work Dubai Student

work Dubai Student


work Dubai Student

work Dubai Student – Under UAE law, foreign students with a student visa are only allowed to work as students in Dubai if they have obtained a work permit from the relevant university. Therefore, due to these conditions, students are not allowed to work in Dubai just by having a student visa. Student work includes internships (without pay) and part-time work (with pay) in Dubai. In this regard, job opportunities are often on-campus and students can work in libraries, various university departments as well as in university offices. Studying in Dubai with top universities, high-quality education, affordable tuition, attractive scholarship opportunities, and the possibility of working while studying and after graduation can provide a good education and job prospects for applicants.

Tuition fee in Dubai – work Dubai Student
There are about 210 universities in the UAE, most of which are private. Usually, the tuition fees charged by these universities are higher than the public universities in Dubai. But it should not be forgotten that the tuition fees received from foreign students in Dubai depend more than anything on their curriculum and the university of their choice. In total, the average annual tuition received by the Dubai University varies from AED12723 (dirham) (the US $ 3463.84) and AED64093 (dirham) (the US $ 17449.32).

Curriculum Annual fees – work Dubai Student
Undergraduate tuition fees are AED37500 to AED70000 (dirham)
Master’s Program Tuition AED55000 to AED75000 (Dirham)
Tuition fees are AED55000 to AED75000 (dirham)
Most Dubai universities are for students. But in the meantime, there are universities in Dubai that are considered cheap universities and some students are in favor of them. These universities include the following:

Wollongong University with annual tuition ranging from AED167500 to AED225000 (dirham)
Dubai Canadian University with tuition varies between AED57000 to AED67500 (dirham)
Al-Hassan University with tuition per unit of hours different from AED9000 to AED1300 (dirham)
Al-Qurayr University with tuition per hour from AED1000 to AED2500 (dirham)

The cost of living in Dubai
If we want to compare the cost of studying and living in the UAE with other international study destinations, we will find that the cost level in Dubai is not very high and even lower than in cities like New York, Sydney, and London. Is. The average monthly cost of a student living in Dubai is about AED3491.44 (dirhams) equivalent to $ 950.57 (dollars).

work Dubai Student

Student work situation in Dubai
Under Dubai’s immigration laws, international students who also have UAE student visas are not allowed to work in Dubai. However, internship or internship opportunities are available for them after graduation. Therefore, foreign students present in Dubai to obtain work in the form of an internship program must obtain the necessary permission from the relevant university. In this regard, there are universities in Dubai that help students with internships and job opportunities. The work of the UAE is relevant. Provided that the university sponsors the students in this regard. Therefore, it is only in this case that foreign students are allowed to find work and work in Dubai. Of course, the nature of student work in Dubai, as mentioned, is mostly part-time or part-time jobs.

Types of student work in Dubai
As mentioned above, the nature of student work in Dubai is often part-time, and many Dubai universities offer good job opportunities for student applicants in libraries, laboratories, and academic offices. The American University of Sharjah is one of the universities in Dubai that provides in-university job opportunities for international students. However, to hold student jobs at this university, students must meet the following requirements:

Complete at least one semester of the full-time undergraduate program (ie at least 12 credits)
Transfer students are not eligible to work on campus
The minimum total grade point average (GPA) is about 2.2
Of course, the Dubai job market is quite competitive, so students must prepare themselves long ago to find a job that suits their circumstances. In this regard, referring to job search websites or referring to reputable job search institutions in Dubai can be very useful.

Student working conditions in Dubai

Now, the question may arise in the minds of most interested people and applicants to study in Dubai, how many hours students are allowed to work in Dubai and what is their income status. Students in Dubai are allowed to work up to 15 hours per week or 60 hours per month during the academic year. But during the summer, there are no restrictions on their working hours. Therefore, students are allowed to work up to 40 hours per week, ie 160 hours per month, during the summer holidays. Income from student work in Dubai is between AED15 to AED30 (dirham) per hour. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the income of students in Dubai is very wide and the income often depends on the hiring company as well as the field of work. Therefore, the average monthly income in Dubai varies from AED36000 to AED810000 (dirham). What can increase the income level of students is work experience, professional field, and company.

Working after studying in Dubai
The main category of Dubai work visa is known as a work residence visa issued to foreign workers. This visa allows a person to work in Dubai (albeit for the private sector) for up to 3 years. To obtain this visa, applicants must provide special conditions and documents. Among the conditions for obtaining this type of visa is being over 18 years old and also having a job offer from the Dubai employer.

In principle, the employer will apply for a UAE work visa by submitting the following documents:

Completed application form
UAE ID card
A few pieces of new passport photos
Original passport plus photocopies of data pages
Photocopy of a valid company card
Valid business certificate
Medical health certificate
Entry Visa issued by the UAE Ministry of Labor

work Dubai Student

Student Labor Conditions and Market in the UAE

Students who are studying in the UAE on a part-time basis can work part-time depending on their degree and earn a small income. Student working hours increase in the UAE and other countries according to the degree of students; This means that it can be concluded that students in the UAE will be able to work part-time, but according to the announcement of the UAE Ministry of Labor, students are only allowed to work 15 hours a week and 60 hours a month at all times. It should be noted that the choice of student work in the UAE is a very important issue; Because this job must be considered part-time work and also approved by the UAE Labor Office, otherwise it is considered a black job. Students will have heavy fines for students, whether legal or illegal if they have a black job. Therefore, the job that students choose must be a legal, part-time job and approved by the country’s labor office.

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