Venezia Mega Outlet

Venezia Mega Outlet


Venezia Mega Outlet

Venezia Mega Outlet – Most of those who travel to Istanbul after sightseeing and leisure are mainly interested in shopping in the shops that exist in this city, among which cheap shopping centers are a high priority for shoppers. Therefore, in this article from our tourism magazine, we are going to talk about one of the cheap shopping malls in this city called Venice Outlet in Istanbul, until you, dear travelers, were going to visit this shopping mall in Istanbul.

Take a look, because as the saying goes, it is both a file and a watch! The architecture of this shopping center is such that it provides you with a shopping atmosphere in the streets of Venice, and in addition to shopping, you can also enjoy the space of this shopping center enough. So stay tuned to learn more about this shopping center and the services it offers.

Venice August in Istanbul
As mentioned above, most people who travel to Istanbul intend to buy in bulk from this city because they can buy the latest items from the best brands at reasonable prices, but these people, buy from shopping malls.

Cheap prices have a higher priority, which is why the Turkish government, based on its knowledge of its passengers, has started to provide stores with these conditions, one of which is the Venice Outlet shopping center in Istanbul, which in addition to cheap shopping In it, you can enjoy the space provided by this collection and feel that you are shopping in Venice.

Venice August in Istanbul provides conditions for you to ride a gondola like Venice and at the same time enjoy shopping. The best brands came together in the shadow of a very large and beautiful shopping center with attractive Italian architecture in Istanbul. In this article, we want to give you all the information you need to know about this shopping center.

Venezia Mega Outlet

Venice August in Istanbul
Venice Mall is located in the European part of Istanbul and was built by one of the top commercial holdings in the city called Gursoy.

The Italian style architecture of this spectacular shopping center has multiplied the pleasure of shopping it and has caused this visit to the famous square of San Marco in Italy to be designed and built in this center. In the area where San Marco Square in Italy in Venezia Mega Outlet in Istanbul, it is possible to buy from hundreds of famous brands, of course, because this is the outlet of famous brands, the prices are very reasonable.

Gondola ride in Venice Outlet in Istanbul
One of the differences between this outlet and other shopping malls in Istanbul is not only its architectural style but also the presence of gondolas in the Venice Outlet Shopping Mall in Istanbul. Gondolas are long, narrow passenger boats commonly used to transport passengers in Venice, Italy.

Now you can rent one of these gondolas in the center of Venice Outlet in Istanbul and enjoy the shops on them. You can even get off the gondola and shop if you like in the shops. All this has caused many travelers to come to this shopping center for their purchases.

What can you buy at Venice Outlet in Istanbul?
You can also buy the best and most famous Turkish, European and American brands at very reasonable prices at the Venezia Mega Outlet in Istanbul.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will never leave this mall empty-handed. Among the brands that have branches in this shopping center are Koto, LC Waki ​​Ki, Bambi, Luft, and Sarar, as well as the best fast foods and cafes that operate in the world. In this shopping center, there are branches that you Dear ones, after shopping, you can taste food in these stores and regain your lost energy.

Apart from buying clothes and going to various quality restaurants in this shopping center, you can also find good shops in the field of technology, especially mobile phones. The Samsung brand has a shop to offer its products. Turk Telekom and Technica all have branches in Venice Outlet. Technica is a center that also offers electrical appliances as well as computers and mobile phones.

Venezia Mega Outlet

Abdominal rounding offer in Venice August
After you have opened an account in this store and made your purchases, we suggest that you go to the butcher doner shop and taste one of the best donors of your life. The rival of this shop, Bia Doner, also has a branch in Venice Outlet, we recommend you to taste Turkish doner kebabs in both of these shops.

Services of Venice Outlet Shopping Mall in Istanbul
At the Venice Outlet Shopping Mall, about 10 famous Turkish banks have ATM services that you will not have any cash or deposit problems. If you need cash, you can also use international cards such as your MasterCard to receive the money you need or card to card.

If you have lost your device, you can go to the Missing Items Center around San Marco Square in the Venice Outlet Shopping Mall in Istanbul and track your device there, if you find anything. Be sure to deliver it to this center to find its owner.

Wheelchairs are another Mega Outlet service for the disabled. This shopping center provides wheelchairs for those who have a physical disability and cannot visit the center without a wheelchair. Just having an ID card with you is enough to get a wheelchair.

Cinema and watching movies at the Venezia Mega Outlet are other activities of this entertainment center. There are nine movie theaters in Venice Outlet, and sometimes Hollywood movie day movies are shown there.

For those who want to offer their prayers first, they can also go to the mosque in this shopping center and offer their prayers.

Those who have small children should not worry, they also have childcare rooms so that they can rest in these rooms for a while and then continue shopping in this attractive Italian shopping center in Istanbul.

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