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Travel Marseille


Travel Marseille

Travel Marseille – Marseille is the second-largest city in France and the cultural capital of Europe. This vibrant port city is the birthplace of great French writers and artists. In Marseille, you can see the old prison of the city or the same prison that Alexandre Dumas mentioned in the famous book of Count Monte Cristo. This multinational city takes you on a journey into the heart of different cultures. During your trip to Marseille, you can enjoy French cafes and restaurants, boating, and beautiful nature with a temperate climate.

geographical location
The port city of Marseille is located in the southeast of France in the Prunes region. With a population of 855,393 and an area of ​​241 square meters, it is the second-largest city in France after Paris. Marseille is also the largest port city in France by the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Marseille is also known as the cultural capital of Europe.

A brief history of Marseille
The history of this city dates back to 600 BC. At that time, this port was composed of Turks and Greeks. Later, with the establishment of a commercial port in this city, Marseilles became the most important and largest residential city of the Greeks. The city later joined the Roman Empire and maintained its independence until the first century BC. Marseille joined France in 1480. In the 19th century, the construction of the Suez Canal boosted the city’s maritime trade.

Marseille has a Mediterranean climate. Spring in Marseille is one of the mildest and mildest seasons and it is drier than autumn. Marseille summers are hot and dry, and in the hottest months, July and August, the temperature does not rise above 30 degrees. Autumn in this city is cool and mild and usually, the amount and time of rain are not predictable. Adjacent to the sea and hills, Marseille has a mild climate in winter and rarely drops below 10 degrees, however, Mister winds cause some days of heavy frost to await. Be a city.

The best time to travel
As the city has a temperate climate on most days of the year, there is no specific time to travel to it. If you do not want to travel to Marseille in the heat, spring and autumn are the best time to visit this city. In general, the best time to visit Marseilles is April to June and September to November.

General travel expenses
Marseille, like most French cities, is neither too expensive nor too cheap. In general, for an almost cheap trip to Marseille, you need about 40 to 50 euros per day.

Travel Marseille

Accommodation fees
The average cost of staying in a city hotel varies from € 60 per night in a 3-star hotel to € 390 in a luxury hotel.

eating cost
Shopping at local vegetable and fruit shops costs around € 40 a week. Ready meals and fast food cost around 4 to 7 euros. The cost of ordering food in medium restaurants is around 15 to 27 euros.

Most Famous Foods – Bouillabaisse
Boys is a French soup that you can try in Marcel. This soup is prepared from 5 different types of fresh fish and shrimp. This food is one of the most popular and of course the most expensive Marseille dishes.

Moules Marinière
Mollusk marinade is served with lots of garlic, onions, and fresh local vegetables such as rosemary. You can find this popular dish in most Marseille restaurants.

Panisse – Travel Marseille
The Panisse is a fish fillet sandwich served with special bread. To prepare this dish, fish fillets are chopped into small pieces and fried and served with vegetables, potatoes, and green beans.

Pizzaladir is one of the simple and light French dishes whose taste can be considered something between pizza and tart. This dish is prepared from the base of the tart with gypsy fish, onions, and black olives.

Marseille Tourism

transport cost
Buses and metros have good access to all parts of Marseille. You can get bus and metro tickets from cafes in addition to their special stations. The cost of a two-way ticket is 3 Euros and a 10-table ticket is 13 Euros, which is cheaper than buying a single ticket. You can also buy a one-day ticket for 5 euros and a 3-day ticket for 10 euros.

Le Vieux Port
The port of Le Vaux is one of the old ports of the city where you can see fishermen selling fresh fish and fish. In this port, you can enjoy trying fresh seafood and boating. The cost of a tourist trip by boat to this port is about 10 euros.

Borely Park
This beautiful park is one of the best destinations in Marseille for a picnic, relaxing, or enjoying an evening stroll. You can enjoy a day in the heart of nature in the French style in the numerous restaurants and cafes that exist in this area.

Travel Marseille

Longchamp Palace
This 19th-century garden is quiet and beautiful in the center of Marcel. The garden is located near the Duren River and contains many spectacular sculptures. The old building of this garden is one of the most famous buildings in Marseille.

Vieille Charite – Travel Marseille

Built-in the 17th century as a refuge for the sick, the homeless, and the elderly, it is now one of Marseille’s most famous museums. In this building, there is a place of worship and several small buildings. The museum is closed on Mondays every week.

In the four seasons of the year, you can enjoy different festivals in Marseille. The Spring Festival takes place in mid-March, the Summer Festival in June and July, the Autumn Festival in September, and the Winter Festival in early February each year.

Do’s and Don’ts
Watch out for pickpockets when traveling to Marseille. These people may approach you for guidance.
Do not speak loudly in restaurants, subways, and public places in general.
Milk water is drinkable in this city, but it is better to use mineral water in some rural areas around it.
In case of emergency, you can call the emergency medical emergency number 15, fire department 18, and European standard emergency numbers for free.
Some of the luxury restaurants in this city only accept people in formal attire (suits).

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