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Vienna cafes in Austria


Vienna cafes in Austria

Vienna cafes in Austria – Vienna’s cafes and cafés have played an important historical role in shaping Viennese culture and have been a key meeting place for writers, artists, musicians, and philosophers in the nineteenth century. In recent years, there has been a dramatic change in Vienna’s coffee world, with new cafes leading the way and transforming traditions. Vienna’s new and old cafes and cafes are both worth a visit. In this article, we will introduce you to some of Vienna’s famous cafes.

Schwarzenberg Café

The Schwarzenberg Café is Vienna’s oldest known café, located on the Ringstrasse. It seems strange in the Austrian capital, but literary and artistic figures have not been among its regular customers. Instead, both then and today, merchants and markets who are interested in reading the newspaper while drinking coffee and eating after strudel work are more likely to turn to it. Delicious desserts and a variety of hot drinks are served in the café, along with an extensive menu of Austrian cuisine. To experience traditional Austrian cuisine, you can order liver dumpling soup for your meal, Taffe Spitz for your main course, and apple strudel as a dessert if you have space.

 Enough load – Vienna cafes in Austria

Süssmund Kaffeebar was founded in 2014 by Nikolaus Hartman. He has a great interest in making coffee beans and mixing them in his way. This cafe with white and light blue walls and wood chips design floor, a stylish layout, space, and enough capacity. Its minimalist look draws attention to what you need to drink, the coffee you are drinking. Coffee beans are supplied under the proper supervision and precision of the company in processing and cooperation with farmers.

Cafe Protocol

Café Prückel has been one of the pillars of the Vienna Coffee House movement for over a hundred years. Everything related to the coffee culture in Vienna is seen as waitresses in formal clothes and ready to serve. This beautifully decorated café in the style of the 1950s was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in November 2011. The interior design in pastel pink and the use of furniture are reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s films.

Central Cafe

Although people line up in front of Cafe Central almost every hour of the day, you should visit this cafe once in your life. The interior design is amazing and the cakes are incredibly delicious. Its location in the city center makes it very crowded and you have to wait. The Café Central opened in 1876 and was built in the late Romantic style, combining the architecture of old buildings with new elements. Numerous prominent historical figures such as Leo Trotsky, Arthur Schnitzler, Sigmund Freud, and Hugo von Hofmannsthal were regular customers, and the café still enjoys this reputation in the field of literature. After World War II, Café Central was closed for four decades and rebuilt and reopened in 1986. To this day, the cafe’s originality, charm, and style have not diminished, and it still welcomes its guests with traditional Austrian cuisine.

 Bed buildup – Vienna cafes in Austria

With raw brick walls, gray concrete floors, and simple chairs, Zweitbester has chosen an industrial-style style chair that is a long way from the home of traditional warm and intimate coffees. However, its environment conveys a comfortable and unique feeling. The food is fresh and served with organic vegetables, local meat,s, and bread prepared in the organic bakery, and customers can order their food from the special daily menu or the fixed menu. Delicious brunch is also served on weekends until 2 p.m.


The charming and creative Balthasar Café is located in the newly renovated Leopoldstadt district of Vienna. Its interior design is stylish and thoughtful. The soft gray walls with strange and curious decorations such as gold and crumpled lights above the counter form its interior design. The friendly staff and strong coffee but with a mild taste make Baltazar one of the cafes that you should not miss.

 Alt Wayne Cafe

Kaffee Alt Wien has played a key role in the city’s coffee culture as an institution, and this is not the only noteworthy point about it. This cafe is located in the heart of the city center in a cozy spot on its cobbled streets. Leopold Hawelka, the founder of Winnie Café, founded the café in 1936. Customers can choose a special option for the cafe, the delicious Austrian dish, or spend the whole night in the cafe and try a variety of snacks. The amazing part of this cafe that attracts the general public from students and s, and artists to tourists, is its interior design with walls covered with posters.

Cleans Cafe

In German, Kleiner means small, and Kleines Café can be described as synonymous with its name. You will usually find it full of local people. If you want to get away from the usual tourist places, visit this cafe to feel the genuine Winnie spirit in the pleasant and seductive smoke and tranquility. Clients Café is located near the lively Kärntner Street in Zone 1, in the cozy and private Franziskanerplatz square, so you feel like you are in a stress-free world.

 Fabric Cafe

Kaffee Fabrik is medium in size and in a way that you will feel comfortable in it quickly. The factory can be described as both a cafe and a coffee grinder, whose coffees are often organic and produced from fair trade producers. The coffee is rotated regularly and served with lactose-free or organic milk. Customers can also order tea, hot chocolate, juice, cakes, and homemade tarts at the café.

 Espresso Cafe

Although Café Espresso reopened in 2004, its interior design has the characteristics of the 1950s. Its relaxing atmosphere draws you in and welcomes you with a great selection of cult coffees including a variety of caffeinated beverages, vanilla lattes, hot white chocolate, guajillos Spanish espresso, and more traditional Viennese coffees.


Cafe Sperl is located near the Naschmarkt food market and a little further from the city center. Thus, it is a place that most indigenous people go to and it is not a crowded place. Its location is in the artists’ area, which is a great place to walk and walk every day of the week.

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