Winter Finland

Winter Finland


Winter Finland

Winter Finland – Temperatures of 40 degrees below zero, seven patches of the fog of snow and ice, and less than 4 hours a day in the middle of winter make Finland’s winters so severe that even the people of this country are in trouble. Spending the winter in Finland is a big challenge, but it can also be fun for those who welcome it. If you are planning to travel to Finland in winter, stay tuned to a magazine near and far to find out how to overcome the cold of winter in Finland.

Walking On Ice
No one likes to slip on the ice and make others laugh, but this is inevitable in winter. Walking on ice is a bit difficult, but it may be good to know that walking at a normal speed does not spread the weight of the body properly throughout the body, making it difficult to stand on the ice. It is better to take short and fast steps and walk like penguins. You may fall to the ground a few times, but Finns are accustomed to sliding on the ice so they do not laugh at you. Another point is that walking on snow is much easier than walking on ice. In addition, the sound of walking on snow gives you a sense of pleasure. But if the snow stays on the ground for a few days and the ice is frozen, your work will be a little difficult and it will be dangerous to walk on it. Fortunately, the Finnish government is doing a good job of clearing snow and clearing the roads, but it is still best to be cautious. Finnish souvenirs

Winter Finland

Dress in the cold season
Perhaps one of the biggest problems for Finns is that in winter they have to wear several layers of warm clothes, even to take out the garbage. Going out in Finland this season is like walking in the freezer, so it’s best to wear warm and appropriate clothing. Wearing the right shoes is another important issue that will help keep you safe this season. Attaching nails to the boots can also be a good help for you. Finns wear thick pants in winter. In addition to these pants, they also wear jeans and woolen socks. A thick jacket and gloves are also needed for this season. Ordinary gloves are not enough for the Finnish cold. For the coldest months of the year, the people of this country buy deerskin gloves, which are a natural insulator for the hands. Finally, do not forget the thick and suitable scarf to cover the head and corners. Interesting facts about Finland

Maintain health in winter – Winter Finland
It may sound a little strange, but it is better to breathe through the cold season in Finland. Because swallowing cold air from the nose and expelling hot air due to rupture of blood vessels, causes nosebleeds. Frostbite and blisters are also common in Finnish winter. If you cover your skin well, do not stay outside too much, and warm the area with warm water when the first skin symptoms appear, you can prevent these problems. If your skin is dry and itchy, prevent it from drying out more with a moisturizing cream, and if your symptoms do not improve and you have severe skin whitening and fever, be sure to see your doctor. Finland’s super island where only women travel

Winter Depression
Short hours of the day and cold winter weather can cause mental fatigue and loss of motivation. This is why some of Finland’s remote cities have high suicide rates. These symptoms usually start in early winter and are transient and go away when the body gets used to winter. However, there are some things you can do to help ease the way.

Winter Finland Winter
When the weather is dark, it is very difficult to wake up, But waking up and walking and a little sunlight can provide you with the energy you need throughout the day. Phototherapy with lights that have the same light as the sun can be helpful. You can easily buy these lights.

Mental health
To overcome winter depression, Finns, like Danes, use “Huge” and provide a warm and friendly environment to improve the mood of themselves and those around them. Spending time with friends, reading books, drinking hot drinks, lighting a fireplace, watching your favorite movie, using the sauna and anything that makes you happy are some of the things that Finns do.

Winter Finland

Weather in Finland
Finland has a milder climate than many other northern regions, which is affected by the Gulf Stream and warm ocean currents. Many lakes and bays in Finland also have a greater effect on milder weather. . In July, the temperature is between 13 and 17 degrees Celsius. The coldest month of the year in Finland in February and the temperature this month is between minus 22 to minus 3 degrees Celsius. In the northern part of Finland, in winter the temperature is between minus 30 degrees and minus 50 degrees. This cold is sometimes accompanied by strong and cold winds. In the southern part of the country, it is covered with snow from December to April. In many parts of Finland in winter you will see frost and the Bay of Bhutan and the Gulf of Finland will be covered with ice. In the northernmost parts of Finland, the winter is absolutely dark and the sun will not rise in this country for two months. . In the southern regions, the length of the day decreases and reaches six hours a day in the middle of winter. In the northern part of Finland, the sun stays above the horizon for two and a half months in summer. In the south of the country, the length of the day may be reduced to 19 hours. In the northern parts of Finland, winter can be the best place to see the exciting phenomenon of the aurora borealis. Keep in mind that the weather in the fall and winter may change rapidly and you may see wind and heavy snowfall. This climate in Finland can be very dangerous for those who are in the heart of nature.

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