Turkish national parks

Turkish Parks


Turkish Parks

Turkish Parks – Turkish national parks are one of the most beautiful sights in Turkey and of course the historical attraction of Turkey. During the tour of Turkey, by visiting Aladaglar National Park, Bishir Lake, Hot Format National Park, etc., you will see a beautiful and ancient natural place. From the spectacular mountains to the remnants of history in the heart of nature, everything you will see in the national parks of Turkey, in the following we will introduce you to 10 of the most famous national parks in Turkey. Follow the Turkish dream:

1. Turkish Parks: Aladağlar National Park – Aladağlar

Aladaglar Park in the south of Turkey was established as a national park in 1995. This beautiful park is composed of the mountains of the Antwerp Mountains and owes its beauty to its soaring mountains. This large national park with an area of ​​more than 55,000 hectares and an altitude of 3,500 meters, stretches from Qusayr Province to Adana Province, Turkey.

Address of Aladağlar National Park, Turkey – Aladağlar:

51660Demirkazık Köyü / Çamardı / Niğde, Turkey

2. Turkish Parks: Beyşehir Lake National Park, Turkey – Beyşehir

Lake Bishir, located in the province of Kenya in central Turkey, is famous for 140 species of plants, more than 16 species of freshwater fish and waterfowl that live in the lake. For visitors, this park is a good place for mountaineering, hiking and mountain biking. In this park, you can easily spend a few days in camps and hotels in Bishir.

Address of Beyşehir Lake National Park in Turkey – Beyşehir:

Karadiken Mahallesi, Beyşehir Derebucak Yenişarbademli Yolu, 42700 Beyşehir / Konya, Turkey,

3. Turkish Parks: Nemrut Dağı National Park – Nemrut Dağı

Nemrut Park is one of the most important Turkish Parks with a mountain altitude of more than 2000 meters. Climb to the top of the mountain by visiting Nemrut Park in Turkey, you may want to see the famous historical sculptures of Turkey. It is a royal tomb that dates back to the first century BC.

Nemrut Dağı National Park Address – Nemrut Dağı:

Nemrut Dağı Yolu, 02400 Kayadibi / Kahta / Adıyaman, Turkey

4. Turkey Göreme National Park – Göreme

Turkey’s popular Gorem Park, in fact, brings together the world’s natural phenomena and historical remains. Chimneys, stone churches, and underground cities are exciting sights that cannot be missed in Turkey. Visitors can visit the park’s attractions on foot, by bicycle, or by hot air balloon.

Göreme Turkey National Park Address – Göreme:

50180Göreme Municipality / Nevşehir Center / Nevşehir, Turkey

5. Kprülü Canyon National Park, Turkey

Keprolu Valley Park in Turkey is known for its beautiful wildlife and takes its name from the stunning valley which is about 366 km long and in some places, its height reaches 400 meters. Copperlo Park was established in 1973 as a national park. It should be noted that the salmon of this park is also famous and we suggest you enjoy its taste in one of the local restaurants.

Address of Köprülü Canyon National Park, Turkey:

Bozyaka Mahallesi, 07550 Manavgat / Antalya, Turkey, +90 312 207 50 00

6. Beydağları National Coastal Park of Turkey – Beydağları

The 34,000-hectare slum includes the old towns of Olympos, Phaselis, and Idyros. In all areas of the park, wildlife and the park’s beaches are intertwined. Visitors can walk on the beach or go mountaineering, camping, and rock climbing.

Address of Beydağlarاری National Coastal Park in Turkey – Beydağları:

07130Konyaaltı / Antalya, Turkey

7. Munzur Valley National Park Turkey – Munzur

As the largest and most popular national park in Turkey, it is no surprise that the wildlife and plant species of the Monsor Valley are protected. The popular Munzur Park is located in eastern Anatolia, and it is recommended that you choose June and August to visit this spectacular park.

Address of Munzur Valley National Park, Turkey – Munzur:

Tunceli Ovacık Yolu, 62000 Sarıtaş Köyü / Tunceli Merkez / Tunceli, Turkey

8. Dilek peninsula National Park Turkey – Dilek peninsula

One of the most beautiful biodiversity Turkish Parks, with many native and migratory birds, mammals, plants, and many marine animals, is a natural paradise environment overlooking the Aegean Sea. Apart from the excellent landscapes of nature photography, this park also has forest landscapes and mountain trails with beautiful views of land and sea. If you love photography and selfies, do not miss visiting Dilek Pinisola National Park during your tour of Turkey.

