Tuition China universities

Tuition China universities

Tuition China universities

Tuition China universities – Do you want to know the tuition fees of Chinese universities? Do you not know the cost of living in China? Want to know how much it costs to study at a Chinese public university? Is tuition at Chinese universities very important to you? This article describes the tuition fees of Chinese universities.

Study in China
China is one of the most popular countries for all types of immigration, including study migration to China; Investment migration to China, and… is also. China has a long tradition and tourism; Having a sustainable culture; the Existence of higher education centers; an Advanced economy and… has caused many people to apply for immigration to this country every year. Studying in China due to having an advanced education system in the world has been in demand by many people, especially students, and this has led to Many applicants immigrate to China each year to study.

Tuition in China – Tuition China universities
Although the cost of living in China is rising, the cost of living and studying in China will still be much better than in other European and developed countries. Keep in mind that the cost of living and education in China is relatively low compared to other developed countries. Obviously, the cost of living in small cities is much lower and in larger and more populous Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. They will be more expensive. Because in smaller Chinese cities, the cost of living is lower, such as rent, food, public transportation, clothing, and so on. Cities like Jian and Nanjing are great places to study and live in China. Studying abroad comes at a cost. The most important cost is university tuition. Tuition at Chinese universities varies depending on the degree, field of study, and university accreditation. Tuition at Chinese universities is between 12,000 and 20,000 yuan a year, something around $ 1,200 to $ 3,000 a year for undergraduate or graduate courses. But university tuition for medical sciences varies between 30,000 and 50,000 yuan, or $ 5,500 to $ 7,500 a year.

The cost of living in China
But apart from the university tuition, the next important cost is the cost of accommodation. Accommodation in China is possible in three ways. The first is accommodation in a university dormitory, which costs 800 to 1000 yuan ($ 120 to $ 150) per month; It is Chinese, which costs between 2,000 and 2,500 yuan ($ 240 to $ 300) a month, although the latter method includes one meal a day. Finally, the cost of food is one of the essential expenses during school. The cost of food depends more on the taste and possibility of cooking for the student. The more food a student can earn by cooking, the lower the cost of food. The average cost of food varies between 600 and 1,200 yuan ($ 150 to $ 300) a month.

The cost of studying in China in various fields of study
Due to the multiplicity of universities in China, the variety of programs and fields of study in China is very high and students can find a curriculum that suits their circumstances with a little research and search. Tuition fees in some of the most popular fields of study offered in Chinese universities are as follows:

The cost of engineering education in China: $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 per year.
The cost of medical education in China: $ 4,000 to $ 7,000 per year.
The cost of studying physiotherapy in China: $ 4,000 to $ 8,000 per year.
Nursing education in China: $ 2,500 to $ 7,000 per year.
The cost of studying pharmacy in China: $ 2,100 to $ 6,900 per year.
The cost of studying management in China: $ 5,600 to $ 20,750 per year.
The cost of studying law in China: $ 2,000 to $ 6,000 per year.
The cost of studying fine arts in China: $ 2,500 to $ 5,500 per year.
Given the popularity of the medical field, the cost of studying this field in the best Chinese universities is given in the table below:

University Tuition Fee (Annual – In Dollars)
Fudan University
Capital Medical University
Nanjing Medical University
Shantou Medical University
Zhejiang University
Guangzhou Medical University
Tongji Medical University
Jinzhou Medical University

Tuition China universities

Tuition fees at Chinese universities
Tuition fees at cheaper universities The table below start with tuition fees at Shandong University in China.

University tuition in China (in dollars – per year)
China University 4,500
Peking University 4.000
Fudan University 3,300
Zhejiang University 4,700
Nanjing University 3,000
Jiao Tong University Shanghai 4,400
Shandong University 2.620
Wuhan University 2,500
University of Shenzhen 2,600
Chengdu University 2,200
Keep in mind that tuition fees in China are significantly reduced by receiving scholarships.

Tuition China fees

Cost of language courses in China – Tuition China universities
People who do not have a Chinese or English language qualification can study in China by taking courses in China. It is good to know that the cost of studying in China without a language degree is not much different from the cost of studying with a language degree, and you only need to add the cost of language preparation courses or a degree to this cost. The cost of Chinese and English language courses in China can be estimated as follows:

Chinese language courses at Chinese universities cost about $ 1,000 per semester.
Chinese language courses at Chinese private institutions cost about $ 150 per week.
The cost of an English language course at a Chinese private institution: about $ 1990 per month.
Academic language learning at Chinese universities will cost $ 4,000 to $ 16,000 per year. Keep in mind that applicants for Chinese language courses in China can take advantage of scholarships available in this area. 2 Letters of recommendation, health certificate, study program in China at different stages or personal statements, printed forms of CSC scholarship and approved diplomas are among the documents required to receive this type of scholarship.

Tuition China universities

English language courses in China
There are generally two types of English education programs in China: First, teaching courses are offered by local universities in China, in which international students will have no classes with local Chinese students. Low tuition fee one This is one of the main reasons why many students apply for this type of program, you just have to choose the right program, we hope this type of teaching will be useful for your future professional work. Second, teaching through English in the branch There are English or American universities in China that offer programs with an international curriculum, and students will receive their academic degrees and regulations.

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