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Travel Marseille


Travel Marseille

Travel Marseille – If you have only 24 hours to visit Marseille, do not despair! Because we will accompany you in this short time so that you can get the best experience from it and get acquainted with the general beauties of the city. Modern urban life can be seen together. A 24-hour tour may be too little time to judge this city; But if that’s all you have, then we’ll guide you to make the most of your time.

Breakfast at the old port
The fish market starts at 8 am in the old port of Marseille and is more than 100 years old and one of the great places in the city for a light breakfast and a walk among fresh seafood. You can go to one of several cafes by the water for a cup of fresh coffee and croissants. After exploring the harbor and enjoying the view of the boats or even a little shopping, you should head to the “Museum of European and Mediterranean Culture”. The museum will be accessible on foot from Marseille’s oldest neighborhood, the Panier. This museum is an architectural marvel and will amaze your whole building. Art fairs are also held here, but most people visit them for rooftop restaurants and cafes.

Move along the Cornish Kennedy – Travel Marseille
Be careful not to miss Saint-Jean Fort. This lovely place will be exciting for adventurous curiosities around small tunnels and ancient sidewalks. You can end your morning with a walk, a bike ride (public city bikes are free for the first half-hour), or a bus along with the Corniche Kennedy. Named after the famous American president, these buses travel to one of the most attractive routes in Marseille and offer passengers unparalleled views of the beautiful coast. If you have already booked a table, you can go to “London”, one of the best restaurants in the city, and order one of the delicious local fish called “bouillabaisse”.

Madame Tussauds Museum

Sightseeing in the Julien Core neighborhood
After a delicious and memorable lunch, you should head to the small, slightly remote cliffs on the other side of the Kennedy Cornish. Here you can relax for half an hour in your private paradise and enjoy the stunning scenery. Then head to Villa Valmer, and before walking or cycling back to the city, take a few photos of the scenic scenery and reminisce about its charming beauty. The trip to Marseille should not end without visiting its famous church. This church is built on the highest point of the city and is completely aristocratic. From the old port, take the small train that departs at 6 pm in summer and visit this magnificent building. After visiting the church, you can visit Cours Julien. This large street is a renovated neighborhood that accommodates something for everyone: playgrounds for small children, cafes and restaurants, clubs, cinemas, and a significant amount of good energy!

Travel Marseille

Have dinner and watch the sunset
You can dine in one of the many restaurants on the street to the east of Core Julien and order a variety of food from the area, But perhaps choosing an African-French dish is the best option. During the summer months, the best place to watch the sunset is the La Friche rooftop café. It used to be a tobacco factory, but today it has become a large cultural site next to the Saint Charles train station. There is always an exciting program on weekdays and most weekends. If you come to Marseille in the winter, head to the old port and dine near the Opera or by the harbor. You can end your busy day with a drink in one of the cafes.

Distance from Marseille to Paris
Marseille has located 170 km from Paris. The approximate distance between Marseille and Paris is 775 km. It takes about 7 hours and 19 minutes by land from Paris to Marseille.

History of the city of Marseille
The geographical location of the port of Marseille does not allow the city to rest, so the city has always been one of the strategic points of France and Europe. For this reason, Marseille has always been attacked and invaded by foreign forces. After the construction of the Suez Canal in 1869, the city of Marseille became more and more popular with merchants and traders. The majority of the people of Marseilles were immigrants who came to this port; A population that, if you check their authenticity, you will find African slaves or European immigrants. But what has always kept Marseille vibrant and dynamic are the three elements of sport, music, and art.

Course Street Julien Marseille  – Travel Marseille
If you want to understand the life of the natives of Marseille, do not miss the opportunity to walk on Julien Street. This Julien course is full of art shops, street painters, graffiti or graffiti, and people walking or taking pictures of Julien’s artwork.

Travel Marseille

Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde
Notre Dame Cathedral of Notre Dame de Marseille may be confused with the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris; But this cathedral, with its unique architecture, is located at the highest point of the city. Dugard Church is a Catholic church built in 1853 by the young Jacques Henri Esprandio. Locals in Marseille have dubbed the Church of Notre Dame de Lugard a “good mother” and believe it protects the city from calamities.

Old Port of Marseille
The old port of Marseille (Vieux Port) is the most important part of the city, which has long been a place for anchoring merchant ships. The old port of Marseilles dates back to 600 BC. It is interesting to know that this port is the place where Count Monte Cristo was imprisoned under the pretext of supporting Napoleon Bonaparte. Countless small white boats are anchored on the shores of the old port, which tourists can use to see the Mediterranean Sea using the existing boats.

Region of Marseille Argentan
The Argentan region and the Orne River are Roman cities with a history full of tragic events and wars. The area was always attacked during the ancient Romans, during the Anglo-French War, or World War II. But despite all the destruction that has been done to the face of the city, it has always maintained its dynamism. Twelfth-century Margaret Castle, Justice or Duke’s Castle, fourteenth-century, Saint-Germain, a medieval monument, and Saint Nicolas Chapel are some of the attractions of this small town. You will visit these areas.

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