefinitely for a certain period. In addition, the first 30 minutes of each ride are free. Public bicycles are great for commuting, such as the Fifty-Nine Rivoli Museum and the Key Branley Museum. On longer trips on these bikes, you will be charged € 1 more for the first half-hour and € 4 more for the next 1.5 hours and beyond.

Ile de la Cite Paris

The climate of Paris is oceanic, that is, with the change of the air fronts of the Atlantic Ocean, its climate also changes. For this reason, it may rain in this city all year round, and this is what has made this city known as the city of sudden rains. Spring, summer, and autumn Paris is very beautiful and pleasant weather but winter is cold. If you are traveling to Paris, to safely choose your luggage, it is better to have a look at the weather forecast in Paris for the next year at

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