Address of Dilek peninsula National Park in Turkey – Dilek peninsula:

Güzelçamlı / Kuşadası / Aydın Province, Turkey

9. Turkey Yedigöller National Park – Yedigöller

Yediولüller Park is one of the most beautiful Turkish Parks and everyone loves it because of the seven lakes that flow in this park. The Idegoller Parge is famous for its stunning visual combination of different trees, leaves that change color in different seasons, and the image reflected in the lake water. In Yedigüller Park, Turkey, camping or even diving is one of the most relaxing pastimes.

Address of Yedigöller National Park in Turkey – Yedigöller:

14030Yedigöller / Bolu Merkez / Bolu, Turkey

10. Turkey Uludag National Park – Uludağ

Uludag National Park is one of the most important ski destinations in Turkey. Uludag Mountain, with an altitude of more than 2000 meters, is suitable for winter sports. Even in the warmer months of Turkey, this national park is a great destination for hiking and camping.

Address of Uludağ National Park in Turkey – Uludağ:

Osmangazi / Bursa, Turkey

Ulus park

If you want to sit in a very cozy corner and stare at the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul, our best choice could be Olus Park, which is located on a hill called Artakoy, with its unique amenities and scenery. Has become one of the most popular parks in Istanbul, where everyone will need it for a little rest and solitude, and of course, it is good to know that in this park, not only beautiful scenery and special nature awaits you, but also in this park. There is also a café of the same name that you can visit if you wish and enjoy the taste of its drinks, but it is not bad that to taste the most delicious food in Istanbul, it is only a few steps away from the park to go to the restaurant. Go to Istanbul’s famous restaurants and enjoy the authentic taste of Turkish food.

Macka Park

If you are looking for a park where you can see the whole ornamental pool with small and large fountains, tall and long cable cars, colorful and decorative flowers and plants, it is better to go to the işili district of Istanbul and visit Maka Park and of course It is not bad to know that in this park, in addition to the mentioned items, there is a path for walking and cycling, a children’s playground with a suitable playground, a picnic area, a restaurant, and countless cafes.

Mihrabat Tabiat Park

A garden full of ancient trees soaring and beautiful purple with a view of the Bosphorus Strait is called Mihrabat Nature Park, this area with an area of ​​25 hectares has become one of the most popular parks among the locals. And tourists, and of course it is not bad to know that this park has been able to provide a picnic area, volleyball and basketball courts and a specific path for cycling for those who are interested in it, and also not to mention that people to enter The park must be paid an entrance fee to the relevant official.

Yildiz Park

In Istanbul’s Yildiz Park, you can sit and watch the beautiful trees and plants, or you can enjoy the palaces leftover from the Ottoman Empire. Of course, it is good to know that the best time to visit this park in May. Because at this time, the eye-catching and dazzling tulips of the park can show themselves, and with its excessive fragrance and beauty, it surprises everyone, and it is also good to know that part of this park was in the 19th century. It was built and today it has become one of the largest parks in Istanbul.

Emirgan Park

A very beautiful park located in the European part of Istanbul is called Amirgan Park, this park with an area of ​​470,000 square meters has become the largest park in Istanbul and of course, it may be interesting to know this park due to space Its lush greenery and most importantly its countless and colorful tulips are known among tourists and locals, and it is also not bad to know that this unique park was built in the 17th century and inside it has managed to have two artificial lagoons and thousands of thousands. Place decorative flowers and plants and not to mention that in this park, in addition to these beautiful flowers and plants, there are three special wooden mansions called a yellow mansion, pink mansion and white mansion, of course, one of these mansions is food. It provides authentic and international people, and another provides excellent drinks for people, and it is also interesting to know that the International Tulip Festival has been held in Amirgan Park since 2005.

Bebek Park

As mentioned, one of the tourist attractions of Istanbul is the parks of this unique city, Beck Park is one of them, and of course, it should be noted that this park is slightly different from other parks due to its proximity to the Bosphorus. And it has been able to attract many people, and it is also not bad to know that this park owes its name to the area in which it is located, and it goes without saying that in this park, beech and oak trees, cafes, and restaurants are located. Traditional and modern buildings are waiting for people and enthusiasts, and it may be interesting to know that this park was founded in 1908, but in 2008 it was renovated by a group of Italian architects and from an area of ​​about It also has 8,800 square meters.

Miniaturk Park

Another attractive park in Istanbul that you can enter to see all the attractions and places of interest in Istanbul in one place is called Miniature Park, which has been able to become the largest miniature park in the world. And has accommodated all kinds of famous buildings and structures in Istanbul and Turkey, and you should also know that this park has been able to accommodate 58 famous buildings related to Istanbul and 122 small structures in an area of ​​60,000 square meters. All of these structures have been able to attract the attention of many people in the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul.

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